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Bill's Warning - part one

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 22:54:25 -0500
From: randolphus

Bill's Warning

part one

My name is Bill. I would like to tell you to be very careful
what you wish for, because sometimes it comes true.

I met Darlene at an Obama headquarters in Los Angeles. She had a
computer problem and I was one of the volunteer computer guys.
She worked, when she wasn't working on the campaign, at a law
firm. She was a freshman lawyer.

It turned out that she graduated from the University of Maryland
one year after I did and we exchanged stories about how we each
got to L.A.

At dinner we drank a lot of wine and the talking never stopped.
We exchanged phone numbers, cell numbers, e-mail addresses, web
sites and didn't want to leave.

The next night we went to the planetarium in Griffith Park that
overlooks L.A. It's one of the half dozen world class sights.
She was surprised and delighted and we talked the whole time.

I forgot to say I thought she was beautiful, she wore her light
brown hair short, her mouth smiled when she relaxed; her blue
eyes always seemed to glitter. She had an athletic build and she
walked as fast as I did.

We lived near each other. So I offered to pick her up the next
evening - Friday.

We went to a small Italian restaurant that served great Chianti.
We talked from the moment she got into my car until we parked at
her apartment. We started groping in the car when she suggested
we go to her apartment.

The apartment was a one bedroom unit that looked over a
courtyard with a swimming pool in the middle of it. There was a
small kitchen open to a small eating area attached to a larger
living room and a door to a bedroom and a door to a toilet.
Darlene had furnished it modestly; there was a sofa, a coffee
table and a bookcase with lots of books and a TV.

We got onto the sofa and resumed where we left off in the car.
Then there was a trail of clothes leading to the bedroom.
Darlene was more aggressive than I, I wanted to kiss and touch
more, she wanted to screw more, what about protection? She said
to stop worrying about each of my concerns. I jumped her, me on
top, and that worked for us, then she jumped me, her on top and
I liked looking up at her, and seeing her cute boobs.

We cuddled for a while and then started talking. We got up, and
drank up her wine and went back to bed, when I found a pussy on
my face. She had me in her hands and we both did it again. Then
we cuddled again and I fell asleep.

I woke and saw her sitting at the tiny table in the eating area.
She had made coffee and I could smell it. I sat across from her
and we started talking. The subject of Fem-Dom came up. She knew
a lot about it, or at least she had read lots of stuff. I told
her it was one of my recurrent fantasies, being the object of a
domineering female. She asked me about it and I was as
forthright as I could be, even though I was embarrassed saying
these things, but she was so special, I could tell her

I remember, she said: "Women are generally smarter than men, in
our situation I'm an attorney and you're just a computer guy."
The conversation moved on and I never got to dispute that. But
it illustrates her attitude.

She said: "The part I don't understand is in your fantasies,
your punishments are like those given to a child."

I said: "I know it's kind of weird, I've never spoken about it
to anyone before."

We talked and talked about Fem-Dom, about the Obama campaign and
how we hated George Bush.

Eventually she wanted to know if I was ready to try it. I would
have said yes to her if she wanted me to do back flips from her
balcony into the swimming pool. So of course I said yes.

She said: "We should set a time limit like six months to a

I said: "How about forever?"

She said: "Did you just propose to me?"

I got on my knees and took her hand and said: "I want to spend
the rest of my life with you."

She said: "But how do you know you will want to do Fem-Dom

I said: "If you want live that way, I want to live that way;" I
had total confidence that this was the right woman. We came from
the same kinds of families, from the same area, we agreed on
religion, politics, everything. Did I say I thought she was

She said: "Are you ready to say you will do what I tell you and
you will not be able to tell me what I have to do?"

I said: "Yes Madam Darlene."

Darlene said: "I want to be sure you understand, if you wanted
sex and I didn't want it, you wouldn't get it."

I said: "Of course, but what has that got to do with Fem-Dom?"

She said: "What if I asked you to do all the household chores."

I said: "I hate household chores but I would do it."

She said: "I think you have been warned, I accept."

I said: "It sounds like a lawyer's disclaimer, but I love you
and I want to be with you forever;" we kissed and ended up in
bed again.

We cuddled and started talking. Fem-Dom came up again and she
said: "There will only be sex when I want it."

I said: "Darlene I could not have sex with you if you didn't
want it. Period."

She said: "You're a great guy, that's why I want you, but I want
to be sure you understand what you're getting into."

I said: "As long as you're there, I'll be happy."

Then nothing about Fem-Dom until after we were married. We flew
back to Maryland where our families were and her mom and dad had
a big wedding for us. We told everyone we were honeymooning in
Hawaii but we were going to hide out in her apartment for a

Then Fem-Dom came up again. Darlene said: "This place is dirty,
please dust and vacuum the apartment and pick up the dishes and
magazines, generally clean this place up."

I said: "I'm reading something."

Darlene said: "You have to do what I tell you, do you remember
that? From now on when I give you an instruction you say 'Yes
ma'am'. Clean this apartment, NOW!"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Darlene said: "I also want the bathroom cleaned, especially the

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Darlene said: "I'm going out and I'll be back in about an hour
and I will inspect your work."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I cleaned the little apartment in minutes, I scrubbed the
bathtub and toilet and wiped the mirror, I cleaned the kitchen
and washed all the dishes. It took under fifty minutes. I went
back to reading the magazine.

