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Chastity Question, Is "Milking" Just The Myth That I Think It Is?

Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 07:43:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

We've been into chastity for about nine years now, but not the
continuous chastity that I am now "enrolled" in. I've never
considered the act of "milking" to be necessary because it
always seems that cum finds its way out on it's own via wet
dreams, spontaneous orgasms etc. I've been doing some reading
and I've read that eventually the build-up of cum overflows into
the bladder and gets released during urination.

I received apparent confirmation when I noticed once as I was
urinating that my 'pee' was thick and appeared to be mostly cum.
I touched that last drop and it was definitely thicker than pee.
It didn't feel any different than a normal urination and there
was no orgasm involved or anything remotely associated with an
orgasm. If I hadn't looked I wouldn't be asking this question.
That was a one time event and hasn't occurred again (to my

I was wondering if anyone can confirm that this is the case.
Super A, waddya say... you are an expert on longer term
chastity. Is that your understanding?

Has anyone else experienced this?

If so, milking is just another urban myth or wive's tale that so
many people just accept as true. I've personally never found it
to be necessary. About three weeks seems to be my personal,
physical limit where things find a way to resolve themselves and
one way or another the fluid finds it's way out. Thanks for any


p.s. Today is 12 weeks. Next week marks 1/4 of a year. I'm not
sure whether that makes me happy or sad.

p.p.s. Thank You Ms Christine and David for this excellent
forum. I've been remiss for not mentioning it before. You two do
an amazing job of providing a really class act with D/s
discussions and related topics. Thanks again!

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I have gone for an entire year without any milking being done,
and my body has taken care of it. It occurs as nighttime wet
dreams, or as dripping at times.

I do think that the necessity to milk is a myth, a myth put
forth by men.


slaveboy wrote:

>I've read that eventually the build-up of cum overflows into
>the bladder and gets released during urination. -snip- I was
>wondering if anyone can confirm that this is the case.

Here are two quotations from standard medical advice on the Web,
located courtesy of Google. (moderator has provided Google links

The subject under discussion is "Flomax" (tamsulosin), a drug
commonly given to relieve urinary problems resulting from
prostate enlargement.

"Flomax is used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate -
a condition technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or
BPH. The walnut-sized prostate gland surrounds the urethra (the
duct that drains the bladder). If the gland becomes enlarged, it
can squeeze the urethra, interfering with the flow of urine.
This can cause difficulty in starting urination, a weak flow of
urine, and the need to urinate urgently or more frequently.
Flomax doesn't shrink the prostate. Instead, it relaxes the
muscle around it, freeing the flow of urine and decreasing
urinary symptoms."

One side effect (in up to 18% of those who use this drug):

"Retrograde ejaculation - ejaculate enters the bladder instead
of leaving the body through the penis. This problem is usually
painless and harmless. Men with this problem may notice cloudy
urine after sexual intercourse."

So the answer to your question is Yes, even without drugs
designed to further relax the bladder neck's muscle, if
nocturnal emissions don't discharge accumulated cum, the excess
can leak back into the bladder and be urinated out.

Which has little to do with a main humiliating effect of
"milking," namely knowing that though a chaste male you are
being entered and stimulated as if a gay man or a libidinous
female and responding accordingly, finger-fucked up the ass,
your heterosexual masculinity challenged by your mistress. Until
one day you may grow curious whether a penis might accomplish
the same purpose more satisfyingly and your masculinity
retreats, defeated.



jazzclassic wrote:

>"I have gone for an entire year without any milking being done,
>and my body has taken care of it. It occurs as nighttime wet
>dreams, or as dripping at times."

Cool that you have gone a year. I'm going to post about the
following, but I would like to ask you, and anyone else who has
gone for weeks to months or more, the following question:

Did you ever spontaneously feel like you were falling in love
during that time of chastity? Ever experience "tingling"
throughout your whole body along with sexual or sensual

>"I do think that the necessity to milk is a myth, a myth put
>forth by men."

My gut tells me the same thing.

Vickie's answer seems to hit the nail on the head as far as the
humility angle and why a slave might want to experience milking.
But, I don't think any of the ladies here need to be concerned
about health-related issues if they enjoy keeping their man in

Thanks for your replies. Private emails are also welcome.



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I will give some medical quotes and links later (after this
post). But first, I once wrote here....

