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The Prisoner - Chapter 79

From: Boz 4444
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 20:41:22 +0000

Dear Ms Christine,

Another chapter (at long last) of the story, The Prisoner by
Will Cane


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The Prisoner - Chapter 79

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Stewart found himself with one of the male prisoners, a tall
good looking young man in his mid twenties by the name of
Slater. He seemed very respectful of Stewart's rank but given
some verbal nudges, was happy to talk about the last time he had
been sent for work in the community. He was in no doubt that the
present period was, in comparison, rather enjoyable.

It started when he was summoned to a Miss Grayson's office,
which in itself imparted some considerable apprehension to the
male. Having marched in and snapped to the customary attention
in front of her desk he was told to relax and stand at ease. She
seemed in a good mood which cheered him up somewhat and she even
gave him a friendly grin.

"Well, boy, it's time for some work in the community for you.
You are being sent to a Mrs Allingham's for domestic work and
whatever duties she may require. I don't have to tell you that
an adverse report, let alone a formal complaint form the lady is
something that you want to avoid. She will have total authority
over you and we will of course, turn a blind eye to any
unofficial punishments that she may feel you need. In case she
requires any... well... more ... personal services you had
better read and memorise this list":

The list read:

"It is felt that some ladies might be embarrassed by ordering
the males to carry out some personal services so this list had
been compiled so that they could simply give a number as an

1. Foot massage.

2. Leg massage.

3. Back massage.

4. Foot washing with tongue.

5. Nipple stimulation with tongue.

6. Oral service to the vagina.

7. Oral service to the anus."

There were no surprises in the list and Slater felt that at
least it gave him time to take the worst of the items on board.
Whether any physical contact would be other than disagreeable
would, of course, depend on how this Mrs Allingham looked and
how she behaved towards him. Ultimately though he knew that what
the lady wanted would be what the lady got... if he was to avoid
the inevitable consequences of displeasing her in the slightest.

"One more thing Slater," she went on. "One of the girls from the
female correction centre will also be in service with you. I
wouldn't advise you to get any ideas, but just in case, report
to the Nurse who will fit one of the more uncomfortable penile
restrainers. Should you have any erection, you will soon regret
it. Now, just the usual event and then you may leave."

Slater knew only too well what "the usual event" would be. Miss
Grayson had introduced what she called a little tradition that
any male, would after an interview with her, receive a slap to
his testicles to ensure that he was reminded of her authority.
There was of course no regulation to permit this, but she had
been doing this to her charges for weeks and no one had dared to
raise the slightest protest. Without hesitation Slater removed
his thin shorts and placed his left foot high on the edge of the
desk. He then caught his somewhat firming penis in his fingers
and lifted it up to touch his body, leaving the scrotum hanging
free, unobstructed and vulnerable.

It might be routine, but he knew that it would hurt like hell.
Any attempt by him to either stand in a protective way or drop
his hand over the testicles would result in a real punishment,
not what Miss Grayson laughingly referred to as "love taps".
Neither was he allowed to close his eyes.

She stood up and slowly walked round to stand in front of him.
Looking straight in his eyes she whispered "As you will be away
for a few days I had better let you have a couple of firm ones
don't you think boy."

Even more apprehensive than before Slater muttered an agreement.

She held her hand about a foot under the scrotum, smiled and
said just one word:


He did, just as the hand slapped up into the dangling scrotum
flicking the contents upwards. The deep bruising type pain hit
him almost immediately and he bent at the waist but soon had the
good sense to snap back upright.

Usually he would then be dismissed, but today he knew that he
must face a second slap and face it without any sign of

"If there's a better way of helping you boys learn obedience I
have yet to hear about it. I also know that the second one will
do you even more good in that respect and I can imagine how much
more difficult it is for you to remain still when you are
already in pain, but of course you must.. So get ready and
remember, I did promise a firm one!"

She had... and it was!

A really firm uplift of the hand followed that lifted and
separated the throbbing bulbs as they were bounced high.

