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Jim's Story - part twenty-eight

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:26:40 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-eight - At Work

It was Friday afternoon and I received a call in my office.
Sally said: "Peggy wants to see you NOW".

I said: "Yes Miss Sally, I'll be right there."

I went up to the executive floor and curtsied to Sally. Normally
Sally requires me to stand facing the wall for periods of time,
but today I was allowed to go into Peggy's office directly.

My wife was there also, I curtsied twice to the two ladies. I
stood. Sarah said: "As you know Betty," [referring to her
sister], "is not doing very well. I decided we will move her in
with us. I want you to go up there, clean up her house, get rid
of her stuff, sell her house and move her down with us."

Peggy said, "We can let you go for three weeks."

Sarah said: "That should be enough time."

I said: "When do I go;" Most people would want a discussion
about the merits of doing this, the problems, etc but I'm not
allowed to ask questions.

Sarah said: "You will leave tomorrow morning."

Peggy said: "Thank you Jim, we will miss you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy and Miss Sarah;" I curtsied twice
and left.

I curtsied to Sally on the way out.

Sally said: "I want you facing the wall under the clock."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And I walked over and stood facing the wall
with Sally watching me in case I moved or started singing or

After a long time Sally said: "You have an appointment at four-
thirty and it's four twenty-five;" She was referring to my
toilet cleaning schedule.

I curtsied again and hurried to the Women's toilet. I had
cleaned it three hours earlier and there was some paper on the
floor. I swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the sink bowls and
the counters and the mirrors. I took inventory of the female
products that I keep in stock.

It was almost 5 pm., so I hurried up the steps and into Carmen's
cubicle. She wasn't there so I stood facing her cubicle wall. If
she went home, I might be here all night, her rules.

After a few minutes she arrived.

I gave her the inventory I had taken and told her I would be out
for as much as three weeks. Evidently she had already been told.
She said: "Why would it take three weeks."

I said: "Because Miss Peggy and Sarah said it would take three

Carmen said: "I'm the manager here and I say it doesn't take
three weeks, and I think you're trying to get out of working."

I said: "How long will it take me Miss Carmen?"

She said: "Ten days at the max."

I said: "How big is Betty's house, Have you met her?"

She said: "You're arguing with me, do you want me to call your

"No Miss Carmen," I said.

She said: "You can't go for three weeks; I will let you go for
ten days counting the weekends."

I hung my head: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Don't pout or I'll really call your wife; I'll give
you an extra day."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

On the way home with my wife, I mentioned that Carmen changed
the amount of time. Sarah said: "I thought three weeks was too
long. You don't want to be alone with Betty that long."

So what I was going to do in three weeks was going to be done in
ten days.

I said: "Miss Sarah how much stuff is Betty bringing with her?"

She said: "You'll have to see what she has."

I said: "Where will we put her in our house?"

She said: "I want you to figure that out."

I said: "Do I have air tickets or will I drive?" I thought this
was easy.

She said: "I didn't know exactly when you were leaving. You're
asking lots of questions."

I was getting nervous asking another question. In general I'm
not allowed to ask questions because I become either impertinent
for which I get punished or tiresome for which I get punished.
I'd already asked three which weren't answered.

We have a system where when I make decisions, I take all the
blame if things go wrong, and never get any credit when they
work. So I decided to rent a small truck and drive it. I learned
it was only two hundred and thirty miles. It sounded like it
would be easy. I would fill the truck with what Betty wanted and
drive her and the stuff back. I hadn't seen her since we got
married nearly eight years ago.

Sarah disturbed my reverie with: "Please try to obey her, she is
very demanding."

How will I pack her up and dispose of her stuff if I have to
obey her? I tried to ask that diplomatically: "Miss Sarah, what
will be my role with her?"

Sarah said: "You're going to help her. I told her you were very
well trained and would be obedient."

Sarah said: "You've been asking too many questions. Tell mom to
remind you not to be so tiresome."

I said: "Yes ma'am." That meant that I will end up being caned
after dinner. When will I learn?

I prepared dinner and served it. I stood while the ladies ate
and chatted. I kept filling up the wine glasses hoping my
goddesses would be in a good mood. They put their forks and
knives on their plates signalling me to remove them.

Sarah said: "We'll have some wine in the family room." I took
the glasses and the wine and refilled the glasses.

I cleaned the dining room and kitchen. Friday nights I ironed
underwear that I hand washed on Thursday night. I set up the
ironing board next to the television so the ladies could watch
me and the TV at the same time. I ironed panties, brassieres,
garters and folded stockings and pantyhose. It took nearly an
hour; next I put the freshly ironed and folded lingerie away. I
also put away the ironing board and iron. I returned to the
family room to pour more wine.

Kathleen said: "Jim put yourself into the stocks. I will be
there shortly."

