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Custom Made Chastity Devices - Chastity Heaven

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 07:48:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

Custom Made Chastity Devices - Chastity Heaven
Since I'm getting some interest on the new chastity devices I've written about, I thought I would allow the readers to see more on our website chastityheaven (which is currently under construction).

During this transitional period, you can still go there and see more pics and read more about all the effort that has gone into coming up with the best designed custom made and custom sized devices. (click pics to enlarge)

They are, HANDS DOWN, superior to the plastic
devices and you can read all the reasons why
at our site. Custom Made Chastity Devices - ChastityHeaven

I just posted the latest design there Wednesday night and here are a couple pics of it. (click pictures to enlarge)

So, you can see more and read about them here at chastityheaven

Anyone wishing to order still needs to contact me because ordering on the site is not functional as yet.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thank you for all the interest!

email address info

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Some Problems with my ChastityHeaven website

Hi All,

If anyone reading this filled out a form on our website at
ChastityHeaven and asked for more info on ordering one, please
email me privately. The form wasn't working properly and I got
several requests with no email info on them.

PLEASE email me directly until I can say that everything there
is working properly. I have removed the forms so it doesn't
happen anymore but I don't want anyone to feel as if I ignored
you. The darn things were going into my SPAM folder, so luckily
I checked there and found them.

Also I've put a lot more info on the site about our devices, and
lots more will be going up there as time goes on. There are
plenty of links to email me from there too.


email address info


I just wanted to share my experiences with the Chastity Heaven
folks - I must say they go out of their way in helping you -
fantastic customer service and a joy to work with - they will
bend over backwards to insure that you are satisfied with their
products - give them a try - you will not be disappointed -
still working with the Cage and will let you know how it goes
once I get use to wearing it.

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