But he managed to take the slap without moving or trying to
avoid it in any way and was soon dressed and on his way to the
nurse. He had let the thought cross his mind that as he wasn't
leaving until the morning, he could report to her then for the
restraint fitting so that he would have a more comfortable
night, but should she have been expecting him straight after the
interview, he could well finish up in serious trouble. In the
Correction Centre, that sort of gamble rarely paid off.

The assistant nurse was on duty and... expecting him. She was
younger than him and still under training but more than capable
of fitting devices without supervision. But nothing in the
Centre was ever easy for the prisoners.

"As one of Miss Brook's squad I presume that you have been
'evented' when you left?" she enquired.

Slater felt the dread in the pit of his stomach as he knew that
there was no right answer to this. As the technique was against
the Centre rules he could be in real trouble for, in effect,
reporting Miss Brooks. On the other hand he dare not lie to the
nurse so, eyes downcast he agreed that he had.

"As you are going away I had better check on how your dangling
bits are in case any damage has been caused." She soon had him
stripped naked and lying on the table under a bright light in
her small surgery. "I will check your testicles on the basis
that it is better to be safe than sorry!"

Safe from her point of view perhaps, but certainly sorry from

Donning a pair of roughened rubber gloves she gently pulled the
folds of the scrotum away from the body. Each Centre nurse had a
separate technique for these intimate and regular examinations
with the male prisoners, but each would be uncomfortable or
downright painful. It soon became apparent that this young girl
preferred the individual approach and she took just his left
testicle in a grip between the finger and thumb tips of both her
small feminine hands. Holding it with the tips of one finger she
harshly searched the contents of the sac for the connecting
tubes following them until they entered his body. She then
gripped it even tighter so that the spare finger tips of the
other hand could feel the shape of the entire organ as she
pressed and rubbed all over it's surfaces.

Slater held himself rigid on the table as he did his best to
accept not just the dull pain that the pressure caused, but also
the fear that the level would be suddenly increased if the
pressure of the fingertips increased or the testicle slipped out
of their grip.

By the time the procedure had been meticulously repeated with
his right bulb he was shaking and covered in sweat. It said much
for the authority of even this young girl that he had been able
to accept her examination without trying to protect himself in
any way.

She moved away to a set of drawers and rooted around for the
correct item. She selected one of the plastic devices of a type
that she knew the males detested and tearing off the sterile
wrapper walked over to him.

"Miss Brooks told me that you were to have one of the training
restraints so that any foolish ideas on your part would be
instantly uncomfortable. I find this type very conducive to
ensuring that you have clean thoughts at all times. I had better
disinfect you before fitting it boy."

Slater was fighting to prevent any sign of an erection and the
sudden application of ice cold antiseptic all over his lower
stomach helped. When the nurse gripped his penis and snatched
the foreskin back the sudden stinging as the liquid hit the
tender skin helped even more. The split plastic ring was placed
around his genitalia, close to his body and clipped shut
catching a few stray pubic hairs in its grip. When he winced she
snapped a command to keep still and then slipped the penile tube
over his penis clipping it to the ring with a small brass lock.
He could see that if his glans expanded into the swollen end of
the tube it would contact with a set of plastic spikes.

"Let me show you how it feels if you let your dirty little mind
wander," she purred leaning over him and stroking her gloved
hand up and down his inner thighs. "How long is it since you
were last milked?" she whispered in his ear.

"Two weeks Miss," Slater gasped.

"You address me as Nurse, boy!" she snapped. He was told to sit
on the table edge and the young girl calmly brought her hand
back and gave him a hard slap across his face then a backhander
across his other cheek leaving his ears ringing.

Just as suddenly her mood changed again and she had him laying
flat on his back with legs spread as she resumed her gentle
massage. With one hand she undid the top buttons of her starchy
uniform so that the tops of her young white breasts were just
visible. No matter how hard he tried to keep in control he felt
his penis enlarging in the plastic tube until what seemed to be
sharp spikes started to dig into the shaft and even the all too
sensitive tip. The more she displayed her self, by leaning over
his head until her breasts were almost touching his face, the
sharper the pain became.

