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The Cuckoldress Videos

From: Robert Jones
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 16:44:25 -0500

I knew from the beginning that Mistress was collaring me as a
cuckold. Mistress was upfront and honest. The chastity started
immediately. Chastity was a pre-requisite to earning Mistress's

I had never done this before. The CB3000 took a lot of getting
used to. My balls weren't even stretched. Mistress double locked
me by adding a second lock to the Prince Albert piercing.
Mistress also liked the gates of hell attachment and Mistress
chose the biggest one.

Saturday mornings were milking time. Mistress never used lotions
or oils, always dry. Mistress's hands were smooth as silk though
and with Her long nails clawing into my sac Mistress had no
problem milking me dry.

Mistress would usually invite a friend over for these milkings.
My ass was beaten first with a dowel rod, 5/8" diameter. I have
also been beaten with paddles, belts and even a chain! Mistress
would lose Herself in the punishments and enjoy every hit. We
never used a safe word though. I was supposed to trust
Mistress's judgement. I was the whipping boy and rarely was I in
Mistress's presence when She didn't hit me. Mistress liked to
take pictures of my beaten body. She was very sadistic!

During this one particular milking Mistress informed me that I
was ready to be cucked. I was commanded to find 2 bulls and
prepare dinner for them. The videos were filmed after dinner.
They are amateur, but real life!

These videos are free for your viewing pleasure and comments at:-


[Password] [Books] [Fem Dom Software] [Victor Bruno] [Videos / Dvd]



I have a couple of comments.

First, I tried to view these videos but nothing happened. On
clicking the play button I got messages about connecting to
media, but then nothing. Is there a trick to this?

Second, I question the use of the word "cuckold" in this
context. From the description of the videos it appears that the
Mistress in question is not the sub's wife or partner. Whilst it
is undoubtedly highly erotic to be in a chastity device and to
see your Mistress having sex with other men, I don't see that
this experience can compare with the highly emotionally charged
activity of watching a wife or partner have sex with another

I believe the former is correctly described by the term "arousal
and denial" or "tease and denial". I think it's a pity to
devalue words by attaching them to different meanings - if so
then it becomes necessary to coin a new word to describe the
much more emotionally challenging experience that I believe is
properly described by "cuckolding".

Both cuckolding and arousal and denial are part of the
Mistress's armoury, but cuckolding is surely only available to
Mistresses who are in a permanent and exclusive relationship
with their sub.


SubMariner wrote:

>clicking the play button I got messages about connecting to
>media, but then nothing. Is there a trick to this?

Thank You for reporting this problem. There is a problem with
playing the videos under Firefox.

IE and Chrome play the videos just fine. I will work on the
Firefox issues this week. The site is a hobby for me because I
have to work a day job :( Never enough time! I have a lot more
content to add as well as a web cam module and better looking
templates. Much more to come!

>I don't see that this experience can compare with the highly
>emotionally charged activity of watching a wife or partner have
>sex with another person.

Mistress Lynn in these videos was my Fiance. We were to be
married (I as the Cuckold) however, Mistress and I did not last.
Probably because of these videos in which during one scene
Mistress says stop the camera. She could tell that I was in
shock over seeing Her with 2 Bulls.

This was my first time being cuckolded. I was locked up in the
CB3000 for 37 days before the cuckolding and I had been beaten
just a few hours before Mistress commanded me to find the 2
Bulls. She carried out the Cuckolding perfectly. Every detail
was complete. The humiliation, teasing and anxiety hit me very
hard. Oh and let's not forget that the camcorder was filming!

Such an intense experience. I did enter into the "subspace" and
actually enjoyed it. Mistress and I filmed about 130 videos
featuring different D/s scenes. Yes, they are amateur, but they
are also very real! I never did earn Mistress' collar though,
even after all of this...



Cuckdaddy wrote:

>There is a problem with playing the videos under Firefox. IE
>and Chrome play the videos just fine.

Well I tried this under IE8 (and Vista) and today again under
IE7 (and XP) but without success. I sure hope you can find the

>Mistress Lynn in these videos was my Fiance.

Then I withdraw my comment and I agree that "cuckold" applies in
such a relationship.


I finally got some time off of work and made this whole thing
better. My goal was to create the ultimate free social community
site where the users have total control with their Profile,
Videos, Pictures and Articles without restrictions over nudity,
language, file size, content.

There is no reason why you can't sell yourself here and find the
"ONE" to own or submit to. I still have to install Chat and Web
Cam capabilities so there is lots more to come. Please post any
problems you encounter in the Support Section of the Forum or PM
me. I hope You enjoy.



We are now near 1,000 members. It's all free so check it out.
The Videos play fine now and you can even upload yours. Also
Forums and Chat Rooms. We are trying to help out the BDSM
community and network all related sites together to form the
Ultimate Hub !



I need a cuckoldress


Hello bobby,

you wrote:

>I need a cuckoldress

Unfortunately, your post was too short to be useful to you or to
anyone reading.

I suggest reading the guidelines thoroughly, and then writing a
long and sincere introduction. Be sure to avoid brief
descriptions, women want to know all about you, your hopes,
desires, interests and ambitions in life, not just the sex.

Be sure to mention where you are in the world. As the list is

For further guidelines see:-




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