Darlene came back with a shopping bag. She said: "I've been
away, and I come into the apartment and you just sit there, if
we had a dog he would jump up and down and wag his tail, maybe
you could get up and say how glad you are to see me, maybe a hug
and a kiss."

I jumped up, grabbed my sweetheart, kissed her and hugged her
and told her how glad I was to see her.

Darlene said: "That was better: Much better. Now let's go into
the bedroom."

I hadn't seen what she purchased, maybe a new teddy.

She said: "I want you to pull down your pants and underwear and
stand in this corner."

I wanted to say something.

She yelled: "NOW!"

I did what she said.

She said: "I'm going to inspect your housework, I hope for your
sake it was done well."

She didn't say to follow her. Do I have to keep standing here I
wondered. I agreed to do what she told me to. I told her about
my fantasies. About the stern wife, oh my god is this what I'm
getting, is she playing? I didn't tell her how to talk in a
threatening way. Or is this real? I wondered.

She came back to the bedroom. She said: "I'm very satisfied with
the housework, but I am dissatisfied with your attitude. You
agreed to do what I tell you, and I expect immediate obedience.
If I give you instructions you do it immediately, you say yes

She said: "Do you agree that you were slow to respond when I
told you to clean the apartment?"

I said: "Yes."

She said: "Yes what?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Good you've learned my name. Now come over here and
get across my knee."

I turned around and she had pulled her skirt up, and she held a
long wooden paddle. I could barely see all the way up her
thighs, she was wearing pantyhose and her thighs looked very
sexy. I leaned over my hands on the floor, lying across her lap.
She took hold of my waist with her left hand and whacked me with
the paddle in her right hand.

I said: "Darlene please not so hard."

She said: "That's not my name and that was not hard." With that
she whacked me even harder.

I said urgently: "Ma'am I can't take that."

She said: "You will take it and you will avoid disobeying me."
And she whacked me again, and again and again.

And an extra mighty one.

She said: "Back in the corner, now."

I jumped up and stood in the corner.

She said: "What do you say when I give an order."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I could hear her breathing hard.

She said: "No talking and stand still."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I tried to remember if this was a fantasy I told her, or is this

She left the bedroom. I heard the tea-kettle whistle. Is this
Fem-Dom? Will I be able to carry out my end of the agreement? I

Darlene came back to the bedroom; I heard her sitting on the
bed. She said: "Come kneel in front of me."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "When I give an order what will you do?"

I said: "I will say yes ma'am and immediately start doing what
you tell me."

She said: "What will you do when I come in from somewhere and
you're sitting down"

I said: "I will get up and hug and kiss my pretty wife and tell
her I'm glad to see her."

She said: "Did the spanking and the corner help you decide to do
these things?

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "I wasn't going to be strict with you during our
honeymoon. But it's too good an opportunity to get used to the
rules you will have. Do you still agree that this is what we

I said: "Yes ma'am; it is exactly what I agreed to, it just took
me by surprise and I am very sorry for the lapse and I
appreciate what you did."

She said: "You said all that perfectly, now let's see if you
meant it."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was getting aroused looking at her from
this angle, I could see her white panties, her protruding
breasts and I felt she had become all powerful.

Darlene said: "I went shopping for things to discipline you
with, this paddle is a board used to form pasta. It's an
excellent paddle, but I want more stuff. I didn't like the look
of the stores that sell it. Maybe you can order them online. I
brought you this pretty doggie collar, let's see if it fits;"

She opened the clasp on the dog collar and put it around my
neck, and she fastened the clasp and said: "It fits you

She produced a leash she brought and snapped it onto the collar.
Then she pulled on the leash and led me into the eating area and
had me lean over one of the chairs. She had bought a long belt
that the wrapped around my waist and around the frame of the
back of the chair and fastened it.

She said: "I can fasten you to the chair and give you a good
spanking. Will you like that?"

I was so aroused and surprised I didn't realize she was asking
me anything.

Darlene said: "I asked you a question, I expect an answer."

I said: "I'm sorry ma'am, yes I like it that you can tie me down
but I'm also frightened."

Darlene said: "It would be good if you were a little frightened;
I'll try to live up to your worst fears." Then she kissed me. I
was still fastened to the chair. She said: "Is it very

I said: "No ma'am, I'm supporting my weight with my hands on the

She said: "What if your hands were handcuffed behind your back?"

I tried putting my hands behind my back, and the back of the
chair started pressing sharply into my stomach. I told her.

She said: "If I handcuff you over the chair, I'll get you a
pillow to put under your tummy."

She said: "I want you to fix up ways I can fasten you, I know
you're good at these things. Also I want you to order stuff from
the net. I've made a list."

The List

Handcuffs, four sets,
Leather strap
Rod or cane
Ball gag - two pieces.
Male Chastity device - something that can be worn for extended
periods that will guarantee prevention of masturbation.

I sat down at Darlene's computer and searched for the items,
there were hundreds of hits and I tried to find a reputable
reseller. The first four items were almost generic but there
were special ones, the chastity device was more difficult, each
one was different and the comments indicated none was totally
satisfactory. The one I selected was guaranteed failure proof
and it could be worn over a month which I hoped was way longer
than Darlene planned for me. I printed out all the specs of the
stuff I was going to order and knelt in front of Darlene to
present them.

She said: "You don't have to kneel except when I tell you. It
was nice though, I'll think about how you can show me respect."