"Don't worry boy," she whispered. "The device is designed to
hurt not puncture your little member, it's really up to you as
the more you react the more it will hurt you. Eventually, even
the most stimulated of prisoners will deflate!"

Slater tried desperately to think of something other than the
young female who was flaunting herself in front of him but still
his penis continued its attempt to inflate in the narrow
confines of the restrainer. Somehow the sharp stinging pain
seemed to stimulate him rather than cause any reduction. She
took his hand and pressed the palm against her firm encased
breast which made the pain even more intense and then start to
abate as the restrainer's internal surface did its job and
caused the organ to deflate.

Laughing at his predicament, the Nurse moved away re-arranging
the buttons on her uniform to a more modest level.

"We usually don't fit that particular type of restrainer to
males who haven't been milked for some time as they often find
that it almost encourages an erection instead of helping it
subside. You had better hope that Mrs Allingham permits some
relief as you will be there for two weeks. Still... it should be
good practice at keeping clean thoughts in your mind!"

Slater spent the most uncomfortable night of his life as he
tried to find some position in his bed that didn't allow the
sheets to make any contact with the device. The slightest touch
seemed to cause his now tender penis to swell and even though no
visible sign of that other than a tightly filled tube was
obvious, to him the stinging spikes nearly drove him to despair.

Early morning found him, hands handcuffed behind him, in the
back of a Prison taxi driven by one of the female wardresses. He
was told nothing, but he worked out that they were on the way to
collect his female equivalent. They eventually drove into what
was obviously another correctional centre and waiting outside
the guardroom, at attention, in the freezing cold air was a
tall, fair, short haired girl in the outlandish school uniform
that they had to wear. A Policewoman came out of the nearby door
with a hold-all that probably contained the prisoner's clothing
and toiletries. This was dumped in the boot of the car and the
girl was handcuffed and ordered to get in.

Slater dared not offer any greeting to the shivering female who
sensibly stared straight ahead as the policewoman reached in to
fasten the seat belt then snatch it tight before she closed the
door. He could not help to notice her nipples under the shirt
material that had swollen in the cold air. As the wardress
became totally absorbed in her driving the two prisoners dared
to snatch brief glances at each other. Neither knew what sort of
situation they were being taken to but assumed it would be one
where their own misery would be almost guaranteed. After all, no
one applied for workers from the correctional centres to give
them a holiday. It was of course guaranteed that the official
recipient of their services would be some lady in authority, but
all too often stories came back where their husbands, partners
or boy friends joined in the general abuse. What was dreaded
most was when junior members of the household were permitted

Whatever took place, the essential requirement for the prisoners
was to be returned with a good report, if their eventual release
from the Centre was to be achieved. To achieve that Slater and
his fellow prisoner must be prepared to accept almost anything.

Following a drive of around 20 miles the taxi turned off the
main road and went down a long tree lined avenue on a private
estate. The wardress had called ahead on her hands-free giving
an estimated time for their arrival. She leant over to remove
their seat belts and as they struggled to get out of the car, a
dumpy woman in her forties came down the steps to greet the
prison officer. She announced herself as Mrs Allingham's PA and
said that her employer was waiting. The two prisoners soon found
themselves in what seemed to be an office and they were told to
stand at attention in front of a large desk.

A young girl in her twenties entered the room and sat behind the
desk casually looking the prisoner over. Slater was surprised
that she was so young but the girl whose name it would seem was
Synot audibly gasped in shock. The seated woman looked directly
at her with a satisfied look on her face.

"We meet again Synot, it won't be a surprise that once I heard
you were doing 'time' I made a special application to have you
work here as my servant... we have much to catch up on." She
then became very formal and addressed them both:

"My name is Mrs Allingham and you will address me as 'Madam' at
all times. You will be here for two weeks and will be carrying
out any... any duties that my staff or I require. How you will
be treated will be up to you. Work hard, show respect and total
obedience and it might be an improvement on how you are treated
in the Correctional Centre. Give me or any of my staff any
hassle or insolence and you will find that I am authorised to
inflict such punishments that will guarantee to improve your
attitude. Is that understood?"

