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semi-public humiliation ideas?

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 20:32:03 -0400
From: Danielle

We are going to San Francisco next month. I would like to give
him a dose of semi-public humiliation that he will never forget.
Any ideas?



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Danielle wrote:

>a dose of semi-public humiliation that he will never forget.
>Any ideas?

Is he homophobic? Take him to MR S leathers on 8th? street and
show him all the scary dildos and other fun equipment, have him
try on some tight shorts, halters etc.... and ask men in the
store if he looks nice in it.... or send him in alone to shop
and try things on and you can stroll in alone to watch.

Of course there is always the old... slap in the face in the
elevator full of people telling him to keep his hands to
himself... pervert... if you don't mind involving others, but
then there is the chance someone could take offense and do
something you may not like.



I have been on my hands and knees several times over the past
few years in Mr S, Ms S (same store) and Stormy Leather with my
Wife/Mistress. It is accepted by everyone there but is very
humiliating for me.

Mistress usually chimes in when the right people are around and
she can verbally humiliate me in front of them. It works on me!


Thought you might all like to know what I did with my subby for

I made him put on a pair of bright yellow scrubs with panties
underneath of course. I wrote "slave" in big red bold letters
across his chest and I (heart) Mistress on his ass. Then I
attached his collar, handcuffs, ankle cuffs. Then I sent him all
over the city running errands for me, poor boy!




Make him dress as a schoolboy - shorts, knee socks, ruffled
shirt with scarf tied as large bow around collar and a large
dunce cap. Take him to a train station exit at rush hour, sit on
a stool wearing a sign that says... "I lost a stupid bet".

he must remain there for two hours.

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