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eager for more FemDom

Date: 18 May 2010 17:27:41 -0000
From: Tom (2)

Have any parts of "Jim's Story" after part 20 been posted? Do
you intend to post additional parts?


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Tom (2) wrote:

>Have any parts of "Jim's Story" after part 20 been posted?

Episode 21 will be posted right after the next DOMestic digest
which will include the episode 20 which is already on the blog.

When new episodes are posted they will appear at the top of the
blog at:-


above the part you are referring to. And further, at the
time of posting a new episode we place a link at the end of the
last episode to the next.

>Do you intend to post additional parts?

Yes, there is plenty more to come.

We post a new episode with each digest, and usually we post the
next episode straight after posting the current digest.

So as I'm preparing a digest now it's likely that you will see a
new episode in the next few hours.

We don't post/send out a digest unless folk post messages to
DOMestic. And strangely folk have been very quiet indeed lately,
and almost the only posts we've received of late have been those
asking about stories in the last 24 hours.

DOMestic is a digest of discussion posts with a sprinkling of
stories for variety. If only one story author is currently
posting, it would make a strange digest if it only had several
episodes of that one author's stories and no discussion posts at

So, if you want more DOMestic digests, and more story episodes,
send in more discussion messages. :-)

David at Ms-Christine.com

The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our thirteenth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at:-



Thank you for the info. I have read the new installment. It is


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