"Prostate massage is a medical thing, not just a bdsm thing, so
you should have no problems or embarrassment in asking your
doctor whether regular prostate massage is a good thing in your

and I think that if you are in any doubt, you should ask your
doctor. Prostate massage can be both/either beneficial or
dangerous, see later.

Christine quoted me in her article at:


where she gives lots of resource links for those interested in
the medical aspects. This kind of "Male Milking" does not
necessarily involve an ejaculation but usually results in a
gentle non ejaculatory and frustrating leakage, not unlike the
leakage both "jazzclassic" and "slaveboy" report happens
automatically in their own cases.

Neither of us believe that this form of "Milking" is "always"
essential, but it might be beneficial in "some" or even "many"
cases. In my own case it is highly arousing for me when my
Mistress "justifies" her sexual cruelty with a credible
statement along the lines of "I'm only doing it for your own

In this manner we both think "Male Milking" can be deliciously
humiliating and wonderfully frustrating for the male who is only
permitted his "release" in this non ejaculatory manner. It is
one of the ultimate forms of very sexy cruelty and a form of
imposed chastity without necessarily requiring a belt.

For a masochist like me the humiliating style of clinical anal
penetration and stimulation can result in a high level of
arousal. It can provide either the illusion or the reality of
beneficial medical effects (prostate health). The male is denied
an ejaculation but is stimulated into a leakage of any seminal
fluids that may have built up.

So yes it is fun for those males and females who enjoy it, and
may have beneficial effects for some.

However, what I've described thus far is not "milking" by
providing an ejaculation. Nevertheless, ejaculation can be
medically necessary is some cases, and the need for this form of
milking in some cases is not a myth.

There is a body of medical opinion which believes that more
frequent ejaculation (and/or prostate massage) helps alleviate
prostatitis. (see quotes later). Therefore it is not a myth for
those who will gain some medical benefit from it.

It should be done carefully and safely. Christine has provided
several long articles in the past on why prostate massage might
be beneficial in some cases, and if you are going to do it, how
to do it safely.

You can read some of those articles via the link already given
above and a more fun description at:-


VickieTern wrote:

>if nocturnal emissions don't discharge accumulated cum, the
>excess can leak back into the bladder and be urinated out.

This is correct. But some folk may be reading the "can" as "will
leak back" - while it "can" leak back it may not "always" do so,
and may result in aggravating inflammation if it does not.

jazzclassic wrote:

>"I have gone for an entire year without any milking being done,
>and my body has taken care of it. It occurs as nighttime wet
>dreams, or as dripping at times."

That's great. and as long as you are having regular medical
check-ups and are sure you have a healthy prostate, more power
to you.

slaveboy wrote:

>Ever experience "tingling" throughout your whole body along
>with sexual or sensual thoughts?

This always happens to me when I'm subjected to prolonged
arousal without ejaculation being permitted. It's the best and
probably the only 'buzz' I get without chemicals, and as I only
use tobacco and alcohol, and do not want to seek out any other
chemical "buzz" I highly recommend the buzz or high from
prolonged "prickteasing".

What's even better for me is to then "for the benefit of my
health" be permitted to "leak" by being "milked" as a form of

This form of "denial" of ejaculation prolongs my arousal,
maintains the "buzz" and hopefully avoids any build-up of
seminal fluids which might have lead to prostatitis, which I
don't suffer from. But I'm not a doctor, and what works for us
is not a prescription for everyone. So get regular prostate
check-ups and consult a doctor on whether prostate massage is
advisable in your own case.

slaveboy wrote:

>I don't think any of the ladies here need to be concerned about
>health-related issues if they enjoy keeping their man in

I disagree not least because your word "any" is too broad. There
may be "some" ladies here who should be concerned. I'd go
further and say there is almost certainly at least one lady here
who should be concerned, and probably more than one.

Not ejaculating frequently and irregular sexual activity are two
of the causes of prostatitis listed below. But by all means read
the quotes below my sig line and judge for yourself.

David at Ms-Christine.com
Download "Prickteasing" by David

Medical links


and some quotes:-

Here are a few snippets from:-


It seems that gentle massage of the prostate by a urologist may
be beneficial by: helping to drain painfully sequestered
secretions in a chronically inflamed prostate gland or seminal
vesicles; or As a leading prostatitis researcher has stated,
"prostate massage" may help by releasing the tension around
nerve endings near the prostate

However, vigorous prostatic massage may be very dangerous. If
you have acute bacterial prostatitis it can result in
septicaemia (blood poisoning). If you have the beginnings of a
carcinoma in your prostate, it could conceivably result in the
cancer being disturbed, broken up and metastasizing (spreading)
around your body. Thirdly, it can result in prostatic calculi
(little stones -- if you have them) tearing the delicate
membranes in the prostate.

