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Jim's Story - part twenty-six

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:26:40 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-six - the real question

When the door closed on the apartment Carmen said: "Strip and
lie across the chair." She handcuffed me and tied a rope around
the seat of the chair and me so I couldn't move without
overturning the chair.

Carmen said: "I want you to count, thank me, and don't scream or
shout, or you will get the gag and we'll start over with ten
bonus strokes. Am I clear?"

I said: "Yes ma'am." I braced for the first stroke but it didn't
come. Carmen made tea. I heard her blowing on the hot tea. Then
suddenly a THWACK.

Pain coursed up my body. I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."


I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."


I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, three;" I started whimpering.

Carmen said: "If you make any noise we will start over with the
gag and extra strokes." Meanwhile another Thwack landed.

Trying not to cut her off I held off and when I said: "Thank you
Miss Carmen, four." I got another vicious cut.


I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, five."


I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, six;" I said that hurriedly
hoping she wouldn't judge me out of counting order and nullify
any one of the horrible cuts.


I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, six;" Please I prayed it would
only be six.


Eventually I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, ten." I prayed
silently it would be only ten.

Carmen said: "You can rest for a little while, to give you
something to look forward to, next up is the strap."

I groaned, but Carmen immediately said: "You don't remember what
I said: You may only utter the thanks and the count, anything
else will get you the gag and ten extra strokes, I won't warn
you again. It's going to be a long evening and a gag will make
it even more trying."

After a long time Carmen announced the continuation of my
'trying evening' with a violent slash of the strap on my butt.
The chair I was fastened to swayed.

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

Immediately I got another one.

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."

The strap makes a cracking sound.

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, three."

I got ten and Carmen said I could rest. I was sniffling, and my
nose was running and my eyes were filled with tears. Carmen was
making more tea.

Then I felt the sting of the cat. I counted to ten and she kept
going and I begged her to stop. Then I got the gag. Then I got
fifteen more strokes of the cat.

Carmen untied me from the chair. She helped me up, offered me
the toilet, I shook my head. Then she fastened the collar on me
and snapped it to the loop in her closet. Closet door closed,
lights out, bedroom door closed.

I was in pain and I wanted to cry. But the gag suppressed even
that. I tried to sleep, but there was so much pain, I wanted to
rub it but my hands wouldn't reach because I couldn't stoop
down. It was as if Carmen was holding me up; her hands around my
neck. But it was the collar she fastened around my neck that was
doing it.

A long time later Carmen came in and released the hand cuffs and
said I could go to the bathroom and wipe my nose and eyes. She
said: "Maybe you can worship me with the gag on. Would you like
to suffocate that way?"

I curtsied and went to the bathroom. The pain increased when I

Carmen said we would stay home tomorrow for more of this.
Suffocation didn't sound that bad in comparison.

I came back into the bedroom, Carmen was under her blanket. I
curtsied. I had no idea what she was going to do. She got out of
bed, I couldn't help looking for a second, so naked, so
beautiful; I tried to get my eyes down before she saw me.

Carmen said: "A whole evening of punishing you to get rid of
four demerits, and in one second you earn two more. Maybe
tomorrow I'll put a blindfold on you to help you keep out of

Carmen said: "Let's put the handcuffs back, and we will take off
the gag. You can start worshipping me."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

I crawled into bed and put my face into her ass. She soon fell
asleep. So strange. Meanwhile I lay awake worrying about what
she will do tomorrow. I thought, I can take it, I've had worse,
then I think, she is so energetic and vicious, I won't be able
to take it. That kept me up a long time.

I woke and I was still handcuffed. It was 7:30, should I wake
Carmen? I wondered.

I moved and I realized how sore I still was. I should just close
my eyes and wait for instructions I concluded. I must have
fallen back asleep because Carmen woke me at 8:30 and told me to
go lie across the chair.

I curtsied and I said: "Yes Ma'am;" and I did.

