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Jim's Story - part twenty-three

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-three - Carmen the tyrant

I woke and Carmen was still sleeping. I reviewed what was
available for breakfast. She had promised a double spanking, and
after the caning I received, I thought pleasing her tummy would
make her a little less vicious.

I imagined different combinations but there just wasn't much in
the pantry. The ingredients to make eggs Benedict were there but
not the sauce. But there were plenty of eggs; so I made a not
Benedict sauce. It was very tasty but not authentic. I cut up
the rest of the fruit. Made some coffee and waited for sleeping

Sleeping beauty had a hangover from excessive partying. She said
she didn't want any breakfast. She said she wanted to watch me
iron her underwear.

She lay on the sofa-bed; I set up the ironing board across the
room. She instructed me to iron facing the wall so she could
watch me, but I couldn't watch her.

It took about forty-five minutes for me to iron and fold about a
dozen pieces. I asked if she might want a hot bath and a massage
and she said: "You just want to feel me up."

I said: "No ma'am;" And straightened the blanket lying over her
on the sofa.

She said: "Put away the clothes and fold up the ironing board.
Make sure everything is clean because I'm going to inspect it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I busied myself cleaning clean counters, vacuuming clean floors,
and straightening neat drawers. I tried working quietly so she
could fall asleep.

A couple of hours later, she said: "I think I want a hot bath
and a massage, and remember it's for my benefit not yours."

I said: "Yes, ma'am."

I filled the tub hotter than normal, used lots of shampoo to
bubble it up, and escorted her in. I covered her with the
bubbles, and gently washed her with a cloth. I heated the water
by running more hot water, and let her soak while I set up the
massage table. I tried not to enjoy toweling her lovely body

I used her scented powder instead of oil. She liked it but
didn't say anything. I could tell from the very soft oh's she
was making.

I turned her over and avoided her eyes. I rubbed the powder into
her neck and around behind her ears, and I could feel her
shivering. Finally I rubbed skin cream into her feet then on her
hands. I felt I enjoyed cupping her breasts too much to do it. I
told her I was finished but I said I would re-do any parts she
might like.

She said: "You have good hands."

She said she was hungry.

I told her I'd reviewed what we had in the kitchen, would she
like low fat eggs Benedict?

She said it sounded good.

I served for lunch what I had planned for breakfast. She sat in
a long tee shirt, and a sweatshirt. She ate all the fruit but
left one of the eggs on a muffin. The sauce had no yolks and
only a pat of butter.

She said: "Eat my leftover; on the floor, here." She pointed
with her foot.

I squatted down and ate up her leftover egg Benedict from her
plate with her fork. I caught a glimpse of her expression. Her
lips were pursed; she had a determined look in her eyes. I
didn't know how to interpret her feelings, but I was glad I ate
up the eggs.

She said: "Dress me."

I combed and then brushed her hair. I put on panties and bra
that I had just ironed. She selected a tee shirt and jeans. I
found socks and tennis shoes.

She decided we would go for a walk. We went to a nice park about
a mile away and wandered along its' perimeter.

She said: "Why do you do this?"

I knew what she was referring to, but I didn't have a good
explanation. I said: "Do what Miss Carmen?"

She said: "Why do you want to clean my apartment, or the toilet
at the office, or take canings?"

I tried answering sincerely: "I want to be my wife's slave. It's
a feeling I have that can be called a kink, I recognize it's not
normal. She accepts me in exchange for me doing things for her.
The arrangement is that I suspend wanting things. I let her tell
me what I want and try to embrace her conditions. She assigned
me to Miss Peggy. Then she assigned me to you. At first I
thought it was all about me, I was amazed how well my wife and
my mother-in-law seemed to know how to push my buttons. Lately I
have imagined it has nothing to do with me. It's what she wants.
I'm trying to keep my part of the bargain."

Carmen said: "What do you think about me?"