Both of them rushed to agree that they most certainly did

She then said that her PA, Mrs Fox, would issue them with some
work clothes and allocate their first task. To minimise staff
requirements they would work together but there would always be
at least one member of her staff in the vicinity to supervise.

The wardress was then asked to remove the handcuffs and was
thanked for her delivery of the prisoners. She left to drive
back to the centre, leaving Slater and the girl to the authority
of Mrs Allingham.

Mrs Fox was another one of those people who appeared permanently
irritated about something. Her facial expression, tone of voice
and general demeanour indicated, to the two prisoners, that they
must try very hard to please her as their new supervisor. She
ordered them into a brightly lit room where there was a young
female waiting holding an expensive looking digital camera.
There was a table on which rested two sets of clothes.

It seems that Mrs Allingham always required a photograph of her
charges when they arrived, and when they departed. Mrs Fox left
them in the girl's embarrassed charge and left.

She explained that she was required to take a set of photographs
of them and, with a blush, informed them that they would be
naked and rather exposed. She told Slater to strip and was
immediately surprised when she saw the chastity device,
remarking that this would be a first for her and that Mrs Fox
would be furious as to how it would restrict her activities, a
thought that caused Slater some concern.

She started with front and back whole body shots with Slater in
the 'present' position, then did several close ups of his
buttocks muttering words of sympathy when she saw the bruises
that were still evident from a caning a couple of days before he
left the centre.

She explained that she really needed to photograph his genitals
showing the penis both flaccid and erect and again erect with
the foreskin pulled "hard back". Since that was clearly
impossible she satisfied herself with a few extreme close-ups of
his genitalia... from all angles. One of these required him to
kneel, legs wide on the table and reach round to pull his
buttocks wide apart. A bright flash from the camera announced
that even this part of his body had also been recorded.

Synot then had to strip in front of them. She was a little
plumper than Slater had first thought with both her breasts
bulging over the cups of the too tight prison brassiere. He was
surprised to see the marks of a recent punishment across their
top surface. With nervous glances at Slater she slipped her bra
off and then her skirt, stockings, suspender belt and panties.
If she thought that was embarrassing, worse was to come.

The young female immediately commented on the marks of the
punishment cane that were now fully displayed on all surfaces of
Synot's breasts. Strangely she didn't seem shocked or surprised
and had her stand at the 'present' whilst she handled both
globes with her finger tips. It was obvious that the nipples,
swollen from the cane tip, would be agonisingly sensitive, but
the girl examined them in detail ignoring the flinches and yelps
from the prisoner.

"How often do you get these caned?" she asked, grinning at the
girl's discomfort.

Synot explained that it was the first time for her and the
photographer smiled and said that since every girl prisoner sent
to Mrs Allingham had arrived with varying degrees of punishment
on their breasts, she could only assume that it was an
arrangement from the Correctional Centre to ensure that the
female prisoners were all accused of three breast related
demerits and received an appropriate punishment before they were
released to her.

The front, rear and sideways shots at the 'present' were soon
completed and next came her breasts. With elbows way back the
girl photographed them from all angles and included close ups of
the nipples. She then produced a small spray and squirted a cold
liquid over them. As she expected, they engorged and were
photographed again

She was then ordered to bend over, feet wide apart, and
photographed from the rear. Next she was ordered on to the table
as Slater had been but she was told to first spread her buttocks
for a close up anal shot but then lay on her back with legs up
in the air and "spread".

To Synot's intense humiliation the girl made no attempt to get
Slater to leave or even look away as she ordered her to reach
round her buttocks and pull her outer labia wide so that the
soft pink inner lips and genitalia were fully exposed to the
flash. The way in which she snapped "Wider" convinced Slater
that the casual caring attitude that she had first displayed was
a mere sham, and that like all the others placed in authority,
the girl could and would cause them real trouble if they
disobeyed in any way.