She came into the living room where I was waiting and said:
"Same rules as yesterday, if you get the gag it will be on all

I thought this woman was relentless.


It was the cane and I got ten. She then made tea.

I laid there sobbing silently. I'm trying to sustain myself by
hoping I'll be forgiven on Thursday night, but all this effort
on her part makes me feel she is on a mission. I just love her
so much.

Carmen unlocked my handcuffs and said: "We have to get dressed;
you have to look nice, the auditors are coming today and you
have to explain to them how the IT department works and answer
their questions. Yesterday Peggy told me. So we can't stay home
and settle our accounts. If only you hadn't looked at me."

I said: "May I assist you getting ready, have you eaten

Carmen said: "You may not talk to me. I'm thinking of giving you

I dropped to my knees and hung my head: "I am so sorry Miss

She said: "Make breakfast for me, then you can dress me."

I was so delighted. Making breakfast for her was little more
than taking food out of the refrigerator and cupboard and
putting it on the table. I put two slices of bread on a napkin
and placed it on the floor.

Carmen had started dressing, looking downward I said: "Breakfast
is on the table Miss Carmen."

She had put on panties and a bra. I brushed her hair and shaped
it. She said: "I'm going to wear a skirt and jacket."

I found a charcoal skirt and jacket set, and a gray blouse and
gray pantyhose and the black heels she wore on Friday. I put
almost the same makeup on as when she went on her date; then I
dressed her. I put it all on her without touching her with my
hands. I guess I was forgiven for looking at her face and her
overall appearance. I thought she looked lovely.

Just like the day before, I ate the bread on the floor. She beat
me with the cane. We walked to the car and drove to the office
in silence.

When we walked from the parking lot I saw lots of people looking
at Carmen.

When I got to my office I called Sally and asked for a meeting
with Peggy. I said: "Miss Sally, I have an appointment at 9:30,
so if she can't see me before then we can meet after 10:00."

Sally said: "You have to clean the toilet, is that your

I said: "Yes ma'am:" The humiliation never ends.

Sally said: "Come up here and face the wall and I'll get you

I said: "Thank you Miss Sally."

I went upstairs and faced the wall for about fifteen minutes,
then Sally led me in to see Peggy.

I curtsied and said: "Miss Carmen said I will talk with the
auditors today. Am I to address the women as Miss and curtsy?"

Peggy said: "No, not to the auditors Jim, that was a good
question. But there is someone to whom you do have to show the
proper respect. I will introduce you to her later. She will meet
with Carmen who will tell us about your penance. I think you
should be there too."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy, that's all I had."

Peggy said: "You may leave now."

I curtsied and left.

I also curtsied to Sally.

The toilets were a mess, but I picked up all the trash, polished
the mirrors and wiped the sinks. I ran up the steps again.
Carmen looked at her watch and said I'd made it by two minutes.
She said she will let me assist her. I couldn't help having the
thought that I would be pulling the pantyhose and panties off
this pretty lady. I desired her so much.

In the toilet I wanted to kiss her thighs and pussy. I didn't

Back in my office Sally called and said I would meet with the
auditors in the conference room.

It was a typical auditor meeting. What does IT do, how many
people, backups, catastrophe planning, been there done that. In
fact that was why they needed me because the auditors told them
last year that they had a mess.

At lunch time I was summoned back to the conference room. I had
a bad feeling. I entered the room and saw Peggy, Carmen, and the
strange lady who I'd 'assisted' yesterday afternoon. I curtsied
three times.

Peggy said: "Hello Jim, this is Miss Karen, I understand you
have met. You may stand over there. Carmen has bagged your
lunch. Ours will arrive shortly and then we will eat together.
Miss Karen works for the company doing the audit. She is not
involved in the actual audit. But she has learned that the IT
interview was very successful. The auditors feel that our IT
department has 'turned a corner.' They applaud its operations,
its planning, and its vision. Congratulations Jim."