I said: "I'm not allowed to express how much I like you normally
but you asked, I think you are a gorgeous lady with high
intelligence and an outgoing personality. I respect you
enormously. I'm very grateful that you have taken an interest in
me. I consider it a privilege to be allowed to do the things I
have for you."

Carmen said: "Why does your wife want you to wash toilets and
wants me to make you stand in the corner and beat you with a

"I guess it's to prevent me getting the idea that you are in my
debt for what I have done. It seems that the more I do, the more
I get punished. It seems unfair, but the alternative is I do
nothing and my wife loses interest. I think what I do is what
keeps everyone interested in me. So if I do a lot, I will think
I'm pretty good, so maybe washing toilets reminds me that I'm
the slave. Somehow the idea that I have to do what you tell me,
but you can do whatever you want is what excites me."

Carmen said: "You are weird."

I said: "But Miss Carmen, you elected to beat me in front of the
entire group, and my wife and the president, why did you do

She said: "You don't think I had cause?"

I said: "Of course you did, but so did everyone in the group,
but you brought it about, and now I'm cleaning your apartment."

She said: "I have some kinks too; and I will expose them to you
this week."

I didn't know if I should become afraid.

Instead of going straight back, we went down a side street and
into a neighborhood bar. She ordered a chardonnay and I ordered
a cabernet. We talked more, the conversation got to computers
and it was very comfortable.

On the way back, she said: "You like to get punished?"

I said: "No, not at all. I like my mistress asserting herself
and overwhelming me. In a way I get that feeling from calling
you Miss, and saying ma'am, I try very hard to please."

She said: "But sometimes, like this morning I didn't want you to
please me."

I said: "Yes ma'am; you don't have to. You don't have to do
anything. But I have to do what you tell me to."

She said: "What if I tell you to leave me alone for ever?"

I said: "That's your choice. I would be sad."

She said: "I'm used to guys wanting to get into my pants and not
doing anything for me. You seem to want to do things for me;
don't you want to get into my pants?"

I said: "I would very much like to but I have a thing locked on
my penis; it's believed that I won't be eager to please you if I
climax. And of course there is the question of would you let

She said: "This conversation has been fun, but I seem to be
letting a genie out of a bottle. I haven't heard any Miss or
ma'am in a long time. When we get back I think a little
discipline will re-establish our roles."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I was already feeling in a submissive role.

When we got into the apartment Carmen said to strip and bring
the handcuffs.

I stripped and brought the handcuffs. She handcuffed my hands
behind my back and ordered me into a corner near where we were

She said: "Don't move or talk."

I was surprised by the turn of events. Carmen was behind me,
unlocking the handcuffs.

She said: "Turn around and kneel down."

I knelt and she was wearing only panties and bra and high heeled
shoes. She looked so desirable.

She said: "Do you want to fuck me?"

I said: "You are so lovely, I would love to."

She said: "How badly? Would you take a beating from me for the

I said: "For sure miss; and ten times over."

She said: "Get up."

I did, and she unlocked my penis corset. It immediately grew to
pay homage to the goddess in front of me. We went to her bedroom
and I ravished her with my hands and mouth. I removed her
underwear and kissed her everywhere. She took my tool and drew
it (me following) to her pussy and I entered her.

Suddenly I had to start thinking of cooking recipes; it had been
so long, and I had climbed to an immense height of passion,
every cell in her body was driving me higher with desire. If I
didn't hold back, I would explode in an instant. I was falling
in love again. I will treasure this girl forever, and then she
went epileptic and I detonated.

I sort of collapsed beside her, then she squirmed around and
there was a pussy on my face, I started licking and then she had
my member and she was sucking. She came in a few minutes but it
took me much longer.

We were embracing and lying down after all the work.

She said: "You may clean me up."

I thought that I already had, but I followed her beautiful naked
body to the bathroom and made a washcloth wet and warm and
patted her clean.

She said: "Dress me back up."

I did, and I adored her a little; touching her here and there.

