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dog service for husband?

From: charanjeet matharu
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 07:05:24 -0300

I once read something when you made your slave a dog and enjoyed
the moments spent with it. I hope you will be kind enough to
repeat the same or send me the details. Another way to start
might be to send your husband to a friend?


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Well, every dog needs a collar, and maybe a tail.


Dogs can not speak but can whimper and bark. Some dogs like to
sniff privates and may get punished for it.

There is show training... doggie on hands and knees on a coffee
table holding still, chin up while it's owner inspects every

Puppy could have to pee in the backyard or maybe a bathtub on
all 4's.

There are dog masks to be found if you like that. A personalized
bowl to eat cereal from. If you have a really bad puppie, a dog
zapper strapped around the testicles with you holding the button
should keep him in line...

Your imagination is the only limit.



Nothing gets a sub's attention like a good tug on his leash. He will come to heel... he doesn't have a choice. And his cock will follow......


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