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fd friendly shops - question for DOMestic readership

From: fem fan
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 15:26:18 +0000


I am a submissive (as yet untrained) male and I've been reading
DOMestic for some time. I have posted once before - In praise of
Dominant Women

I have to say, as ever, I am loving the unique mix of stories /
fiction elements and real life tales and questions of the
readership. There is something about hearing about real life
relationships along the lines of my inclinations that I find...
well... shall we just say exciting...?

The very existence, let alone reading the actual words, of the
true dominatrixes (erm - is that right?) of this group is simply
breathtaking! So if you are one of these amazing ladies, may I
just electronically bend a knee and admit that your presence is
enough to drive this sub wild - and I lap up every word you

Anyway, to the subject of my post - I am not in an fd
relationship at present, which may put me in a minority here,
and I may well find myself told that I am in the wrong place to
ask my question. Sorry if that is the case, but given the
stories in the missives, I am thinking that I am not the only
one to enjoy fd related fiction and material. I was therefore
wondering whether anyone knew of shops / outlets / resources for
good fd dvd's, magazines, videos etc., etc. in the UK (or

There used to be a shop on Greek street in Soho (London) called
Swish publishing that was wonderful - carrying a huge selection
of videos and magazines - and heavily fd focussed. This was a
great thing when I first found it as I had been so disappointed
by the terrible selection (if any!) that I found in other more
"vanilla" shops - and often the videos I bought would not be
what had been advertised. However - I was disappointed to find
when I went to London recently that the shop has closed down,
and its replacement is, basically, just another Soho bookshop
(though I did notice that the lovely lady who worked in the shop
is still there).

Currently, most of the stuff I get is either online (e.g.
Mistress Christine and David's wonderful videos, and site) or
via sites like clips4sale - which has a great array of clips and
videos for sale. Part of me though would like to go to an fd
friendly shop or person, browse, buy, keep, watch on a proper TV
etc - so I was wondering whether anyone in this community might
have any suggestions as to places worth a go - I am especially
interested in fiction/story sites and dvd's.

I am happy for my email address to be included on this post - so
if you'd like to respond in private please do get in contact.

femfan@hotmail.co.uk email address info

I also hope that no-one finds this post too out of keeping with
the rest of the communities posts. If it is, I do apologise.

Yours humbly before his female superiors


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I just wanted to compliment you on such a nicely worded post. If
you ever post an ad written like that I would think you should
get quite a few Ladies interest.

Your english teacher and mother should be proud.


Hello femfan,

I don't know about DVDs but if you are interested in books then
strangely enough Amazon have lots. Just search for femdom
in books
. The novels published by Nexus can be very good and
are very reasonably priced.

pussikat steve

note: moderator added the links to this post


Hello pussikat steve,

I hope you don't mind me placing links to the items you
recommended in your post. It gave me a chance to play with the
Amazon search widgets and create a few pretty search pages to go
on the blog. I spread them out over the month of March so that
they didn't all show up in one batch at the top of the front

Also, of course, it might earn me a few affiliate pennies
towards an Amazon gift, which would be nice.

pussikat steve wrote:

>I don't know about DVDs

I didn't link to that in your post, as you didn't recommend
them, but I've created an Amazon search widget for FemDom DVDs


and there are some tiny pictures displaying. If anyone wants to
comment on any of those titles feel free. Personally, almost the
only FemDom DVDs I've ever seen are my own, so I can't comment
on any of those displayed there today.

>Just search for femdom in books.

That search has been set up in an Amazon FemDom books widget at:-


>The novels published by Nexus can be very good

An Amazon search widget for Nexus Books is at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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