She said: "Let's get you locked back up." We sat next to each
other on her bed. She took the penis corset gadget and inserted
my penis into it and locked the cover on. Her touching me made
me just want her more. She had a key and I was subject to her
use of it. It makes her so special.

Carmen said: "Since you're still pretty naked, let's work on
settling your account. You owe me two whippings from yesterday,
then you owe me for the sex we just had and then there is the
ten more you offered."

I said: "Miss Carmen that was a figure of speech, not an offer
of wanting a beating."

She said: "Do you want me to add to your debt with a penalty for

I said: "No ma'am."

Carmen said: "Bring the handcuffs and get over this chair."

I wondered if this was Carmen or my wife Sarah's instruction to
her. This was a nice normal girl, why was she being so mean?

Carmen said: "You are a jewel of a guy, you've done wonders for
my apartment, and you dressed me up so all my friends thought
I'd had a makeover, and you made good love. But I don't want to
spoil it all by not doing what I promised. From now until the
end of the week you better not forget how to address me. You
will stand in my presence, and do all of the things you've been
trained to do. Do you understand?"

I said: "Yes Miss Carmen."

How can these women get so righteous?

She said: "I will be very strict from now on because I have been
treating you like a boy friend. If your wife or even Peggy found
out how lax I had become, I might even be fired. You wouldn't
want that would you?"

I said: "No ma'am;" I was getting scared.

She said: "You will count the strokes and thank me and I want to
hear sincere thanks. It's attitude we're molding here, isn't
that right?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."


The pain rushed around my entire body, I had to talk fast: "I
respect you more than ever, that's one."


I said: "Cleaning your toilet is all I'm fit for, that's two."


I said: "I will jump when you give me a command, that's three."


I said: "Oh please Miss Carmen, that's too hard, that's four."

Carmen said: "Sometimes I think you're not so smart. I gave you
instructions and you violated them while you're being punished.
Okay, lie there for ten minutes, we're going to start over and
you're getting double the amount."

It's very uncomfortable to lie across a chair for a long time. I
was partly supported by my feet and head and neck. Ten minutes
in an uncomfortable position is a long time. My sweet Carmen has
turned into a sadist.

Carmen said: "This time you may just thank me and make sure you


I plaintively said: "Thank you miss Carmen, that's one."


I said: "Thank you miss Carmen, that's two."

This went on until I got to twenty. I was so sore, my butt felt
that it had been sliced to ribbons.

Carmen took my forearm and pulled me up. She led me to the
living room and pushed me down on the carpet. She said: "Stay
there and don't move."

She came back with a book and sat in the chair next to where I
was lying and started reading. I was so seriously injured by her
and she puts me on the floor and reads a book. Then she put one
of her feet on my shoulders.

After a long while Carmen said: "There is no moving or talking,
the cane is ready to remind you if you forget."

I lay at her feet wondering why her attitude toward me changed
so much.

Carmen said: "Your wife Sarah explained, that you don't need
another lover, you need a strict overseer to make sure you work
diligently, show respect and act humbly. That overseer cannot be
your friend. Lying at my feet like this will help you adjust
your feelings."

I have been working diligently, maybe there were lapses in
curtsies or addressing, but it was minor, and it was Carmen who
made the sex moves, she has the key after all. But what does it
matter? I have to do what she tells me. Is that so hard? Lying
on a soft carpet is better than standing in a corner.

Carmen said: "Get up, I want some tea."

I stood up, and she unlocked my handcuffs.

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I curtsied.

I made the tea, placed it next to her with a napkin; and I
curtsied; I remained standing.

She sipped the tea and said: "Stand in the corner there." She
was pointing to opposite the lounge chair she was sitting in, so
I would be watched.

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "The collar with a snap was sent with your other
stuff, but I don't have any place I can hook you to. Go find a
place; I don't want to sit around watching you stand in the

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I looked around the living room where she
and I were and there wasn't any place, I curtsied and went into
the other rooms.