I said: "Here are the specs of the things you asked me to order,
would you like to review them?"

She took the sheets from me and went through them slowly. She
said: "These are fine, get expedited shipping if it's available.
I want the stuff so we can try it out while we have time off."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Amazingly the stuff would arrive the day after tomorrow and it
all cost under $500.

I don't know if it was the spanking but Darlene looked even more
attractive and sexy than before. She seemed pleased with me for
ordering the - I was going to say sex toys, but they were
punishment toys.

I hugged her and told her how much I loved her. She responded
but not quite like last night. But we ended up in bed together.
It was so fantastic to have been spanked and put in the corner
by my lovely wife. I owe her so much for playing my games. We
had very passionate sex with me on top, her on top and no one on
top. I fell asleep holding my bride.

When I woke I saw Darlene at the table working on a piece of
paper, I thought it strange that she was working when we had a
whole week off. I said: "What are you working on sweet baby?"

Darlene said: "Make us some coffee and come over here and we can

I said: "Sure, it'll take a few minutes;"

We have one of those coffee makers that use pods for the coffee;
it warms up and churns out cups in fractions of minutes. I found
some oatmeal cookies and put them on a plate and brought in two
cups of coffee.

Darlene said: "Here are ten rules for our marriage:"

1. When I give you an order, you do it right away and say 'yes

2. If I come into your presence you will kneel and wait for my

3. If you come into my presence you will kneel by my feet and
wait for instructions.

4. The entire apartment is your responsibility to keep clean.
That includes the kitchen and bathroom. Any dirt found at any
time may result in punishment.

5. You will fix breakfast and dinner and when we are at home
also lunch. If I don't like what you have prepared you will be

6. You will not initiate sex or do anything that can be
construed as trying to initiate sex.

7. You are responsible for all my clothes, they must be clean
and ready to wear, that includes my shoes.

8. You will do all the shopping including my personal needs.

9. You may not have any alcoholic beverage unless I give it to

10. You have no rights except what I allow. There is no argument
or appeal.

She said: "Let's discuss each rule and you may ask questions."

She said: "Rule one - we had a practical review of this one. I
tell you to do something, you must do it right away and saying
'yes ma'am' tells me you heard me and you respect my authority.
Any questions?"

I said: "No questions ma'am:" I couldn't believe my wife talking
like this - respect her authority.

She said: "Rule two - When I walk into the apartment or into a
room where you are, whatever you're doing, you stop, get on your
knees and wait. I want to emphasize that you wait. I may want to
see what you had done, or I might want a glass of water, you
wait for me to tell you what to do. Any questions?"

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule three - It's the same idea, but you respect that
if I'm doing something then you have to wait until I'm ready.
It's important that you understand that you have to wait, and I
don't have any urgency resulting from you arriving. Any

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule four is simple and you have shown me how well
you can do it. You have the responsibility for keeping this
apartment clean. The windows, mirrors the chrome fixtures all
have to be gleaming, make sure the floor is clean, I may make
you eat off of it sometimes. The kitchen and bathrooms have to
be kept spotless, the porcelain should shine. You will make the
bed every morning. Any questions?"

I said "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule five is that you will do the cooking. I don't
want the same food every day and I want it to be nutritious,
Oprah got a nutritionist and I want the same thing. I know you
can't do that today, but what I accept today is not what I'm
going to accept next week. You have to study, maybe get the
magazines in the supermarket checkout, they always have recipes;
it's your problem. Any Questions?"

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule six. You wanting sex, has nothing to do with me
wanting sex. You have to figure out how to make me want sex.
Feed me well, keep the place clean, have a good attitude, be
interested in me, those things will help your cause. You may
touch me a limited amount, you may kiss my neck, you can rub my
feet, but you can't grab my boobs or put your hand on my pussy
any time you feel like it. Any questions?"

I said: "You are inviting me to seduce you but not demand sex,

She said: "That's exactly what I said but I don't want you to
get fresh just because you feel frisky, do you understand that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Rule seven is another chore for you, mostly men are
not interested in women's clothes, but I want you to take an
interest in clothes and shoes. So it's not just laundry and shoe
polishing, I want your fashion opinions, what looks good on me,
a general interest in my clothing. You can go with me to buy
lingerie, I know you'll like that. Any questions?"

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule eight is another chore. You do the shopping for
food, toiletries for you and me and cleaning supplies. Any

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "Rule nine You may not drink without my permission.
Are we clear?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Rule ten is a very large rule. It says that you can't
do anything without my permission. As a practical matter I let
you do what you want, but you haven't said you want to buy a
boat. You may not unless I give you permission, you might be a
latent sports nut and want to watch football on Sunday, only if
I let you. This rule makes me the queen and you the serf. This
rule and rule one which is the same expressed differently create
the environment where you become my slave. I tried to make
exactly ten rules so it would be concise, but this is our
constitution. Do you agree and understand? I won't ever ask

I said: "Yes ma'am, I agree and I understand."

She said: "I know there will be times you may wish you hadn't
agreed. But I'll try to make this work for us. I intend to be
strict in the enforcement of the rules and I will be purposeful
with the punishments which I expect will become rarer and rarer.
But if we're in agreement let's move on."

Darlene said: "I want you to write the rules down and memorize

I said: "Yes ma'am, but why do I have to write them down, you
already have."

