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slave spurting torments and ideas

Date: 15 Dec 2009 15:01:31 -0000
From: VeryCurious

Hi all,

I have been a reader of DOMestic for years, but I've never
contributed. I've always been turned on reading about female
domination. My wife enjoys being both submissive (I believe she
prefers this role) and dominant. We have only role-played for
about a year and she gets nervous when faced with having to try
new things. It really gets me turned on when she controls
how/when/if I have an orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to
try. I'm sharing the list with the group in the hopes that some
readers will try some new things with their submissives.

Some suggestions I made to her:

Make me get down on my knees and jerk off for you under your
close supervision. Maybe you play with yourself too.

Make me cum only rubbing my cock with your gspot vibrator.

Make me jerk myself off and have an orgasm, but not let me fully
ejaculate. Stopping the flow not with hands but just by flexing
my PC muscles. Orgasm isn't as enjoyable for me this way and is
hard to accomplish. Maybe talk to me and tease me while I'm
doing it and tell me how I'm pleasing you by holding it in and
not being "messy" for you.

Spank me while I jerk off. Spank me harder as you get me closer
and closer. Order me to cum when you're ready.

Make me cum by rubbing my cock on your tit. Maybe scratch my ass
or spank me or scratch and pull on my balls while rubbing on
you. Maybe have me lick my cum off your tit while you get
yourself off one last time... or more!

Make me cum and "ruin" the orgasm. Make me jerk off and take my
hand away as soon as I start spurting, not allowing me full
release. Particularly mean!

Building me up to orgasm, telling me I can when you say so.
Guiding me all the way there by your orders. Maybe counting me
down. Then when you get me right there making me stop (maybe
pushing my hands away and sternly ordering me to stop) and
denying the orgasm.

Give me a time-frame to cum. Like telling me I have 30 seconds
or 1 minute to cum and if I don't I won't be allowed to cum.

Making me suck on your strap-on while jerking off. Teasing me
about being your good little cocksucker while I do it.

Have you or me jerk me off with your vibrator or fingers in my
ass while you tease me about liking to get my ass fucked.

Fucking me with your strap-on and have me jerk off for you. Or
you jerk me off. Or have me jerk off with just 1 or 2 fingers.

Put clothespins on my nipples and only let me cum when you take
them off. Count me down to it.

Whip my cock with your riding crop and only let me cum while
you're whipping it.

Make me eat you while I jerk off.

Make me jerk off while you play with my cock and balls with your

Make me deep throat your boot heel and lick your boots while I

Make me cum on your boots and lick it off.

Make me cum on your toes and lick it off.

Tie me up spread eagle on the bed. Blindfold me and slowly jerk
me off. Cut of my air right before I cum. Get me to the edge
over and over. Scoop my cum up, smear it on my face, shove it in
to my mouth then ride my tongue and force me to make you cum as
many times as you want. Maybe tease me about swallowing my own
cum. And/or how it makes you to feel our cum all over my face
and on your pussy.

Get me right on the edge of cumming and then only let me cum if
I can only while you're flicking your tongue on the sensitive
part of my cock. Or while you're raking your nails lightly on my
cock. Or any other way you can think of.

Have cum all over your pussy and ass and clean it off.

Have me cum in your pussy and clean it out.

Put me over your lap and spank me and make me cum while I hump
my cock between your thighs. Lots of fingernails and hair
pulling and talking.

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Your list is a great list of what you would like your wife to do
to you.

Perhaps your wife will want to please you one day by making you
do some of these things.

But if she is "making you" do something to please you, then it
is hard to call this domination.

A more interesting list (for me) would be what SHE might like to
happen when you submit to her. If you find things that she
wants, that make her feel relaxed and comfortable about having
you under her power, and that she enjoys, then she is likely to
want to be in charge more often.

As you are in a loving relationship, she will probably want to
do a few things to please you as well, so you might not miss out
on your fantasies.

But the starting point is HER feeling that she really is in

When I'm with a partner I never ejaculate unless my partner
wishes, and I do this how she wishes.