Well I didn't pour enough wine. I was going to get a beating for
asking what Sarah knew about her sister. I would try Kathleen.

I stripped naked except for my penis corset which is locked on
and Kathleen and Sarah have the keys. I fastened my ankles with
the strap and buckle. Until they were snug and leaned over the
center bar and put my hands and head into the cutouts.

Kathleen came along sometime later, perhaps half an hour. She
closed the top half of the pillory locking my hands and head,
and she fastened the leather strap fastening my chest to the
crossbar. I was totally immobilized.

Kathleen said: "Sarah doesn't like to be questioned."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Kathleen said: "I'm going to make sure you regret questioning

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you Miss Kathleen."

Kathleen said: "What were you asking about."

I said: "I'm going to pick up Betty and move her here, I'm
leaving tomorrow. What will be my role, where will we put her,
what financial support will she need, etc?"

Kathleen moved a chair so she sat in front of me. She's in her
late forties and a little plump, but sitting in the chair, I
looked at her lap, skirt pulled up several inches above her
knees, made shiny by her stockings, a leather strap lying
across; I found her sexy.

Kathleen said: "Betty is a difficult person; Sarah thinks you
can do anything, but Betty will be a challenge. She was the
reason I first began reading about Fem-Dom. She ruled her former
husband with an iron hand. Unlike you he had no desire for it. I
think that's why Sarah didn't want to talk about it."

She said: "Moving her here is not my first choice. But we have
to do it, so we're depending on our Jim."

She got up and shook out the strap and folded it in half.

She said: "Let's not forget why we're here."

Next thing, I knew was an explosion on my butt. The pain took my
breath away, I had to inhale again before I could say: "Thank
you Miss Kathleen, one."

The second one was harder: "Thank you Miss Kathleen, two."

They were so hard, I was going to beg her to lighten up, but
before I could say anything another one landed, and I knew she
would give it to me again if I didn't get out:

"Thank you Miss Kathleen, three."...

Eventually... "Thank you Miss Kathleen, ten." Then it stopped.

Kathleen said: "I'll give you a very generous option. If you
promise to think about not being tiresome for the next hour,
I'll spare you the next ten strokes I was going to give you."

I would have promised anything to stop that strap. I said:
"Thank you Miss Kathleen, I will concentrate on not being
tedious for the next hour."

Then Kathleen kissed my forehead. She turned off the lights,
closed the door and left me.

I promised, but what had I done, I could tell Sarah was being
evasive. I guess I can't press on no matter how urgently I need
the information. I gave Sarah the right to do as she wished as a
condition of not leaving me. If she wishes not to answer my
questions then that was part of the bargain. So I guess I was
tedious. Honestly I thought about this for an hour.

Sarah came in and released me by flipping up the hasp. I undid
the ankle straps and fell to my knees.

Sarah rubbed my hair and face she said: "My poor baby, did I
make you suffer?"

I said: "No Miss Sarah, not more than I deserved."

She bent over and kissed and hugged me with urgent passion. I
would have liked to suggest we take it to our bedroom, but I've
learned that I can ruin everything by talking. We hugged and it
seemed like we were going to do it on the rug in the discipline
room when Sarah said: "Let's go upstairs." I abandoned my
clothes and followed her.

She said: "Undress me."

I unbuckled her shoes and took them off; I pulled down her
pantyhose and then her panties, then I pulled the dress up over
her head and finally unbuckled her bra.

My wife is beautiful and I am so much in love with her. She has
moved onto a pedestal that is guarded by her mother. Climbing
this pedestal to be here with her has become a rare delight. I
no longer take her, I offer myself to her. I have to be
sensitive to her mood and be responsive but not aggressive. I
haven't mastered all this yet.

She was naked; I was naked save a corset on my tool. She pushed
me down on the bed, and she straddled my face. My tongue had
access to her pussy and my nose was proximal to her ass, air was
somewhere else. She had the key to my corset and was unlocking
it. My tool did not disappoint. Considering where my face was,
how could it?

I put my tongue to work and tried to suppress my excitement,
Sarah was giving me a BJ while I was licking and sucking on her
pussy. The hard part is not getting as excited as this was
exciting. I would lick her all night but I did not want to come
before her. That was it, lick her all night, and suck and inhale
her aroma and suck and lick and lo and behold her thighs
tightened around my head her hands squeezed my cock and she
shuddered and I exploded. But I kept licking and sucking, she
was getting tissues, and I kept licking and sucking and she
settled back on my face and I kept going, I could do it all
night, she squeezed my head between her thighs and made a little
screeching noise but I didn't stop until she got off.

We cuddled. It's very nice not to sleep handcuffed. I counted
the ways one - no sore shoulder, two - you can pull the cover
up, three - you can cuddle your baby, four - you can get up in
the morning and make coffee and breakfast.

read part twenty-nine here

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