And here are a few snippets from:-


Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often
resulting in swelling or pain. Prostatitis can result in four
significant symptoms: pain, urination problems, sexual

Estimates on the number of males in the United States who will
experience prostatitis during their lifetimes range up to 50
percent. Many urologic disease experts feel that from 5 to 10
percent of males will be experiencing prostatitis at a
particular time, making it one of the most common urologic
diseases in the U.S.

By far, the most common type of prostatitis is nonbacterial
prostatitis. Symptoms may include frequent urination and pain in
the lower abdomen or lower back area. Causes may be stress and
irregular sexual activity.

According to Dr. Leroy Nyberg, Jr., director of Urology Programs
at the National Institutes of Health, treatments for
nonbacterial prostatitis may include anti-inflammatory
medications or muscle relaxants, taking hot baths, drinking
extra fluids, learning to relax when urinating, and ejaculating


slaveboy wrote:

>the build-up of cum overflows into the bladder and gets
>released during urination -snip- my 'pee' was thick and
>appeared to be mostly cum -snip- Super A, waddya say... you
>are an expert on longer term chastity

I've never heard of anyone getting thick urine before or for
that matter getting the two fluids combined except perhaps some
thinning of the semen with urine, but not the other way around.

I've always found that I leak when necessary and that is what
everyone else I have communicated with has told me too. While
milking may have some benefits, my urologist told me you will
never see a study to this effect - and I believe him.

Super A


By mental concentration I can ejaculate without orgasm and without
erection. Look at my video at:

video2.xtube.com - Ejaculation sans orgasme - Cumming no orgasm


i have only been milked one time, accidentally by a plug, but
have never been able to reproduce the same result. Mistress has
not yet tried to do it, but with a prostate plug, i am able to
leak a lot. i didn't know what was happening to me when it
happened, just had an urge to pee that i couldn't stop. i did
notice that it wasn't urine, but thick clear liquid.

So i know it is not a myth, just really hard to do (at least for
me). Every male is different i guess. As i read, you need to be
very careful if Y/you do it manually.

After two to three weeks of chastity, i notice my dreams get a
little wild (wet dreams). It is a nice morning waking up to an
orgasm :-) my Mistress sometimes helps out my dreams by lightly
touching me while i am in a deep sleep.


What a wonderful question! My wife is a gynecologist and is
pretty convinced that the necessity of milking is a myth, so
much so that she rarely allows me to cum and has made it clear
that she doesn't enjoy me cumming.

Yes, the body disposes of much semen on its own. The question
remains how significant it is if the prostate carries a hefty
load of semen most of the time - if some aspect of it adversely
affects the prostate and sets the stage for later cancer.

The indicators of a problem are BPH - benign prostate
hyperplasia or an increasing PSA number. I've always imagined
that finasteride or dutasteride would be effective in managing
possible BPH and have taken it prophylactically for years.

If my PSA numbers go up significantly, I'm not sure chastity
will remain part of what we do.


jazzclassic wrote:

>I do think that the necessity to milk is a myth, a myth put
>forth by men.

slaveboy wrote:

>My gut tells me the same thing

Does it occur to you that perhaps Mistress might be the one who
needs to milk?

Vicki Tern wrote:

>Which has little to do with a main humiliating effect of

Yes, exactly.

sub ray wrote:

>"Mistress has not yet tried to do it, but with a prostate
>plug, i am able to leak a lot."

Some men leak a tremendous amount of pre-cum depending on the
stimulation. I once used a TENS anal plug with a urethral TENS
plug and placed electro pads on the boy's balls. He leaked non-
stop, profusely for at least an hour. Good times.


There is no research, to the best of my knowledge (I am a
urologist) that has seen any benefit to the prostate with
milking or massage. The nocturnal ejaculation happens only in
some men in some cases. IT is anyway a sort of "emergency"
emptying and not the normal process thought by nature to empty
the prostate. Whether the semen is spurted out the normal way or
goes into the bladder depends only on the tone of the internal
sphincter, and has nothing to do with the health of the

Ejaculation is an "active" process, where muscles of the
prostate and seminal vesicles contract and the content is
expelled from the gland. This is supposed to avoid the build up
of some toxins inside the gland, and is believed to be the
reason for better prostate health in men with more frequent

As I write, we don't know if milking-massaging produces the same
effects and results. By the same token we don't know if wet
dreams or dripping at times provide the same benefits (by common
sense probably not - personal opinion).