She then took them to the kitchen where she had laid some
clothes on the table. They were ordered to face away from each
other, place their prison issue clothing that they were carrying
into two plastic bags and were then told to don the garments in
front of them. Slater quickly donned a blue denim shirt, a white
athletic support, short denim shorts and trainers.

Synot was told that the rather worn looking items for her were
from a charity shop.

They certainly looked it as the white was drab and both the
panties and the bra fitted too tightly. They fitted the larger
build of the girl, but only just and were bound to be
uncomfortable. A blue denim short sleeved blouse and short denim
skirt resembling Slater's shorts were then put on with a pair of
well worn trainers for the feet.

Mrs Fox came back and told them that they had just missed the
mid-morning servant break so must start work immediately. She
took them to a separate flat in the house telling them that two
female friends of Mrs Allingham were staying there at the moment
and that one of their jobs would be to clean the rooms and
attend to the needs of the two.

The living area was a shambles but when they were ordered into
the bedroom, it was even worse. The two single beds had the
duvet and pillows on the floor and various items of clothing
were scattered around the entire room. It was as if nothing had
ever been put away, just dropped on the floor where they stood.

They both started work in tidying the rooms, making the beds and
putting away the female clothes that lay scattered around the
floor. The items of underwear were collected and placed in the
wash hamper in the bathroom and Slater was told to concentrate
on that room leaving Synot to start with the vacuum cleaner. It
was fair to say that adequate cleaning materials were available
but the bath, sink and toilet looked as if they hadn't been
cleaned for weeks so some considerable effort was going to be
called for. He flushed the toilet then realised that the bowl
had become blocked as the water and the disgusting contents rose
until it overflowed. Mrs Fox, hearing the noise and Slater's
gasp of horror and distaste came in and having accused him of
stupidity, told him to get the pan unblocked and to clean the
mess up.

He asked, as politely as possible, for the location of the
necessary plunger and cleaning equipment and received a
withering glance.

"You will have to use your hands boy... and make sure that you
wash them afterwards."

Mrs Fox left the flat to attend to some other business leaving
them to their own devices. They should have realised that this
would be some form of trap, but they were working too hard to

After about twenty minutes spent cleaning the toilet trying to
think of more pleasant things as he plunged his hand into the
mess the females had left behind, Slater did indeed wash his
hands and then found a couple of glasses and filled them both
with water from a tap. He had just wandered into the sitting
area and handed a sweating Synot her glass when the door flew
open and in came a furious Mrs Fox.

"This place is still filthy and here you are taking things easy.
Neither of you can be trusted so you must consider yourself in
real trouble. Report to Mrs Allingham right now!"

With sinking hearts they found their way back to the office and
knocked on the door. They entered on command to find Mrs
Allingham talking on the telephone. It was obvious that Mrs Fox
was on the other line. They stood rigidly at attention as Mrs
Allingham shook her head in disbelief at what she was hearing.
She put the 'phone down.

"It really amazes me how prisoners in your position seem to
think that they can behave however they wish. I haven't time to
deal with this offence immediately, but immediately after your
evening meal Synot will report to me and you, Slater, will
report to Mrs Fox. You will both be in for a period of obedience
training that will ensure that your attitudes change to what I
consider to be acceptable. You may be assured that this will not
be a pleasant experience but hopefully, one that you will both
benefit from if you are to leave here with the good
recommendation that you both require.


They both left the room as rapidly as they could. On the way
back to their workplace Synot explained her past history with
Mrs Allingham. It seems that she was slightly older and had been
a prefect at an expensive girl's public school where Allingham,
using her then unmarried name, had also been. Synot had been
somewhat strict with those she believed to be stuck up little
bitches and so Allingham, and some of her friends had been
subjected to more than what they thought were their fare share
of detentions, extra PT and the other means of maintaining
discipline. Synot had not realised the depth of Allingham's
hatred but she knew that she was soon to find out.

Mrs Fox kept them hard at the cleaning of the apartment until
past six pm. They were then shown to two adjacent rooms in which
were a bed, wash-stand and a bucket. They were told to clean
themselves up and await further orders.

