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Chastity cloud nine - Goddess addiction

Date: 30 Oct 2009 00:21:45 -0000
From: slaveboy

In "Chastity Question, Is "Milking" Just The Myth That I Think
It Is
" I wrote:

>Ever experience "tingling" throughout your whole body along
>with sexual or sensual thoughts?

David replied:

>This always happens to me when I'm subjected to prolonged
>arousal without ejaculation being permitted. It's the best and
>probably the only 'buzz' I get without chemicals, and as I only
>use tobacco and alcohol, and do not want to seek out any other
>chemical "buzz" I highly recommend the buzz or high from
>prolonged "prickteasing"

David, I have been meaning to reply to this since I read it. I'm
so glad to hear this. I have been on cloud nine a lot recently
and I almost feel as if I'm floating at times. I can be out
grocery shopping and see an attractive woman, or I can be home
with my wife and I get such a strong "high" that it really feels
like a drug.

It has only gotten stronger. Going on four and a half months of

I'm becoming addicted to it and it is teaching me the art of
equanimity, accepting my Mistress' decisions without much regard
for what I might want. I feel very malleable and even tempered.

I have found that I really can put my Mistress' wishes before my
own and do so with an even temperament, caring little for my own
wants. It has turned my Mistress into my Goddess. Pleasing her
has become a goal in and of itself.

I would have thought that longer term chastity would be
extremely frustrating, but that seemed to pass as these natural
high feelings have taken over much of my day. It's like being in
a good mood almost constantly

It's a good thing to feel this way and it's a great thing to see
how long term chastity also affects my Wife. She seems to be
really enjoying herself. She recently decided to (once again)
have me sleep on a mat on the floor at the foot of her bed for a
better night's sleep (for her, of course).

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