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dildo use on males

Date: 29 Jul 2010 11:03:17 -0000
From: SubMariner

In "teaching hubby to take cock?" Jennie wrote:

>"Get hold of a hard, straight dildo (not a gelatin filled one
>and not a curved one) about three quarters of an inch diameter
>and about ten inches long."

I would like to echo Christine's comment that ten inches is too
long. As far as I know the rectal canal takes a sharp right
angled bend into the transverse colon about six inches in.
Forcing anything longer could cause serious damage.

Jennie wrote:

>"If the husband feels pain he must bend further forward, which
>will straighten his anal canal. Do not stop inserting the

Again, echoing others who have replied, I can relate my own
experience which is that when I started with anal insertions
there was a sharp pain as the inner sphincter was stretched.
Immediate withdrawal of the dildo stopped the pain. After maybe
half a minute relaxing, trying again caused no pain. It's as if
the sphincter has learned what it has to do.

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