Darlene said: "It will help you to start memorizing them, I
expect you to live by these rules. And tell me what is the first

I said: "When you tell me to do something I will immediately do
it and say yes ma'am, I'm sorry ma'am, I will begin writing

Darlene said: "I intend to enforce these rules very strictly. I
think that's what we agreed. You will be punished for
questioning an order instead of immediately doing it."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I wondered what this was going to be like.
I could do the work but what if she wanted to cane me after
tying me down, would she do that? Could I endure that?

I also thought that I rushed into agreeing to all the terms,
maybe I should have negotiated. But doing chores is not all that
a husband is about. She will want someone to plan and share
activities, if I don't get sex she won't get sex, and there are
other things good and bad where we are partners, and California
is a community property state. This is how I consoled myself
that everything would work out.

Darlene said: "I want you to make six copies, you can write on
both sides of the paper. I'm going to give you a test to make
sure you know the rules later."

So I started copying the rules, I changed the person (you to I
etc) so she gave orders and I had to follow them. The more I
studied them the more I realized how I had given up all my
rights and privileges. I agreed to become Darlene's object to
boss around and use. I thought at the time that everything would
work out, but it was moving so fast.

I made up a mnemonic to memorize the rules by number. It was
like Darlene went to some class learning about Fem-Dom and I
just had vague fantasies. Like the pro meets the amateur.

I had the three sheets and I knelt in front of the goddess and
waited. After a few minutes Darlene said: "When you're waiting
for me and you position yourself to look up my skirt you just
excite yourself for no good reason, I don't mind you getting
excited looking at me but it does nothing for me. Do you

I said: "Yes ma'am;"

She said: "What do you want?"

I said: "I completed the copying of the rules, ma'am."

She examined each page from top to bottom. And then she said:

"You do neat work and I'm pleased with that. I want you to take
the original and add these words:

I Bill Smith agree to abide by these rules to maintain the
privilege of being married to Darlene Smith. Nothing in these
rules obligates Darlene Smith.

Bill Smith
Darlene Smith

And sign it if you want to."

I said: "But ma'am aren't you obligated to be my Mistress?"

Darlene said: "No, you have to make sure you serve me so well
that I will want to keep you."

I said: "But we're married;" I realized that that was pretty
lame after I said it.

Darlene said: "You're a sweet boy, what I want you to realize is
that you have to serve me, I chose you, if you don't measure up,
I will choose someone else. But you should know that before that
happens you won't have any skin left on your ass. I will do
whatever I can to train you to be the slave of my dreams."

I said: "Darlene don't ever leave me, I will be the most devoted
slave, you'll see;" Now I was begging.

Darlene bent over and hugged me. She said: "I would never leave
you to some other woman. I think you are a treasure. But isn't
this the arrangement you want?"

I hung my head and said: "Yes of course dearest mistress. If I
don't perform you will throw me out."

We kissed and hugged. She said "date it tomorrow."

I wrote what she had dictated and signed the document and she
signed the document.

Darlene said: "This is your last free night, what would you like
to do?"

I said "There are two rules, one says I can't drink and the
other says I can't initiate sex. How about drinking and
initiating sex?"

Darlene laughed and said: "Do you have any specific ideas?"

I said: "The first is the Italian restaurant where we had our
second date and the second is here."

Dinner was as good as the first time. We talked about
everything, I was actually interested in cooking and one of the
questions was what kinds of foods had she been exposed to and
liked. So we talked about our mom's and what they cooked; and
what we liked and the best selling doctors' nutrition ideas.

Darlene said: "I didn't know you were interested in food?"

I said: "You awakened my interest;" actually I said that to win
favor with my goddess.

At some point, maybe while we were enjoying the second bottle of
Chianti I confessed to Darlene that I was scared. Darlene said:
"What are you afraid of, that I will beat you too hard, or that
I will work you too hard?"

I said: "Not those things, I worry that as I become a slave
object, you won't love me any more."

Darlene said: "That's why we have the rules. I do love you and I
will always but in our Fem-Dom lifestyle I will be the dominant
partner and I want to control you. Don't you want to be under my

I said: "Of course I do, I signed a contract today."

Darlene said: "Would you be satisfied if I enforce the rules

I said: "Of course not, I see what you mean, the rules have to
be made, and you have to be strict. And I signed up for it."

I said: "Can I buy presents for you?"

Darlene thought for a while and said: "Let's say you can spend
$250 buying presents for me, things for the apartment and so on
without further permission. But I want to be strict, if it's
$250.01 you must get permission first. That limit includes tax
and shipping. I appreciate you considering these matters and
asking. If you make me angry or frustrated you know I will
resort to severe corporal punishment. In business they sometimes
say asking forgiveness is easier than asking permission, but the
opposite will be true in our family."

I thought I'd better change the subject. This was easy because I
selected the restaurant's Tiramisu for dessert and our server
described the special recipe of the chef which was better than
any of the other six or seven restaurants he had worked at.
Since I was now a foodie, I had him talking for five minutes.

We had coffee and were the last people to leave the restaurant.
We were walking distance from Darlene's apartment but I had
trouble keeping my hands off her on the way home. When we got
into the apartment Darlene said: "I want you to describe how
this would happen tomorrow night."

I said: "Well I couldn't have the wine unless you shared it, but
you probably would in a restaurant, and afterwards I couldn't
touch you all over and I couldn't say lets have sex."