I returned and curtsied, and said: "Miss Carmen, there are three
possibilities, if we had a small piece of chain or rope we could
make a loop around the clothes bar in your closet or the shower
curtain bar in the bathroom, or if I stood in the bathtub you
could connect me to the loop for the clothes dryer." She had one
of those pull out ropes that connect to a hook and allow you to
hang wet clothes over the bathtub.

She said: "I have some rope."

She went into the kitchen and bent over a low drawer and I
noticed how attractive she was. She had a roll of clothesline
kind of string. I cut two pieces and made a loop around the
shower curtain rod and the clothes rod in her closet.

She rummaged in the small suitcase. She found the collar and the
handcuffs; I put my hands behind my back and click. She fastened
the collar around my neck, and led me by pulling on the snap to
her closet. She snapped me over the rope loop. She said: "The
handcuff keys are on the kitchen table. No moving is allowed."
She closed the closet door.

I was in darkness. I could hear her moving around in her
bedroom; then she turned out the light and closed the door. The
darkness was total. Then I heard the apartment door open and
close, she went out.

I dozed in the darkness; I could lean against the closet wall,
not too bad. I was awakened by the door opening, she came back.
I could hear her moving around. She's making tea.

The bedroom light went on, strips of light crept under the
closet door illuminating my tiny prison. I could hear her
unzipping, probably getting undressed. Then the closet opened
and I was blinded by all the light. She removed my handcuffs and
unsnapped me from the rope loop.

She said: "Pick up the clothes."

I was overwhelmed with her nakedness and beauty, I know I looked
groggy and gross from my long incarceration, and she looked so

I said: "Yes ma'am;" And curtsied.

She said: "Don't look at me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I think she deliberately scattered her clothes about, I found
shoes from the same pair on the opposite sides of the bed, I put
them away, I found her panties and jeans separate from each
other, I folded her jeans, I put her panties and bra in the
hamper. I could tell she was watching me.

I curtsied and said: "I'm finished Miss Carmen." I tried not to
look at her.

She said: "I like you better handcuffed." She handcuffed me.

I tried not to look chagrined. But what could I have done to
prevent this total change in attitude.

She said: "When you're not doing work you should be restrained,
sort of like turning off a machine, in your case, I will
handcuff you. That way I know you can't get into mischief."

She got into bed and said: "You may crawl under and worship me
until I fall asleep."

I got into bed and crawled under her leg and got my face into
her ass. I could tell from her breathing that she fell asleep. I
tried not to disturb the bedding as I straightened out. It's
very uncomfortable to sleep handcuffed, but I was accustomed to

I woke early and discovered my handcuffs had been opened. I got
up and started boiling water for tea for Carmen and coffee for
me. I prepared the sparse fruit we had and picked a yoghurt and
cereal and milk.

Then I got dressed and waited.

Carmen woke up and I brought her tea. I curtsied. I knelt in
front of her lovely naked body. She took the tea and sipped. She
said: "I told you last night not to look at me."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and aimed my eyes at the carpet in front of
her feet.

She said: "You will dress me with the minimum of touching."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I offered her several matching underwear color choices and she
picked black. I knew that putting panties and bra on a lady
usually got me in trouble. So I tried the tactic of planning
meals, while helping her put one foot and then the other into
her panties, the problem arises when she lifts a leg, and out of
the corner of your eye you see her pussy, and you're not allowed
to look.

After that, corralling her boobs with the bra, made me want to
kiss her neck and back. I held my self down with difficulty.

I finished dressing her.

I held her chair for her; then I put a napkin in her lap. I made
her fresh tea; and asked her if she wanted orange juice or
water, and served her a glass of water. Then I waited,
remembering not to look at her.

When she finished eating, she beckoned me to follow her. We went
into the toilet. She stood in front of the toilet, waiting for

I unsnapped her jeans, and pulled down her panties. She held my
head in her hand so I was looking down at the floor. I saw her
jeans and panties around her legs. This prevented me from
looking at her, I guessed.