I am not saying that prolonged denial is unhealthy, but that we
simply do not know. I think it is childish to pretend that
everything "we" do is safe, and getting to that conclusion by
reasoning. There is no reasoning in biological things, we've
seen that several times.

Prolonged denial is not "natural", when a male is aroused, by
nature, it is meant to ejaculate. It is pleasurable, for some
people for some reasons, to be forced not to do that. Fine for
them (I am one of them by the way), but why pretend that it is
perfectly safe and healthy?


Madamplz wrote:

>Does it occur to you that perhaps Mistress might be the one
>who needs to milk?

No, not in my case. She definitely does not. But, now that you
have responded to this, I have been meaning to ask you a
question about a former posting concerning strap ons, where you
ended it with a question like "Why would I want to be inert?" if
I recall correctly. I would love if you would elaborate on that
if you can. It kind of left me "hanging" as to what you meant.

David's thoughtful answer has been duly noted. I guess I should
have added "in a healthy individual" but apparently there is the
concern by some that remaining chaste for long periods could
cause a problem.

Pietro Bianchi wrote:

>There is no reasoning in biological things, we've seen that
>several times.

I believe that there is a logic and a reason for everything that
occurs in nature, but I would love to hear more about what
examples you are referring to.

You also said:

>Prolonged denial is not "natural", when a male is aroused, by
>nature, it is meant to ejaculate. It is pleasurable, for some
>people for some reasons, to be forced not to do that. Fine for
>them (I am one of them by the way), but why pretend that it is
>perfectly safe and healthy?

Why "pretend" it is not healthy, given the way it makes me feel?
I'm healthier than I've ever been, I'm in the best shape, (I
work out much more now that I'm chaste) I'm the most in love,
and my mental state is better than most of my life and most of
that comes from chastity.

As I said, I believe everything in nature happens for a reason,
and I believe that the good feelings that come from chastity
occur for a reason. I am only speaking for myself but chastity
works best for me, and if every two to four weeks, minimum, my
58 year old body finds a way to expel it, I don't really think
I'm pushing any biological or physical limits to a level that I
need to be concerned about.

Mentally, I am finding that chastity takes me to places I cannot
otherwise go and the result has me wanting to journey farther
into chastity. I am finding things out about myself that I would
otherwise not know. It is something that needs to be experienced
beyond the initial frustration that is to be expected. Moving
beyond there can be highly enlightening, at least it has been
for me.

Chastity offers the opposite of the "down" that accompanies many
if not most orgasms, but being an accumulation over time vs. the
single act of one orgasm, I believe it has physical benefits,
rather than perils and risks.

I do this not out of "belief" or ideology, but empirically, from
my body, just the same way as I can tell that a food is good for
me after eating it, or that junk food is bad for me, after
eating it.

Not to argue with anyone here, but I have to believe my body and
my experience when it tells me that chastity is good for me. To
me that is only logical. Someday that logic may let me down, but
at 58 I feel comfortable that it has served me well this long
and will probably continue to, based on experience. I trust my
body and that has served me well.

"Expert" medical opinions come and go and we usually find out
that what we all take for granted is often proven false with the
next round of scientific discoveries. I'll MUCH rather trust my
own body, thank you very much.


p.s. That is why I called our chastity devices website
chastityheaven and not chastityhell :-)


Pietro Bianchi wrote:

>There is no research, to the best of my knowledge (I am a
>urologist) that has seen any benefit to the prostate with
>milking or massage

I was particularly interested in reading Pietro Bianchi's
comments especially because he states he is a urologist.

I am 77 years old now and have been a member of this group since
it started. I lead an active sex life, I am a submissive bondage
enthusiast. I have spent time in chastity belts and own
several.. I'm a Jazz drummer and I ride a motor cycle and sail
boats. I attend fetish parties, build dungeons for pro
Mistresses and I cross dress.

So very active and everything works.

Not so when I was 26. I was brought up by a rather Victorian
mother and I was persuaded that I should not have sex until I

I married at 26 and had intercourse for the first time. My Wife
turned out to be less interested in sex and although we produced
a child, sex became a very rare occurrence. She thought it to be
an overrated pastime. (Her words).