Darlene said: "So what would you do?"

I said: "I would offer to take off your shoes so I could give
your feet a nice rub, and if you seemed relaxed, I would offer
to undress you and tuck you in and hope you might invite me in
with you."

Darlene said: "That sounds very nice, why don't you try it?"

I said: "Madame Darlene may I take off your shoes and massage
your feet?"

Darlene said: "I would like that."

Darlene is so beautiful that when I knelt down to take off her
shoes and looked up at her my hands were almost uncontrollable.
I was in awe of her.

With her shoes off, I started flexing toes and rubbing her foot;
I wanted to kiss her feet but I was afraid it might not have the
right effect on her. Thinking of her when I was so aroused was
new and difficult.

I said: "Madam Darlene may I undress you."

Darlene said: "You may."

I unbuttoned her jeans and she raised herself up and I pulled
off her jeans then her panties; I pulled her t-shirt up and off,
and unfastened her bra and removed it.

Remembering what she had said I started kissing her from just
below her ear around her neck to the other side, while rubbing
her back with my hands. I let one hand start exploring her
tummy, then I moved around and my other hand went inside her
thighs and started massaging there, I bent down to kiss her
tummy, working up to her breasts and kept kissing. Then her hand
moved mine to her pussy and I started petting.

Afterwards when we were cuddling: Darlene said, "Two questions:
one, was that hard?, and two, what are you making for my

I said: "Didn't I violate rule six?"

Darlene said: "You may kiss my feet or the back of my neck but I
may tell you to stop, that's different."

I said: "I haven't examined the refrigerator yet."

Darlene snuggled tighter letting me know we were going to sleep.

Today I become Darlene's slave. I thought I would commemorate
that by serving her breakfast in bed, at least the first course.
I had noticed she was an OJ and cereal and milk person. I found
a serving tray we received as a wedding gift and took it to her.

Darlene said: "This is wonderful you are such a creative boy."

I said: "Thank you madam Darlene."

She said: "Why don't you call me Miss Darlene, it's easier and
it shows the same respect."

I said: "Yes Miss Darlene."

Darlene said: "Sit here with me while I enjoy this."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was trying to absorb the change in our
life, but I couldn't detect any change yet. I sat on the chair
and turned it to face the bed.

Darlene said: "What are your plans today?"

I said: "I wanted to go to the grocery store and hardware

She said: "That's fine. Whenever you leave the apartment make
sure I have given you permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "If I go out usually I'll let you know. But I don't
need permission so don't get frantic."

I said: "Miss Darlene, may we discuss our finances, we can sign
on each others' accounts but I think we should consolidate them
into one and one of us has to take the responsibility of paying

She said: "You do that, I have a composition book where I'm
writing the additional duties I assign to you. I have a steno
book that I'm writing the demerits I'm handing out to you and
the punishments you receive. We'll keep the books in the
kitchen. You can look through it; I may send you to write the
demerit yourself."

At the hardware store I aroused myself by buying hooks, snaps,
tie wraps, chain and locks to secure me to every wall and piece
of furniture we have.

At the grocery store I bought a variety of yoghurt, granola and
fruit, every style of spaghetti sauce and pastas in every shape.
I also bought tampons and panty liners.

Darlene decided a hook should go in the corner in our bedroom; I
put a hook in the bathroom opposite the toilet; and a hook went
next to the bookcase holding the TV.

I attached a quick release snap to the dog collar. I put small
hooks on the insides of the front two legs of a kitchen chair.

I showed Darlene how it all worked. If I wore the dog collar,
she could put the snap into the hooks I put into the walls. If I
were handcuffed, I couldn't unsnap the collar. She understood
and tried the snap and it worked easily for her. She was
pleased. I showed her how she could fasten the handcuff to the
chair leg and it wouldn't slide down. Then if she handcuffed me
to the chair I would be secured but I could support myself.

Darlene said: "But we don't have the handcuffs yet?" And our
doorbell rang, I answered it and it was Fed Ex, I buzzed the
deliveryman in. It was our punishment toys order.

I attached two handcuffs to the legs of the chair. Darlene said:
"Pants down, over the chair."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She fastened the handcuffs to my wrists and used the long belt
to fasten my waist. Then she fastened the dog collar around my
neck. The snap was dangling, she found the chain I had bought
and wrapped it around the back of the chair and fastened the
ends into the snap, so my head was pulled down. Then she
fastened the gag.

Darlene said: "I'm going to try out our new toys. When I tell
you to copy pages you don't argue with me. When I give you an
order you say 'yes ma'am' and get to work."

And POW with the paddle I was gagged but the paddle made a lot
of noise

And pow four more times, this was much harder than yesterday.
Then I got five with the strap I'd ordered. And five more with
the five foot long fiber glass rod that really stung. I was in
agony, that had really hurt and Darlene left. I was just folded
over feeling sick.

Finally Darlene came back and released the snap and the chain
fell to the floor, then she unlocked the handcuffs, released the
gag and unbuckled the belt around my waist.

She said: "You may pull your pants up. This is a taste, only a
sample of what you will get if you don't follow the rules."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I pulled up my pants and buckled my

Darlene said: "Hands behind you."

She handcuffed me and took the snap and led me to her bedroom
and snapped me into the hook in the corner.

