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Aarkeybabble Chastity Heaven Review Marches On...

Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:11:31 -0800 (PST)
From: slaveboy - ChastityHeaven

...with wit and "wisdomme", let's call it "frustration humor"
caused by our device :-)

I just had the pleasure of reading a new update written by
"Aarkey" at Aarkeybabble.blogspot.com and I think every reader
can appreciate the humor and wit with which "Aarkey" deals with
his frustration at wearing a truly secure device.

I am referring to his entry called "So, how about a quickie",
which as of today, Monday, is now the second blog down. It
tells, as only Aarkey can, about his recent experience with his
current longest run in chastity with his new ChastityHeaven

Read about the security and how it is affecting him, knowing
that there is no (practical) way out! I have never read anyone's
blogs with any regularity, other than this one here at DOMestic
but I think Aarkey's will be the second one to receive that
status... the second in about 11 years since I first started
reading DOMestic and got hooked. So, I do not recommend him
lightly and am looking forward to the feedback his writings may
generate here.

Please everyone, if you enjoy a good, witty and whimsical look
at kink in general, I have to say that Aarkey's blog is a great
place to start, regardless of whether or not you're interested
in a device from us. There's plenty of good quality writing and
a unique viewpoint on the kink and chastity lifestyle. And I
must say, we here at Chastity Heaven all GREATLY enjoyed reading
it and are "tickled pink" that his blog entry "So, how about a
quickie" would never have happened without us :-) It's worth the
read, trust me.

And Aarkey, I know you're out by now but we wanted you to know
about the HUGE grin on my Mistress' face as She read it.


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I find it a little disturbing that Aarkey reviewed the device
and ALSO designed their website... conflict of interest?



Lady O wrote:

>conflict of interest?

My suggestion just posted a moment ago at:-


is that it would be a good idea to read some experiences of
DOMestic readers right here on the the DOMestic blog. Perhaps
that would be helpful as well as interesting for all?

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

Renew or get your DOMestic password at


Fair enough observation Lady O, but let me answer that he
redesigned our simple website and we gave him a device as
partial payment. Once we were happy with his redesign, we sent
it to him. At that point, we had/have no more "leverage" with
him to ensure a good review, and if you read it carefully, I
think you'll agree that he was honest and had some minor
negatives and that the review "rings" true.

He was quite skeptical that our devices were as good as I told
him, and I believe he states that in his review. "Aarkey" is a
blogger who found us just after we went public with
ChastityHeaven and offered to take our simple website a little
more professional for a freebie device.

We never tried to hide that fact, and if there were a conflict
of interest, maybe we would have hidden that fact. That is the
extent of the relationship, and the reason I am publicly asking
other DOMestic readers to review our device and our devices is
to alleviate doubts about us both here as well as on
orgasmdenial and anywhere else for that matter...

(SORRY Ms Christine, I really didn't mean to leave you out, I
thought that it was a "given" that DOMestic readers would post

This should demonstrate our desire to be open and accommodating
to public reviews, no one is asking you to take Aarkey's review
as "true" but to see it along other reviews in order to be able
to make up your own mind with multiple inputs from different

We feel the best advertising is word of mouth, and after a few
months of excellent feedback from dozens of customers, we
thought it wise to give a little "nudge" to some of them here,
knowing we have DOMestic readers as customers.

Sure, we've had some problems along the way, but every time
there was a problem, we have done our best to make our customers
happy and to the best of our knowledge, we have done so every
time. We are sincere and dedicated to the chastity lifestyle,
and we want every customer to experience why we call ourselves
chastity "heaven" :-)

We have customers with just about every competitors devices and
they say we're the most comfortable. We sold about a dozen
devices last week and they have all shipped by today except for
one, and that was ordered late in the week, so we strive for
quick shipping and happy customers. We guarantee to ship within
2 weeks of the order and are usually much quicker.

That being said, everyone is not going to go on and on raving
about us and there have been bumps in the road, but we do our
best, and we're there for you after we have your money too. I'm
hoping we can get some acknowledgement of that fact, especially
if there are any readers here who did get a device that needed
to be adjusted after you received it.

These are our best reviews because we already had their money
and had nothing more to gain financially from them. But we
always take care to follow through on customer service in order
to create a network of customers who are happy to recommend us.
That's what I'm here to encourage, openly and honestly, and we
admire the skeptics and want to win them over too :-)

Like "aarkey", "orgasmdenial" found us and approached us and
asked if they could obtain a device in order to review it on
their site. Yes, they got a "freebie" and we're not hiding that
fact, but think about it, once it's in their hands, like with
aarkey, we have no leverage to get them to say anything they
don't want to say.

We're not perfect, but we do try hard and we want to be here for
years to come. That's why we're encouraging our customers to
help spread the word about us, ESPECIALLY ones who have had some
problems or bumps in the road, so they can tell about our
service in handling those bumps. I invite any questions here
publicly and I will answer them all to the best of my ability.
Fair enough? Thanks for both your skepticism as well as your
consideration :-)

I'm sure there will be some negatives along the way, but I know
they will be minor in the scheme of things. We're opening
ourselves up to public scrutiny and I don't know what more we
can do except to let the free flow of information to make or
break us.

Thanks again!


We have a device from chastity heaven (we got it when it was
mature metal actually) he was very helpful and did some free
adjustments to the device. I find it one of the best ones used
to date.

There have been some issues (slight pinching and twisting) all
and all it is a good device and good service. They shortened the
shaft of the device thinking that's what caused the twisting...
it still does, but being in Canada we did not want to spend more
money sending it back yet again.

Being a little too short i find it painful after continuous
erections (not sure if this if a remnant of my hernia surgery or
something else). I find it painful to sleep in and my wife
usually takes it off for the night. We have used the cb devices
and the birdlocked and prefer this one.


Lady O wrote:

>a little disturbing that Aarkey reviewed the device and ALSO
>designed their website... conflict of interest?

Lady O, that's definitely a valid point of concern. And I do not
pretend to be the voice for all wearers, but I told the folks at
CH that I would re-design their site for a small charge and a
custom belt.

I feel very strongly that our word is all we have online,
especially where anyone can claim to be anyone. So I made it
clear to them that any review I posted was going to be 100%
honest, talking about all my thoughts about the device - good or

They totally understood and I fully stand by the quality of
their product. I hope you read the review, you can see how I
tried to be very matter of fact about it - highlighting all the
points and concerns I had about it. Also, go around and read
other reviews. I think you'll see that it is very clear how
highly regarded they are universally.

Lastly, I think a major problem for me with the 3000/6000 models
is that I'm simply too thick for them. Otherwise I might've
never sought out the CH Cage that I now wear. I am however very
glad to be in the Cage. Every bit as important as the custom fit
benefit, the cleanliness of it is a HUGE plus over the stink
that develops after a couple of days in a 3000/6000 style.

I strongly support that every man's needs are different, no one
belt is perfect for anyone. Please see my FAQ for info about
what device I think is the "best" in case you doubt me:

"Beginners Chastity Belt and Cage FAQ"


FYI - here's another reviewer of a similar product:

Longterm Chastity Devices - The Queen's Keep, A Review

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