She said: "I don't have to wash hands after you help me in the
toilet. I'll see if we can do this at work."

I hoped she was kidding.

She gave me her car keys and I held the door for her. She sat in
the back and I drove.

Carmen said: "Make sure that you clean the toilets in the
allowed amount of time because I will have to give you bad marks
if you take too long. But be sure to do a thorough job because I
will have to give you bad marks if it's not cleaned right."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" She was rubbing in the fact that I was
being squeezed between the time allotment and the amount of work
needed. She was exercising being a bitch.

When we arrived, I parked and went around to the passenger back
door and opened the door for madam tyrant. I stood waiting and
she very slowly got out of the car. Then I went to the trunk and
took out the bag of female products that we had purchased.

I walked to my office. It was just before 8:00 and I had all my
tasks from Friday. My message light was blinking.

The message was from one of the programmers that the ladies
restroom floor was filled with water. One of the toilets had
overflowed. I wondered if I had to deal with that. I still had
Carmen's car keys.

I walked to her cubicle, curtsied, and I said: "Here are your
car keys, Miss Carmen; I got a message that the ladies restroom
is flooded and one of the toilets has overflowed. Shall I call

Carmen said: "No you have to take care of that. I'll give you
forty-five minutes to clean that up. And keep the keys; you will
need them to drive us to lunch."

I said: "I don't know if I can do it that fast."

She said: "I didn't ask what you thought; you have forty-five
minutes to clean up the mess, fix the toilet and do your
periodic cleaning. I'll be down to inspect. If you're not done
in forty-five minutes you will get a bad mark."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I curtsied. I saw people, my employees,
looking at us. I was very embarrassed. But I had become afraid
of this woman who only days ago was my friend and lover.

The bathroom was indeed a mess, toilet paper and water was
everywhere. I found a big squeegee that I used to move the water
to a drain. I picked up the soggy toilet paper with a dust pan.
I found the stopped up toilet, it was nasty but a plunger fixed
it. I mopped that stall and most of the rest of the floor. I
concentrated on the sinks and mirror. I managed to put
everything in its place in only thirty minutes. I filled the
little cabinet with female supplies (tampons, pads, panty
liners, etc). I counted how much of each there were.

Carmen walked in and I curtsied and said I was done.

She looked around, and said: "It looks Okay, but I wanted you
upstairs in forty-five minutes not down here. I will overlook it
this time. But since you're here, you can assist me in the
toilet, now."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen, yes ma'am I would be honored."

She walked into the stall that had been clogged. I followed and
when she turned around, I unsnapped her jeans, pulled them down
and pulled her panties down. I wiped and patted. I pulled up her
panties, I evened them around her waist, then I pulled up her
jeans. I was remembering her admonition about looking at her,
but I wanted to know her mood from her expression. From the
quick glances I made, I could see an expression of gritty

My fear of her increased. I didn't see any affection or

She said: "Maybe you can assist some of the other patrons."

I said: "Yes ma'am." She wasn't asking a question.

She said: "You can go to your office; you don't have to do the
nine-thirty cleaning."

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you."

I met with Linda and Janet who were the authors of the company
web page. Their work was done in a very labor intensive way. I
wanted them to use what IT people call a more powerful tool.
There were many benefits of doing so beyond just saving time.
Unfortunately they didn't agree. The meeting was Linda and then
Janet telling me why they couldn't change the way they were
making web pages.

In the past, I wouldn't have listened to all this, I would have
told them to just do it, but they talked and I listened. When
they finished, I handed them brochures for the next training
class for the new web design tool. The class was next month in
San Diego. They decided that for my benefit they would go to the
training class.

I wanted to report the result of the meeting to Peggy before she
left for lunch. I called her office. Sally her secretary said I
could come up to her office at eleven-thirty.

I deleted the trash out of my e-mail inbox and read my mail. The
firm interviewing our customers was reporting that we had
improved our customers' satisfaction. This web design initiative
was my last task.

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