She said: "No moving, no talking, whether I'm watching you or

A long time later Darlene came back and unlocked the handcuffs
and unhooked me. She said: "You may remove the collar."

She had me kneel in front of her. She said: "Why were you

I said: "Because you told me to write pages and I argued."

She said: "What will you do in the future when I give you a

I said: "I will say 'yes ma'am' and get to work."

She said: "Which rule covers this behavior."

I said: "Rule number one."

Darlene said, "Bring me the punishments book."

I went to get it and came back and knelt where I had been and
waited. I knew I was being tested.

Finally Darlene took the book and said: "I'm writing that you
were punished for violating Rule one. You got fifteen strokes
and thirty minutes. Next time it will be more. Put the book back
and fix lunch."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I had just been to the store and I fixed frozen beef tamales and
a corn salad. For Darlene a Corona Light, for me a diet Coke. I
waited for Darlene and seated her and put a napkin in her lap
and sat down opposite her.

Darlene said: "Did you give me a beer because you wanted one?"

I said: "No ma'am."

She said: "You are lying, I won't tolerate games, go stand in a
corner someplace I can't see you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I went to the bedroom and stood in the corner. I felt terrible,
she was right, I had lied, but it wasn't really a lie. Who can
say why I did something. I guess I lied. How can she forgive me.
I'll probably get a beating.

I stood for a really long time, lunch was around 1:00 and the
sun was making long shadows in the room.

Finally Darlene came into the room: "Put this on:" she handed me
the collar.

I said: "Miss Darlene may I talk?"

She said: "No you are in the corner being punished."

She said: "Hands behind your back."

She handcuffed me and snapped the collar onto the hook. She
closed the blinds and the door to the bedroom. I heard her
moving around and I could tell she picked up her pocket book and
the front door opened and closed. I was feeling worse and worse
about what I had done. If only I hadn't lied. It was getting
agonizing to stand.

It had been dark for a long time when the front door opened.

The bedroom door opened and Darlene came in.

She said: "Have you been moving?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Have you finished lying for today?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She unsnapped the collar and led me into the eating area and
pulled me down so I was kneeling in front of her. She said: "I
have bought something to help you resolve not to lie."

I could see she had some castor oil.

She said: "You will have several spoons full."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I could see the light at the end of the
tunnel to forgiveness; I'll swallow the whole damn bottle if she
tells me to.

I took one teaspoon full and it was so awful. I savored it and
swallowed. I was evil and this was evil stuff.

She gave me another and I swallowed it.

She said: "I will not tolerate you gaming our rules like you did
and I will punish you for that. Also our relationship rests on
honesty with each other. Lying is like a cancer that will
destroy us. Standing for three hours and tasty castor oil was a
down payment on the punishment for lying; you were told not to
move while standing in the corner and you admit you moved. My
problem is how am I going to adequately punish you. To start
lets get you over the chair."

I stood and she undid my belt and jeans and pulled them down. I
leaned over the chair, where was my pillow? I decided not to
ask. She clipped the collar to the looped chain holding my head
down. She tightened the belt that held my waist to the top of
the chair. I couldn't move and the top of the chair was
painfully cutting into me. I didn't want to say anything to my
goddess who is so mad at me.

She left me and worked in the kitchen. Then she came back and
told me to open my mouth and in went a ball dripping with castor
oil. She had a plate to catch the drips. She fastened the gag so
I couldn't scream. I was going to be beaten. I deserve it. I
deserve the castor oil; I deserve the painful back of the chair.

Darlene said: "I'm going to beat you with this belt until you
are bright red from your waist to your knees."

I simply can't describe how painful they were, I heard her
exerting herself and I lost count but it was between twenty and
thirty strokes.

She took off the gag, and picked up the plate and made me lick
it clean. I was hoping I wouldn't throw up, it was so vile.

She said: "I only used about a quarter of the bottle. When I
bought it I was going to make you drink it all. Would you like

I said: "I accept anything you want to do."

She pulled on my hair but my head could only come up a few
inches because of the chain. She unclipped the chain so she
could look at me. She said: "You want more castor oil?"

I said: "Miss Darlene I was so stupid, punish me as severely as
you want to, I only want you to give me another chance."

She said: "Tell me in your own words what happened."

I said: "I thought if you had a beer you would say why don't I
get one too, and when you asked if I was trying to manipulate
you, I lied. I promise, promise I will never lie to you again
under any circumstances. I'm not trying to evade punishment but
the whole time I stood in the corner I agonized how stupid I was
lying and wished I could take it back."

Darlene said: "All that sounds good. You don't have to worry,
you won't evade the punishment."

There was no question there but I still can't believe I was so
stupid. I will never lie to this glorious goddess. Please
forgive me.

Darlene said: "Let's put you back in the corner in the dark room
to stand and reflect on your evil ways."

She just took the snap on the collar and led me to the corner
and I was restrained. She turned off the light and closed the
door. There was a little street light squeezing in through the

My first day as a slave and I managed to screw up big time; how
can I make it up? I kept wondering. I reviewed the rules, I
could do them all, the clothes will be a challenge but I could
do the rest in my sleep. Why did I screw up, how did it happen,
over and over.

I must have fallen asleep. Darlene was pushing me down on the
floor. She covered me. But I was still handcuffed. I lay on my
stomach and eventually I fell asleep again.

