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Chastity Heaven cages

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 12:53:22 -0700
From: tony

Dear Ms Christine, i am a little unsure how to post anonymously
but would like to post a review of the two chastity cages that i
have purchased from Chastity Heaven. Could you post my review or
tell me how to do it so that I remain anonymous?

I have 2 cages, one measured correctly and one purposely ordered
too small. My wife calls this small cage the "punishment" cage
and it is designed to be a bit uncomfortable.

The "Comfy" cage is great, i can wear it for as long as she
wants and clearly no chance of removal or breakage. I have owned
many other cages, CB-2000, Curve, Lori's tube, and a few others
that i don't remember the names of, and none of them have been
so comfortable and secure.

With the security pin feature that places a post to prevent pull
out the back of the ring I am completely locked into the cage.
Every other cage that i have owned, even with security add ons
like the points that add on to the CB-2000 i was able to pull
out of the back, and those points hurt ALL the time. This
security pin is pretty darn comfortable. My wife wants it to be
a bit more uncomfortable so that i have to endure a little
discomfort for her, that is why we ordered the 2nd punishment

Anyway, the guys at chastity heaven are great, service is
awesome and they answer their emails quickly, i couldn't be more


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Hello tony,

Thanks for the Chastity Heaven review.

you wrote:

>i am a little unsure how to post anonymously

All posts are "anonymous" by default, in that we only post the
name you choose to use. We don't post your email address unless
you specifically request it. So it's simple, you just go to


and click on "Post" in the right hand menu. Clicking any of the
other posting links should also make other options clear.

If you reply to an existing thread, post or subject, then you
will see that the reply form allows you to choose the name you
wish to be displayed, and that we explain there that we do not
post email addresses.

>Could you post my review or tell me how to do it so that I
>remain anonymous?

It's now posted, and anonymous. :-) You are simply shown as
"tony" which is how you signed your review.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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I just ordered The Cage chastity device from the folks at
Chastity Heaven - I wrote previously about their fantastic
customer service and their willingness to go out of the way to
help and make sure of your satisfaction - but I also want to
relate the fact that their product is also fantastic - the
quality and craftsmanship is excellent - the Cage looks awesome
and will definitely do the job - my only concern is to follow
their fitting instructions carefully - it's very important to
function and overall long-term wear that the device fits
properly - if you are looking for a company that stands behind
their product and will go out of their way to help, then
Chastity Heaven is where to go - and don't forget about their
excellent product line!

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