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Latest on Zappers

From: exedrummer
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 20:16:04 -0400 (EDT)

In "Domesticity - Real Fem Dom in daily life" - David wrote:

>What man would refuse to wear his zapper, with such a promise
>as an incentive?

I haven't checked lately for updates on Zappers. Where is a site
that provides reasonably priced Zappers for short range
enjoyment? Nothing fancy, just does the job of shocking at
various levels. Thanks.

Moderator added the Amazon selection below:-

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exedrummer wrote:

>Where is a site that provides reasonably priced Zappers for
>short range enjoyment?

You didn't say where you are located, but you can buy "Dog Shock
Collars" in most pet stores. You'll want to buy one for tiny
dogs as we did. Our own "zapper" was an Innotek FS700A
Micro-line. But there are much cheaper ones available nowadays.

This selection from Amazon for example starts at around US$24.

Basic Zappers at Amazon

Electrical Play information is available to members at:-


and on that page you will find a lot of discussion of the

A list of "Remote Control Dog Collars" web sites posted
frequently in the past is at:-


Non members can start in the Electrical Play section in the
right hand menu of the DOMestic blog.

The "Dog Shock Collars" link will take you to


which is about the devices which are most easily obtained in pet

Let us know what model you buy and give us some feedback so we
can recommend to others.

David at Ms-Christine.com



Thanks. I read the reviews and many didn't like most of the
products you suggested. I appreciate you helping anyway and it
has lead me to other examples that I will check into. Those
reviews are very important for everyone's use. I am glad someone
took the time to warn others.



exedrummer wrote:

>I read the reviews and many didn't like most of the products
>you suggested

I wasn't actually recommending any except perhaps the one we've
tried, I was just trying to show you that cheaper basic models
are easily available as it seemed to me that was what you were
looking for.

I can't recommend anything I haven't tried myself, and we've had
good service from our own Innotek FS-700A model. But we did find
it very expensive, as I said, and that probably didn't fit your
original request for "nothing fancy".

As you have read the reviews on the site you've perhaps seen the
review by PJ "A more versatile, less expensive shock collar" in
which he recommended the Ultra-e from D.T. Systems as being
perhaps better and cheaper than the Innotek FS-700A.

Here is a linked picture of this item.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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