I woke and it must have been the middle of the night and I had
to pee. The previous day crashed into my consciousness, and I
felt miserable, unworthy and very uncomfortable. If I got up and
managed to go to the bathroom, how would I get my pants down? I
decided I would have to just hold it. Finally light started
filtering in. I said quietly: "Miss Darlene." I tried it again
in ten minutes or so and again, and again.

Finally she said: "What do you want?"

I said: "Miss Darlene I need to pee urgently."

She pulled me up by the snap on the collar and led me to the
bathroom. She undid my pants and pulled down my shorts and
pushed me down on the toilet seat.

I looked at her and she was naked and so beautiful my tool got
hard and I couldn't pee.

She said: "You are so pathetic, you woke me up because you had
to pee and then you lust at me and now you can't. Just sit
here;" She turned off the light and closed the door.

Eventually I peed and I waited sitting on the toilet seat with
my pants down and my hands cuffed behind me. I managed to flush
the toilet.

Darlene came in and pulled me up by the collar and snapped it
into the hook I had put up. Now I was standing in the bathroom,
my pants down and my hands cuffed behind me.

Darlene said: "You seem to be healing up. Are you finding all
this educational?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I will never lie to you again, never I
swear;" my voice was choked up.

Darlene said: "I'm giving you another chore, every morning you
will polish the handcuffs and the straps and the collar. I want
everything looking brand new. While you're polishing the
instruments I use to punish you, you can think of the oath you
just swore."

I said: "Thank you Miss Darlene."

She left. I guess smelling her bathroom odor is part of this

A long time later she came in and said: "It really stinks in
here;" she flushed the toilet and unhooked me and took me into
the bedroom where she sat me down on the bed. She placed the
penis lock device on me and locked the halves together. It felt

She said: "I want no moving in the corner. And she snapped me

I was so forlorn, I had a lock on my penis, I was handcuffed, my
pants and shorts were around my ankles, and I was told not to
move, I missed lunch and dinner yesterday, no coffee and no
breakfast today. My goddess has discovered I'm a liar. I wanted
to cry.

A long time later Darlene said: "Have you been moving?"

I said: "I'm afraid I have ma'am."

Darlene said: "I'll be back in an hour, don't move."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I resolved not to move, I would do anything
she told me.

A long time later Darlene said; "Have you been moving."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Don't you want to be released?"

I said: "Oh please Miss Darlene."

She said: "I told you not to move."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Darlene I tried real hard not to move,
but I hiccupped, my knee started hurting and my back hurts a

She said: "I'm afraid you will have to stay here another hour."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She came back and said: "Have you moved."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I really tried not to but my back and
shoulders hurt and cramp and moving them a little helps."

She said: "If I let you out for a little while would you write
me an essay on what happens when a member of a couple decides to

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Darlene unlocked the handcuffs and unsnapped me from the hook; I
pulled up my pants and wriggled all my muscles and joints.

I sat at the table in the eating area on the chair with the hand
cuffs dangling with a pen and a sheet of paper.

I wrote: When two people are very close a lie comes between
them, it causes one of the partners to board a large ship that
begins moving away. There is no way to get the partners back
together again; they grow farther and farther apart. I was so
stupid; I destroyed the only thing that mattered to me.

Darlene said: "Have I been punishing you excessively?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Darlene said: "Should I continue to punish you?"

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Darlene."

Darlene said: "Unfortunately I still don't feel merciful, go
into the bedroom and resume standing."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She snapped the collar onto the hook and handcuffed me again.
Then she turned off the lights and closed the door.

I resolved to hold still, but in a few minutes my whole body
sort of convulsed in a sort of shiver. I was sort of crying. I
slumped my head against the wall. I was going to be here another

Darlene came back; it must have been another hour. She said:
"Have you been moving."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Are you prepared to stand here all night?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "Are you ever going to lie to me again."

I said: "No ma'am, never."

Then Darlene turned off the light and closed the door. I
collapsed into the corner and eventually fell asleep.

I woke when Darlene was guiding me back to the floor where I was
last night and she covered me. I heard her getting into bed. I
was still handcuffed.

The light coming in the window woke me. I just lay there trying
to be comfortable in spite of the handcuffs. Darlene woke, she
went to the bathroom and came back and straddled me, she was
naked and lovely.

She said: "Roll over and I'll unlock your handcuffs."

It was so good to have my arms free, my shoulders started
burning as circulation resumed to some places. I was kneeling in
front of a naked Darlene who said:

"If we want this to work both of us have to be sincere and
honest. We can't play games. You can't misbehave to get punished
because it turns you on. I can't misbehave because I'm the
dominant and I can get away with it. We can't lie to each other.
Do you understand?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I understand and I was so stupid, I will
never ever under any circumstance lie to you again."

Darlene said: "Have I punished you enough?"

I said: "I have two answers, one - I will never lie to you
again, and two - I feel I betrayed you and I am so sorry. Maybe
if you punished me further you will eventually feel like
forgiving me."

Darlene said: "Are you willing to stand in the corner for
another day?"

I said: "I only want to be forgiven, if I have to stand in the
corner for a week I am ready."

Darlene said: "I might be ready to forgive you now."

I started kissing her feet.

Darlene said: "Fix us breakfast."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I was so happy, I love my mistress.

I found the new granolas and yoghurt and I found the OJ. I set
our little table with china and wine glasses for OJ. I started
the coffee machine.