At around the age of 30 I had problems with my water works. Pain
passing urine etc. My Doctor examined me and referred me to the
hospital to a specialist. I was told that I had a hardened
prostate gland and that this was unusual in some one so young. I
was asked if I masturbated and I admitted that I had never ever
done this. I was told that my condition was usually due to not
using my prostate and not having sex. I admitted to very little

I was then sent 3 times a week to the hospital to have my
prostate massaged. I was given a kidney dish to hold in front of
my penis and a male nurse would put on rubber gloves and insert
his finger up my anus and massage the prostate.

This treatment went on for a few weeks and eventually semen was
extracted and I was pronounced cured.

My doctor told me to regularly masturbate if I was not getting
sex and I followed his instructions.

The marriage came to an end and I met and married a lady who
loved sex and who became my Mistress. We had a child and
practised BDSM in a fun way. She died 2 years ago from Cancer
after being diagnosed 2 weeks before.

We were together for 44 years. I am still active on the BDSM
scene and my prostate is in good health.

So Pietro what can you say about this? Prostate massage
certainly got my juices flowing.




Paradiddle wrote:

>77 years old -snip- active sex life -snip- Not so when I was 26
>-snip- age of 30 -snip- I had a hardened prostate gland -snip-
>I was told that my condition was usually due to not using my
>prostate and not having sex -snip- sent 3 times a week to the
>hospital to have my prostate massaged. -snip- eventually semen
>was extracted and I was pronounced cured. My doctor told me to
>regularly masturbate if I was not getting sex and I followed
>his instructions. -snip- Pietro what can you say about this?
>Prostate massage certainly got my juices flowing.

There are people who claim to have cured a cancer using vitamin
C, there are people who have smoked 60 cigarettes a day for life
and have not got lung cancer or other health problems...

For some people, in some circumstances, it MAY BE that prostate
milking is a good help... but, as I said, there is NO SCIENTIFIC
evidence on that.

There is research about the frequency of ejaculation and
prostate cancer: the men who ejaculate less get more cancer.
This might be INTERPRETED by the same token as the fact that
people who have less frequent bowel movements get more bowel
cancer, etc etc. There is PROBABLY a build up of carcinogenic
stuff in the body, which is better when expelled more often than

Then comes the "speculative" part: ejaculation is an active
process, involving muscle in the prostate AND in other parts of
the male genital system. Massaging is a passive process where
the prostate, or better, only a part of the prostate (and part
of the seminal vesicles in case the massaging finger is long
enough and the technique is correct), is squeezed and the "extra
fluid" inside is then drained. Nobody knows how much of the
total amount is expelled, and sometimes massaging could "break"
something in the gland, and squeeze the fluid inside the gland,
producing irritation/infection.

See these two PubMed dot Gov links:

Prostate massage with unwanted consequences. Case report

A case of Fournier's gangrene: was it triggered by prostatic massage?

Fact: prostate massage is not recommended any longer, at least
in Europe. There is some ongoing research on the topic, but no
clear cut conclusions.

Regular ejaculation is recommended. Arousal, for longer periods
of time, with no ejaculation, is known to engorge the prostate
and all other glands involved is producing semen.

I have some PubMed dot Gov links to scientific articles on the

Evaluation of prostatic massage in treatment of chronic prostatitis

Repetitive prostatic massage therapy for chronic refractory prostatitis:
the Philippine experience

Prostatitis unplugged? Prostatic massage revisited

My post was just a thought, I am not stating a scientific

I am not saying that teasing and denial is unhealthy, but there
are reasons to think that it MIGHT be unhealthy, and there are
no reasons to think that prostate milking is a 100% safe
solution to the POSSIBLE harm of this practice.

In my personal opinion the statement: "teasing and denial for
weeks / months IS safe as long as the prostate is massaged on a
regular basis, and/or the man gets wet dreams every now and
then" is, at best, AN OPINION. There is NOTHING scientific to
really support it.

Having said that, there might be some people who are happy,
function at their best and have a very long life with heavy
teasing and life long denial. Good for them! This is not the
point. There are people who are happy smoking a lot, taking
heavy drugs, sleeping too little, having high blood pressure,
and so on and so forth.

Another issue which should be kept in mind is that on this list
we are a so called "selected population".

If you talk to "average" people, there are A LOT of men who
cannot stand teasing and denial for longer than some HOURS. Is
there anyone here who knows the percentage of men who are or
would be happy (psychologically AND physically) being denied for
weeks/months? I don't.


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