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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Thirty-four

posted by: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
posted on: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 17:37:55 +0100

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In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - by Ms. Christine
Copyright 1986-2009 Christine and David Stevenson

Part Thirty-four

David had managed to endure the tawse without any more
misbehaviour, but during the cropping he had begun to resist.
Eventually Catrina was enlisted to hold him in place. She held
David tightly between her legs, her knees gripping his neck.

"Karin," Catrina suggested, "it seems that David needs further
lessons in good behaviour. How does he respond to the cane?"

Karin concurred with Catrina, "Yes, I think you are right, the
cane may well produce more servility. Another fifty two then!"

Karin continued with the cropping, both ladies grinning
conspiratorially, as they looked forward to the caning.

Christine left the scene, "I will be back for the caning, I just
can't wait to use the 'Toilet'.."

Sadine called after her, "Oh, can I watch, wait for me!" She
really did find the abuse of her 'Toilet' to be the most fun of

Madam Kwai was planning her own pleasures, she removed her
panties and dropped them under the Table's nose. She did love to
make him jealous.

'Table' was aware of Adra moving into position between his
Mistress' legs and envied her. He was rarely allowed any contact
with her himself, he was almost permanently used as a piece of
furniture of one sort or another. Madam Kwai regularly took
lovers while he was in the room as a 'Table' or 'Footrest'. She
sometimes invited her lovers to use him as a chair.

Madam Kwai removed Adra's gag, and Adra worked her tongue out
through the mouth hole of her hood and put it to use in the way
Madam Kwai liked best.

Sadine and Christine were animated and cheerful as they talked,
coming downstairs in time for the caning. They both watched
appreciatively as they admired the pace and skill which Karin
showed as she applied the fifty two cuts of the cane at a very
brisk pace.

David's pain was so intense that he had entered an almost
trancelike state. He was hypnotising himself into a complete
state of surrender. He was thinking with every stroke, 'I will

The speed at which the strokes were delivered built to an almost
frenzied pace as Karin passed fifty two and gave up counting.
Mistress and slave were both lost in another world together.
Linked by their mutual if different experience.

Marique and Madam Kwai were not in a position to admire the
consummate skill with which Karin administered the strokes so
rapidly. They were both entranced by David's writhing backside
as they approached their orgasms. Both were ignoring the
devotion, skill and application shown by the slaves Adra and
Pippa. Both were concentrating solely on the gratification of
their own sensory pleasures. Touch, sight and sound were all
contributing to their fulfilment.

Karin gradually calmed down and became aware of Marique and
Madame Kwai. She decided that she was not about to stop and risk
ruining their pleasures, related so obviously as they were to
David's pain. Were Karin in their position, and being so loyally
served, she hoped that another Mistress would show her the same

Had David known that the agony he was now enduring was simply in
order that Marique and Madam Kwai could be provided with an
erotic spectacle to enhance and accompany their climatic
moments, he would be now praying for their orgasm.


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