The rooms were like small cells which was obviously the reason
for their selection as prisoner accommodation. Bare boards on
the floor and just a small sealed window that could not be
opened added to the claustrophobic feel. Slater used the cold
water to wash himself down but avoided the use of the bucket for
relief. He could but wonder how his fellow prisoner was feeling
through the shared wall.

They were allowed out for the evening meal which they consumed
in silence in the kitchens under the watchful eye of Mrs Fox. No
sooner had they finished than Synot was told to report to Mrs
Allingham's room and Mrs Knox left the kitchen with a curt
"follow me" to Slater.

At the end of a long corridor Mrs Fox opened the door which led
on to a steep flight of stone steps down to a well lit stone
walled basement. The damp cold air added considerably to
Slater's apprehension as he descended the stairs into the first
room that contained just a solid wooden chair. Mrs Knox stood
with her back to the heavy door, turned and with a key from a
bunch around her waist she locked it creating the frightening
prospect that he was now totally at her mercy. She walked past
him standing rigidly at attention, and took a seat in the chair.

Slater kept his eyes firmly ahead, but he had managed to sneak a
look at the woman. She had long fair hair that hung in a pigtail
and was even dumpier sitting than standing, particularly round
the chest and hips. She was dressed in a plain dark blue dress
with buttons down the front with stockinged legs and black high
heeled shoes. She had applied some makeup that relieved her dull
plump face only a little and Slater realised with a sinking
heart that this might have been applied for his benefit.

"Well, Slater, this is where you learn how to behave whilst you
are in my care. Forget any ideas that you have about wheedling
your way out of this cellar: You will be down here until I
decide that you are capable of displaying a correct amount of
respect to a lady. You may rest assured that I have been given
total authority over you and you will have to obey any order...
any order... that I choose to give you. Normally the policy on
punishing you prisoners is to wait for an offence to be
committed then awarding and inflicting a suitable level of pain.
However, I have decided that tonight I will give you a
significant and painful punishment for absolutely nothing. I
believe that a hard shock early on in our relationship will
remove any lingering doubts that you may have on my authority
and my intentions to exercise that authority. You will then be
assessed as to how enthusiastic you are in satisfying my
requirements. Any lack of effort on your part will result in me
applying a second instalment of pain and I will continue in this
manner until you learn to obey.

Follow me!"

Opening the door she led him across the corridor into a larger
and colder room in which were several items of furniture that
were all too familiar to him. They all had the same purpose, to
support a prisoner in various positions for punishment. Only two
had any restraint straps, which told him that this would be a
gritted teeth session when he would have to desperately control
himself to accept whatever was inflicted.

He was expecting to be told to strip, instead she ordered him to
undo his shorts waist-band, slip them down off his buttocks so
that just his nether cheeks were exposed as he bent over the
back of a sturdy wooden chair.

Mrs Fox selected a small leather covered paddle from the
collection on the wall. She made a point of showing Slater the
reference data that was stamped on the handle and how it
included the letters "U.U." She took delight in explaining that
this meant "Unrestricted Use" and that the implement could be
used entirely at the discretion of the person applying the
punishment. She was therefore able to give him an unlimited
number of whacks, should she choose.

She then started to beat his exposed buttocks alternately with
some force. He was already tender from his last caning but knew
that would not be taken into consideration, she was going to
beat him as hard and for as long as she wanted. A wall clock
with a large second hand was just visible and he could not help
noticing that she gave a whack every five seconds.

By the end of the second minute his buttocks were scorched and
the pain was severe as she intended it would be. Although she
alternated the strokes from cheek to cheek, she ensured that
each one landed in the exact same spot on each buttock.

The punishment, if that was what it could be called, lasted five
minutes and left Slater's buttocks burning with the surface pain
and throbbing from the deep bruising that the paddle would no
doubt cause. He was soon fully dressed, back at the attention
position in front of Mrs Fox, now seated in a comfortable

"That, boy, is just a taster of what you will get if you fail to
obey me in every respect. From now on you will do whatever I
tell you to... and with some enthusiasm. Otherwise that little
spanking will seem nothing compared to what will follow."

