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pleasure punishing or from dominating her man?

Date: 9 Sep 2009 00:41:09 -0000
From: Joe

Question to Dominant Ladies,

It has been mentioned that some submissive men get major
satisfaction when they believe their Mistress is getting excited
or experiencing pleasure when they punish or demand other
services from him.

My question is: Do Mistresses really get excited punishing or
otherwise dominating her man or do they just fake pleasure?

My reason for asking is that I really get excited when I think I
am giving my lady pleasure by submitting to anything (no matter
what) she may require. I just wonder if I am being unreasonable
to expect her to really get pleasure from abusing me.


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It's a question I have pondered and in the early days I thought
I was being put on, but now I know that it can be true. I guess
it would depend on the Mistress as well as the situation.

I once snuck a look at a questionnaire my Mistress answered and
one of the questions I saw was something like "Do you get added
sexual pleasure from denying your slave any sexual pleasure of
his own" and she answered "yes".

If "teasing" falls under the category of "dominating" then I
definitely think some Mistress' absolutely do get pleasure from
some types of domination. I know mine does. She really enjoys
teasing me, knowing I cannot do anything about it because I'm
locked up.

Thank goodness for that natural "high" David wrote about in
response to my milking question. When Mistress very explicitly
teases me, as She recently did, the high is wonderful. She had
me get into an uncomfortable position, knees bent while standing
on tip toes, hands clasped behind my neck.

As long as I could hold my position, she continued to tease me
with a foot show, this was right after having me give her a
pedicure. It was wonderful and had me totally intoxicated so I
continued to hold the position until my thighs really burned. I
was high and she was turned on, judging from what happened


I really get excited when I am able to show off my power over my
husband in front of my girl friends. I really start leaking when
I make him kiss and massage my feet in front of my sister and/or
mother or tell him to drop his pants to show them the lacy
panties I make him wear and his cock locked in the CB-6000.

I don't know how to describe the feeling but I really get turned



Joe asked:

>Do Mistresses really get excited punishing or otherwise
>dominating her man or do they just fake pleasure?

I can't speak for others but speaking for myself, the answer is
a resounding YES! But then I am a semi-sadistic Dominant

AKA Miss Stress

"Vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited
vocabulary, you will also have a limited vision and a limited future."-Jim Rohn


I just want to thank those of you who answered my question; but,
I just wonder if the feelings of those who answered are shared
by the many Dommes who did not comment.

Any additional comments will be very much appreciated.


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