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When Femdom goes wrong

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:38:55 +0100
From: rfrub

Dear Mistress Christine and David,

Over on IAR (International Association of Rubberists) is an
alert which takes the reader to a news story:

Robin Mortimer died during S&M session

It makes sad reading but it is something we should all confront.
Over on IAR (slight changes for this audience) I wrote:

Similar events have happened before. I followed the link to the
English text and read the lady describing herself as a sadist of
the worst sort. I hope that by far the majority of folk here
would not want that said of themselves. The moment you describe
yourself in such terms it is to say "not a safe person".

Rubber loving (and for this readership Femdom) should be about
sharing an extra-ordinary pleasure and if for some pain becomes
part of the experience, then those who take that on themselves
to do should be fully educated in the responsibilities that
topping brings. It seems these ladies did not think like that.

I am reading a good book from Greenery Press about exactly this
called The Kiss of the Whip and another one in the genre is
called On the Safe Edge.

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Thank you for sharing. I'm always a little blown away by what some of
my fellow "professionals" consider to be safe and sane scening.

Sadly, using laughing gas isn't seen as so very dangerous on an
individual basis, so it's easy for people to think nothing of
it, but anyone administering a session... especially someone
taking money for the service, has an elevated responsibility for
the safety of the submissive, even if they themselves are
willing to take risks they perceive to be minor.

Mistress Shayna


How very sad. For everyone involved. I would question whether
the ladies are even at fault. Surely, based on his photo, this
guy was not in the best of physical condition and it's not like
he is going to get a doctors note approving him for a session. I
feel for his wife on multiple levels and hope the two ladies get
a fair hearing.


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