Slater stood there, experienced enough not to show any
indication of surprise, shock, or worst of all rebellion. He
knew that this far from attractive women would be using him as a
sexual plaything with the added fear of being in a position to
inflict any degree of pain she chose, should he not respond as
she required.

"I think we will start in the traditional way with you with you
showing my feet some respect. So... Number One... boy! and get
to it."

Slater knelt humbly at the woman's feet and took her right foot
into his hands and started to massage the plump rather sweaty
toes. He had hardly started before there was a snort of derision
from the owner and the instruction to remove the stockings.

She obligingly parted her legs then lifted her ample backside
slightly allowing him to reach up under her skirt, locate the
clasps for the tops of the stockings on her plump thighs and
roll them down pulling them clear of her feet. Having folded the
stockings and placed them on the table, Slater started by firmly
massaging the right foot between the toes noting the rather
smelly sweat that was trapped between them. He then worked up
towards the ankle before transferring his efforts to the other
set of toes and finally up to that ankle.

He paused, looked up at Mrs Fox and knew what was coming next.
She uttered just one word:


Taking a deep breath Slater started licking between the toes of
the right foot determined no to be put off the task by the taste
and smell. His tongue was already starting to feel dry and
tender when he finished that foot by licking up and down the
grubby sole.

He would have given anything for a sip of cool fresh water, but
he knew that was not a possibility as he repeated his task on
the other foot. Again he found himself looking up at Mrs Fox
from his demeaning position.


The numbers were designed to help any lady who might be shy in
the presence of a servant prisoner. Slater knew that this woman
did not fit into that category and she was simply deriving
pleasure from issuing short orders that then required so much
effort from the male.

She hotched around in her seat to raise the skirt of her dress
to well above the knees, then widened her legs. Her white
pantied crotch was now spread and despite the relatively un-
attractive appearance of its owner, he found the situation
surprisingly erotic. Unfortunately so did his encased penis
which was now in some discomfort from the restrictive device
that enclosed it. He started at the right ankle and worked his
way up to crotch level with each leg using firm pressure and
strokes that seemed to please Mrs Fox.

His fingers had long since passed the point where they ached
from the effort when she ordered him to stop.

Still remaining with her knees spread she ordered him to his
feet. "Lets see what you have to offer me boy" she purred...

He quickly removed his clothes and had just uncovered his
genitalia when a gasp of fury came from Mrs Fox.

"What in the hell do you mean by turning up here with one of
those things on?" she demanded. Slater tried to explain that it
was hardly his choice but from the look on the woman's face...
words would not suffice. Leaping to her feet she slapped him
across his face with all her force then swung the hand back,
equally hard to back-hand his other cheek.

With his ears ringing, he was simply unable to tell her where
the key was, and was slapped once again with her full fury.
Finally she calmed down a little and chillingly told him that if
the key could not be found, she would be taking her revenge in a
way that he would not find pleasant. She then crossed the room
to pick up the house 'phone and was soon speaking, somewhat
deferentially to Mrs Allingham.

It seemed that there might be a key included with some paper-
work that had been sent with him and the female prisoner and was
in Mrs Allingham's possession. Slater was told to take himself
to Mrs Allingham's rooms and await her pleasure... then report

A nervous and naked male prisoner made his way to the wing in
which he knew Mrs Allingham was. Hoping not to be seen by any of
the rest of the staff he was mortified to pass two of the young
female staff in a narrow corridor. Making little effort to move
out of his way they stared at his entrapped genitalia with
girlish giggles until they finally moved so that he could pass
them. Clearly seeing naked prisoners was nothing unusual to

He eventually reached the door that he had been directed to and
knocked. A curt female voice soon called him to enter.

He found himself in a brightly lit bedroom. Mrs Allingham laid
across the end of the bed propped up on one elbow and dressed
only in an expensive looking bra and panty set. In her hand was
a thin dressage whip. A strong scent of feminine perfume hung in
the air.

Synot was totally naked, standing rigidly at the 'present' next
to the bed with what appeared to be a clamp on each nipple.