I was looking at the table, I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "Carmen has been telling us about your penance. Miss
Karen was surprised because you were not allowed to look at
ladies and not allowed to touch them. Miss Karen said, you
looked at her and your hands were all over her body. Is this all

I hung my head further; I said: "Yes ma'am;" What could I do,
say Karen lied; it was a trap.

Peggy said: "Carmen doesn't want to give you more demerits so
Karen has agreed to cane you after lunch. You should have
learned by now that just because you haven't been told to
respect a specific woman properly, doesn't mean you don't have

I kept hanging my head, she was just rubbing it in. I thought I
respected Karen pretty damn well. I am so outmanoeuvred by these
women. That thought consoled me a little. Why should I be
unhappy, this is what I want, after all; I thought. I am in
their hands and they can do with me whatever they want.

The food for the ladies was delivered. It looked like Deli
Sandwiches, Cole slaw, French fries, and chocolate chip cookies.
I could smell the French fries, I was ravenous, they all knew
it. They played with their food, swapped sandwiches around.

Peggy said, "Jim, you may eat your bread, Carmen will give you a
bottle of water."

I said: "Thank you Miss Peggy."

Three lovely women watch me eat two slices of white bread. I
have to stand. One of them is planning to cane me. They are
relishing a deli lunch. How would I engineer the life of a
slave? I am so lucky.

Peggy said: "Jim, go ahead and pull your pants down and lean
over the table, put your arms straight out."

I obediently did all that. My head was against the table and I
had a view of the food and three boobs in different sizes. I saw
Carmen was looking at me; dreaming up demerits. How does Carmen
feel about Karen getting to beat me instead of her? I wondered.

Peggy said: "The last time Jim was caned on this table, it was
Carmen who was doing the stroking and Sally who sat on top of
him. Do you remember that Jim?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Peggy said: "Who do you think should sit on you so you won't

I said: "I want whomever you decide, Miss Peggy."

Forcing me to talk was another humiliation. My face was sideways
against the table and it hampered my mouth movements, and
besides why do I care who sits on me.

Carmen said: "I'll do it."

Karen said: "No, let me. He actually violated your rule and you
should cane him. It would be my pleasure to hold him down."

Karen climbed on top of me and sat on my shoulders; she adjusted
the drape of her skirt so she wasn't sitting on it, and it
covered my head. It was warm and dark under Karen's skirt. I
thought how nice it would be to turn over. Karen's legs pinned
my arms against my head; so I physically couldn't even if I

Carmen said: "Not one sound or I start over."

I thought thank you Carmen, she knows how hard it would be to

Thwack! Yeow I thought. Carmen is showing off.

Then nine more excruciating thwacks; Carmen says: "I want you to
think how much easier it would be if you just did what I tell

Peggy runs her hand over my butt; She said: "I can count ten
ridges, you're getting very good Carmen."

Carmen said: "Thank you Peggy."

Karen climbed off me. I was forgotten; Karen started talking
about something else.

Carmen said: "Jim, get up and face the wall behind you, no

The ladies returned to their conversation. I was just an object.
I listened to Karen tell Peggy a story about an acquaintance.
Lots of small talk.

Finally Carmen said: "Jim, put your clothes back on, it's time
to clean the toilets. I will come down and inspect. Make sure
you are standing against the wall when I get there."

I curtsied three times and left. I worked as fast as I could on
the toilets and finished in 26 minutes. I double checked
everything. Then I stood facing the wall across from the door
and waited for Carmen.

Of course I could have scrubbed under the toilet seats and
polished the chrome and removed calcium stains while I waited,
but instead I have to face the wall and not move. I want to be a
slave, and therefore my mistresses are goddesses. They cannot be

I play with those thoughts while I wait. I have read enough Zen
to know that I am creating my own conflicts. It's so simple. The
lovely Carmen said stand and I stood.

Carmen arrived. I knew that because someone took my arm and
pulled me to one of the stalls. I opened the door and Carmen
passed me in.