I went back to the bedroom and offered to help dress my baby. I
felt very energetic. She let me select her panties and bra and I
found some socks and helped her into her jeans. I put her shoes
on and laced and tied them.

Darlene said: "Have you thought about how much effort it takes
to punish you. I lose my partner, no one fixes me food, and I
worry about your health. I get punished too. I want you to
realize that."

I was on my knees putting her shoes on and I kissed her feet. I
said: "I will be a perfect slave. I won't give you any reason to
punish me."

Darlene laughed: "We'll see."

I wanted to delight her somehow, I served her OJ and coffee, and
then I refilled it, I said: "Would you like water Miss Darlene?"

I said: "Is the orange juice cold enough, would you like ice

I said: "Would you like another bowl?"

Darlene said: "Go clean something, just get out of here."

I said: "Yes ma'am Miss Darlene;" I just wanted to serve her, do
anything for her.

I cleaned the bathroom cleaner than it had ever been. I made the
bed. I went into the closet and sorted her shoes. First I
arranged them by color, then I put all the high heel shoes on
one side and the flat shoes on the other, then.....

Darlene said: "What are you doing with my shoes?"

I said: "I was just arranging them so they would be more
convenient for you."

Darlene said: "That's nice, but I think the kitchen needs your

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'll do it at once."

Darlene said: "I think you're getting with the program."

It was such a tiny kitchen, that a little bit of use made it
look like chaos, the sink was full of dishes, the counter had
empty food packets and stuff left out of the refrigerator, the
little table had cereal boxes and used bowls and silverware, the
table cloth was soiled. In under fifteen minutes it looked
unused. I vacuumed the whole apartment in ten more. In under an
hour the whole place shined.

My glorious goddess was sitting on the sofa reading and I knelt
in front of her. She said: "What do you want."

I said: "I've finished cleaning the apartment. I was working on
the shoes and I wanted to examine your clothes."

Darlene said: "You may do that. I'm looking forward to hearing
your report."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I went through all of Darlene's drawers and closets. I folded
all her underwear and placed it neatly in the drawers; I sorted
her hanging clothes by color and hung jackets that went with
skirts together or on adjacent hangers. I tried imagining mixing
the jackets and skirts and hung the combinations suggestively
together. Then I found her blouses and shirts and did some
arithmetic. If each combination worked, we could dress her 54
separate ways. Of course colored stockings and shoes could add
to the combinations.

I made a list. Then I found a computer program for children, I
think, that let you dress a figure with different outfits and
colors. I played with it, configuring the model so it looked
like Darlene, at least the hair.

Darlene played with the site for almost two hours. I just stood
and watched. I had a list of her clothes that she kept

When she finished playing she hugged me and said, "Let's go into
the bedroom."

Darlene pulled down her jeans and panties and sat on the bed and
said I could start kissing. I started at her feet and soon I was
at her knees then thighs when she got impatient and put my head
into her pussy. I grabbed her ass and leveraged myself into her.
I sucked and licked for fifteen minutes before she came and I
continued and she quickly came again, I could tell because she
was noisy and she clamped my head by squeezing her thighs. I
would have stayed there longer but she told me to strip and I
ended up cuddling her.

I didn't ask and she did not offer unlocking me so I could have
sex too. But I didn't mind, because pleasing her was my one and
only goal in life.

I held her tightly. Then she took one of my hands and placed it
on her breast. She definitely had my interest. But Darlene got
up and went to her drawer for underwear and was so delighted she
came back into bed and hugged me tightly. I felt loved again.

Darlene played with her clothes for a while trying on suits and
skirts and jackets. Mostly she didn't hang the clothes back up.
I didn't wait for her to tell me, I got out of bed and hung up
the clothes she tried on and left on the bed and chair. Her
clothes are more important to her than my getting sex; Big

I didn't know if I could just walk out of the bedroom so I got
on my knees.

Darlene said: "What do you want?"

I said: "I wanted to go to the kitchen to clean up but I didn't
know if I needed permission to go to the kitchen."

Darlene said: "You only need permission to leave the apartment.
But it's good to ask first and it's always better to get
permission from me than to beg me to forgive;" She kissed me on
the forehead.

I cleaned the kitchen.

Our life became almost ordinary in that I didn't get punished
much, Darlene liked my cooking, which I liked and have been
preparing for a long time. We are so similar.

I left the toilet seat up in our one bathroom apartment. Darlene
said: "Did you leave the toilet seat up again."

I said: "Miss Darlene, I did it accidentally and I apologize."

She said: "That's what you said the last time and what

I said: "You whipped me."

Darlene said: "Are you playing with me so you get another

I said: "No Miss Darlene, first I don't want a whipping, and
second I would never play with our relationship."

She said: "You will wear pantyhose for three months. You will
have to buy some. Also you will learn how irritating they can
be. You may buy four pairs, if you get a run, you will get

I slowly said: "Yes ma'am."

Darlene retorted: "Do I hear attitude?"

I said: "Please forgive me, my slow mind didn't want to wear
pantyhose then it remembered rule number one and then it made
the correct reply."

That evening we went out and on the way home we stopped at a
Rite Aide store and bought me queen sized sheer beige pantyhose.
I don't know what the life of these hose are but I will surely
damage four pairs in three months, my backside twitched at the

I realized the major hazard to the pantyhose was putting them on
and taking them off and laundering to a lesser degree.

read part two here

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