Mrs Allingham pointed to a spot next to Synot and ordered him to
stand there. He did not need to be told to take up the 'present'

"I do not expect to have to give up my leisure time to sort out
problems with male prisoners boy! Fortunately a key has been
included in the paper work that came with you two so let us
hope, for your sake, that it is the correct one. Synot! Pick up
the key from the table and see if you can unfasten that device."

Synot knelt at his feet and after some nervous fumbling she
managed to engage the key and turn it. With a nervous look at
Mrs Allingham for approval she then removed the restrainer from
his now inflating penis and around his scrotum. She was told to
place it on the table and Mrs Allingham climbed off the bed and
stood close to Slater.

"I don't normally involve myself with training male prisoners
but I feel obliged to make an exception this evening in view of
the way that you have interrupted my evening." She drew the thin
riding whip through her fingers of her left hand.

"I understand that prisoners feel that this implement is
extremely harsh to use on anything but a horse's flank, but
again I am prepared to make an exception. You will receive
twelve strokes for disturbing me."

Slater inwardly gasped. Twelve with that whip would hurt like
hell, especially as nothing was his fault. He knew, only too
well that he would have to endure whatever this woman thought
was justified and hoped that she would lack the strength of some
of the wardresses that had beaten him in the past.

There was no hope of being secured, he expected and was told to
simply bend over and grasp his ankles in the middle of the room
in full view of Synot. He saw the bare feet of Mrs Allingham
move to his left side and then, without any preamble or warning,
the fist stroke came whistling down across his taught buttocks.

It felt even worse than the usual cane stroke that he had
experienced before at the centre. It was like a hot wire that
seemed to shrivel up the skin either side of the impact line.
The first stroke missed the area tenderised by Mrs Fox, but he
knew that the reprieve was only temporary. Five more followed
rapidly across the sensitive area that felt even more like red
hot wires being applied and then, to his surprise, he was told
to stand.

No explanation was given but he was ordered to stand by the edge
of the bed. A visibly shaken Synot, who no doubt realised that
she would be feeling this particularly severe form of punishment
later, was ordered to stand next to him.

"The rest will be given on your inner thighs as I find that area
particularly effective when beating my female servants... stand
with your left foot on the bed and legs wide apart. Synot, reach
between his legs and pull his disgusting genitalia clear of his

The crop was brought down swiftly on to his left inner thigh so
that the flexible rod lashed into the muscles leaving the
knotted tassel to wrap around the top of his thigh. The next two
strokes were laid on as close to the top of the thigh as
possible which despite the searing pain made Slater grateful for
the pulling back of his penis and testicles.

When both inner thighs had been whipped, Slater was ordered back
to the 'present' and found himself facing Mrs Allingham who
clearly had no sympathy for his throbbing buttocks and legs. She
was breathing deeply and her voice was husky as she spoke.

"That should convince you boy that I have no tolerance for any
male offence. If you step out of line in the slightest I will
lay that crop on even harder. Now get back to Mrs Fox and take
the restraint with you with my instructions that it is to be
replaced when she has finished with you."

He hobbled more than walked back to Mrs Fox. He again passed the
two female staff who had deliberately waited hoping to see him.
They giggled at the sight of the more contrite male than the one
that they had seen earlier, at the weals and the now exposed
penis. Slater stood respectfully to one side as they passed him
in the corridor. Suddenly, to his horror, one of them grabbed
his penis and looked him in the eye.

"So Mrs Allingham had to beat you did she before she took off
your restrainer? Wouldn't it be a shame if you turned up at Mrs
Fox's room with a stiffy? I dread to think how she would deal
with you boy!"

With that she gently stroked his newly released organ and gently
cupped his testicles with her other hand. All too quickly his
starved genitals responded and he sprang rather than grew to a
rock hard firmness.

He was then led back to the room where the other girl knocked
loudly on the door before they both departed giggling even more.
There was an abrupt command to enter, giving Slater no time to
think his penis back to a deflated state before he had to march
in and come to the present in front of Mrs Fox.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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