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electric with anticipation of being zapped

Date: 30 Aug 2010 13:53:31 -0000
From: subby hubby m

We have guests staying with us this bank holiday weekend and i
have been rushing around like a blue arsed fly: laying the
table; unloading the dishwasher, washing up and much much more.
In fact one of our guests remarked that i seem to be remarkably
attentive to my wife these days.

The reason?: i have been fitted with a electronic dog trainer
strapped to my balls. If my wife wants me she zaps me and i come

Actually i am wearing it now. i have no idea when i will be
zapped, for how long or what intensity. And sometimes she zaps
me just for fun. It certainly focuses the mind. My wife has told
me to wear it over the three days of the bank holiday from eight
o'clock in the morning until the end of the evening.

The transmitter comes on a neck strap and we were joking that it
would be a nice touch for my wife to wear this (quite visibly)
when we go out - down the pub for instance. We do not have a dog
so it would be fun to see if anyone suspected that a lot of fun
was being had. (A bit like having a riding crop on show in the
car rear window, as Christine recommends in her training manual -
or so i am informed).

My wife has not been as keen on domination of late due to
various reasons and this little device is an excellent way for
her to get the help and attention she needs and keeping me happy
and fulfilled. Apart from the discomfort of wearing the thing
the anticipation of being zapped is an intense experience.


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I'm curious as to the effect of this zapper on your ability to
get (or not get) an erection from the electrical stimulation. Is
this safe and would it cause sterilization?

I have a friend who claims he gets incredible erections and
climaxes from the use of an electrical prod. I've been hesitant
to believe him. I'd appreciate any input you or your readers may
have on this aspect of this type of stimulation.



kevin wrote:

>curious as to the effect of this zapper on your ability to get
>(or not get) an erection

Being zapped did not affect things at all. After all, the shock
only lasts a few seconds for five or six times times a day (if i
behave that is).

i have no idea about sterilization effects.

If things should change i will let you know.




kevin wrote:

>I'm curious as to the effect of this zapper on your ability to
>get (or not get) an erection from the electrical stimulation

I find that a tendency to get erections increases while wearing
my zapper, but this is likely to be due to the physical and
mental awareness of the device and it's proof of my Mistress
having an interest in my "condition".

The stimulation or punishment that the device administers is
usually of a short duration and thus doesn't decrease the
tendency to be erect. In fact, it has a tendency to re-awaken my
interest if I have been diverted by something else.

Like any other punishment or disciplinary stimulation, the
effect on a masochist is likely to heighten arousal, at least at

I suppose prolonged application would discourage an erection,
but the devices often have a maximum duration for stimulation,
and any attempt to zap for prolonged periods would run the
battery down quite quickly on most of them.

>Is this safe

I've been unable to find any evidence of it being unsafe. The
current passes between the two terminals, which are usually both
located less than an inch apart, and thus, if strapped on in the
genital area the current passes across the skin in an area where
there are no vital organs.

One should not indulge in electrical stimulation above the waist
without extreme caution and not before studying all the risks

>and would it cause sterilization?

If one could make the current pass directly through the sperm
itself, then it might have detrimental effects on sperm
motility. There has been some research on the "effect on human
sperm of electrical stimulation
" and a Google scholar link
appears here on the DOMestic blog.

My advice would be to take a better safe than sorry approach and
for a couple not to indulge in such stimulation while she is
actually attempting to conceive.

There is no evidence I can find to suggest that long term
sterilization is likely or even possible from such minor
electrical stimulation of the skin in this area. But I'm not a
doctor and I don't even play one on television :-)

Much of the research has been done on people who have had spinal
injuries, and for whom electrically induced ejaculation is one
possibility. Anal probes were also studied and the results there
are interesting to note.

>I have a friend who claims he gets incredible erections and
>climaxes from the use of an electrical prod. I've been
>hesitant to believe him.

I'd believe him. But I'd caution you to be careful about the use
of such devices above the waist.

Being zapped at the moment of ejaculation is an experience to be
tried at least once.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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What brand and model of shock collar do you use?

How long have you had it?

Is it holding up to your usage?



Hi Hunter,

We have a Sportdog Sporttrainer SD 400E. We have had it since
Autumn last year but only use it every six weeks or so (when we
have friends round of course!). But it seems to work well
providing you have some little leather straps to use instead of
the big plastic dog collar supplied. (We did have to return the
first model though - it was faulty).

Our latest bit of kit is a chastity device from Chastity Heaven
(A Modified Mistress with anti pull out for the experts among
you). We have not tried this out properly yet - but I am sure it
will not be long before I have something to write and tell you

subby hubby m



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