I knelt and pulled down Carmen's pantyhose and then her black
panties that I had put on her earlier and washed and ironed even
before. She sat and peed. I so wanted to kiss her but instead
patted her dry. I pulled up her panties, then her pantyhose; No
touching, no talking, no looking.

I carried her briefcase and we walked to her car and I put her
in the backseat and I drove.

Inside the apartment; Carmen said: "Clothes off and over the

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I stripped and lay over the chair.

A few minutes later Carmen handcuffed me and tied me to the
chair. She then busied herself with making tea. She brought her
tea in and said: "I want to talk to you about today and you may
talk back to me and even look at me, if you can."

I said: "Yes Miss Carmen."

She said: "What do you think?"

I said: "Miss Peggy, Miss Karen, and maybe my wife and her
mother are into this scene where they have discovered some men
such as me want to be their slaves. They understand us similarly
as a lion tamer understands lions. Then along came a sweet
lovely aggressive girl named Carmen, who is open minded sexually
and will try anything once and even twice, decides to give me a
spanking. Then she is having lunch with two Yale girls. One of
which is president of her company. Is this the subject you want
to discuss?"

Carmen said: "You forgot a Miss Carmen in there, but yes,
exactly that."

I said: "Since you let me talk, I want to say I love you and
that you are so talented. My advice: Find a guy like me. You and
Peggy will have great fun. The guy will be bound to you. If you
pick well he will love you more than you can imagine. If you
don't like it you can change it. You would be in charge."

Carmen said: "What about love?"

I said: "Of course. I'm saying in addition. My wife and I were
straight when we got married. It was much later that all this
came about. This whole business of Fem-Dom is like such things
as, do you like camping out, do you ski and so on as far as the
women are concerned, for the men its more primal, just like
sex.. If you don't love, forget it?"

Carmen said: "How about liking someone a lot?"

I said: "Like a lot spread over time is love. I'm a computer
geek and mathematician. Love is usually seen as high intensity
passion over a sometimes short time. Liking a lot over a long
time to me is what true love really is."

Carmen said: "You keep forgetting to address me respectfully and
you are tied down and I have a cane."

I said: "I'm very sorry Miss Carmen, but I understand where you
are really coming from and you allowed me to talk. Yesterday
evening I thought you were jealous that I had become intimate
with Sally, but now I understand that you were actually
frustrated that Sally may have interfered with your authority. I
happened to get into the middle of an office political

Carmen said: "That may be so, but it's you who will suffer."

I said: "So if Peggy was into golf, you wouldn't think it
radical to recommend getting interested in golf. I think the
analogy is what if you discovered you loved golfing. You decided
to play at this until you discovered you liked it. So answer me
truly Miss Carmen, do you like controlling me or are you trying
to climb the corporate ladder?"

Carmen said: "I think you have become impertinent. You may no
longer talk. I'm going to refresh my tea and then put you back
into your place."

I now understand but the real question to me is, are they doing
it for me or am I doing it for them? If I go down on a lady am I
doing it for her or is she doing it for me? I wonder.

Carmen had her tea and returned. She said: "I'm going to give
you a hard beating, but it's Wednesday night and I don't want
you waking the whole apartment building. So you're getting the
gag. That means you're getting ten extra strokes. If you do
anything like turn the chair over, I'll start the whole thing
over. You're getting twenty strokes."

Carmen whipped me so hard I was sobbing in the gag.

Carmen said: "Did I answer your question?"

I was so grateful the caning had stopped. I didn't remember the

read part twenty-seven here

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awesome - wish i were Jim


i wish i was jim... ? Really?

In my own case i would love to... Perhaps also hate to...

But at the end my submission would surely overrule all fears and
i might even live happy like that...

The eternal question... Careful with what you desire... As you
might get!

Rationally it is absurd to wish to live in slavery, although as
per sexual desire it is my dream...

Personal experiences so far indicate me it is surely a mostly
desirable situation.

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