I feel that she is in charge when she does not let me cum.

And she enjoys that I remain horny because she has left me
charged up.

I feel that she is in charge when she makes me cum.

And she enjoys me doing this when and how she says, the feeling
of her power of making me do this, and that my energy is then

Even a non-dominant woman can enjoy having the power to say when
and how her man may cum.

The how is very rarely as exciting as your list, but the fact
that my partner enjoys her power, and the how and when is what
she wants, is very powerful and fun for both of us.



Here's one we use quite a bit. I am in chastity and my wife lets
me out after bringing her to orgasm orally. I then get in
position to mount her. She takes my member in her hands and
depending on her mood she either lets me in or uses the tip of
my penis as a tool on her clitoris until she comes looking at me
in the eyes the whole time. I almost come every time with just
that small contact, but never quite get there, then its back
into chastity. Either that or a specified number of strokes 10-
20 if I come. Back in I go if I don't. Same delightfully



VeryCurious wrote:

>gets me turned on when she controls how/when/if I have an
>orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to try.

Looks like you are the natural dom in the relationship, as every
one of your list items is a different way of having you cum in
your ways.

My Mistress chooses when (maybe once a week, if I am lucky) and
how I will come. I have been allowed to be inside of her 3-4
times in the past year. I would not dare to make a suggestion on
how I would like it, as our relationship is all about my
Mistress Wife, and not about me.

I do believe Mistress allows me the frequency of orgasms she
does because of her feelings towards her husband and not her


Well, this is all about you isn't it? Never mind about your
orgasms, how about finding out how She would like to cum!


I am in agreement with some of the other posters. It comes across
as very much centred on what you want, not what you can be to
her to bring out the dominant in her. If she does what you like in
this fashion, even if it is in a top role, aren't you the one
still in charge, not her?

Everybody is different of course and if it works for you then
great. But if my boy would present me with a shopping list like
yours, it would be a turn off for me.




VeryCurious wrote:

>I have been a reader of DOMestic for years, but I've never

You are off to a good start, thanks for an interesting list of
ideas. I think there are many newbie dominants reading DOMestic
who will find such lists a useful source of ideas that may not
have occurred to them.

Don't mind the negative comments from any fem-dom purists who it
seems to me may not have read your introductory paragraph and
instead concentrated on responding to the "list".

I know that when I first explained my fantasies to Christine
(some 30 years ago now) that she was puzzled about what I meant
by "if you do decide to let me orgasm then you can make it as
cruel as you like" - and she wanted me to suggest some ways in
which she could do that. Being "cruel" did not come naturally to

>I've always been turned on reading about female domination. My
>wife enjoys being both submissive (I believe she prefers this
>role) and dominant.

You believe she prefers to be submissive? Have you asked her?
And of course, there is the question of which role you prefer,
many "switches" have a preference in one particular direction.

It's possible that she only prefers the submissive role because
she is uncertain about what to do when she is dominant. But if
she really does prefer submission, do you indulge her fantasies

>We have only role-played for about a year and she gets nervous
>when faced with having to try new things.

It's natural to fear the unknown. And of course it's potentially
worrying for the partner of a submissive, not knowing how to end
a role-playing scenario once it's started. This can result in
deciding not to start at all. So your list may help her. But I
think talking about your fantasies - what turns you both on, and
why, with an emphasis on "both of you" can only help to clear
the fog.

>It really gets me turned on when she controls how/when/if I
>have an orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to try.

I hope this was a list she requested. It can be intimidating for
a partner to receive such a long list of things that turn you on
and they may see it as demanding, or a "do me" list.

But if a "sharing fantasies" discussion results in an agreement
to write such things down and share them, then that can be

>I'm sharing the list with the group in the hopes that some
>readers will try some new things with their submissives.

Thanks for your list, it is most welcome. I think that one
advantage of such sharing is that other partners of submissives
can pick a few ideas from DOMestic that they fancy trying for
themselves without feeling there is any pressure from their own

To that end you might encourage your own partner to read
DOMestic herself.


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