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2009-08-05 ( 15 edited messages )

# Re: C: how to fuck hubby with a strap-on
# Re: C: teaching hubby to take cock?
# Re: C: Chastity, foot worship and the feeling of being gelded
# Re: C: house work punishments etc
# C: Mistress and her maid
# C: The Best Chastity Device and the Reasons Why
# P: Seeking Western Massachusetts Whip Mistress
# P: Real domestic slave wannabe
# Re: P: Real domestic slave wannabe
# S: In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part Thirty-four
# Re: X: FemDom Training Program XP IE8
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Re: C: how to fuck hubby with a strap-on
From: Madamplz
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 12:21:57 EDT

Christine wrote:

>Do not take any notice of people who suggest using lubricants
>with brand names that suggest they ease pain during
>penetration. Pain is a signal to stop or change what you are
>doing, so it is a very bad idea to hide or mask pain.

I concur with Christine on this.

I'd also like to add that I had once used Anal-Ease and it
stripped the polish right off my manicure.

K-Y is beginning to make some very nice water based lubes now
which are quite a bit less expensive and much more readily
accessible than the type you find in toy shops.

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Re: C: how to fuck hubby with a strap-on
Date: 30 Jul 2009 17:13:36 -0000
From: pussikat steve

Christine wrote:

>Always be sure he has had a bowel movement before attempting
>anal penetration. If you have the equipment, then giving him
>an enema before anal play cleans him out and can make the
>whole business nicer.


As usual a very well considered and written piece.

With regard to internal cleanliness, instead of the paraphernalia of a
full enema, unless it is part of your play, I find it more convenient
to use a small douche. This consists of a rubber bulb approx 50mm in
diameter with a detachable nozzle.

In use the bulb is filled with lukewarm water and squirted into
the rectum after first having a bowel movement. Discharge the
water into the toilet bowl and it is important now to flush the
toilet to leave clear water in the bowl because now one repeats
the process and one can see if the discharged water is clear. If
it is not then repeat the process until the discharge is
absolutely clean. It would normally only require two
applications. You will almost certainly find that the dildo
remains clean throughout the session.

The douche is very easy to carry and is obtainable from medical
suppliers and some gay toy sites.

Thank you Ms Christine for all the good work you do on Domestic.

Pussikat steve

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Re: C: teaching hubby to take cock?
From: Madamplz
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 12:21:57 EDT

Ashley wrote:

>"i have another question that he is unaware of yet... but soon
>will be... what are your suggestions on teaching him to take
>cock. like a good hubby?"

I think Christine probably gave you a good overview of that
subject. All I can add is to let him know how exciting it is for
you to have him take that for you.

When I was training my husband for it I enjoyed letting him know
that's how it was going to be. When he got caught up in it and
began enjoying it I began increasing the humiliation aspects of
it. I liked getting him way out there and then asking him what
he thought all of his former girlfriends would think if they
knew he could take a much bigger cock than they could. Would
they laugh at him? I bet they would have. That thought alone
could make him shoot over his head.

Like Christine, I would also suggest giving him to a male friend
and once, even did him in front of a group of male "doms" who
stared as though watching a train wreck. I told him not to mind
them staring at him. They were only living vicariously through
him at that point. What a lucky boy he was to get the sort of
attention he was receiving.

Jennie wrote:

>"If the husband feels pain he must bend further forward, which
>will straighten his anal canal. Do not stop inserting the

I disagree with regards to not stopping the insertion.

As a matter of course, when training a submissive to take cock
anally, I think it's safest to keep my position steady and allow
the submissive to mount my strap on at his own pace. He can feel
whether or not he's in pain. I can't. I might feel resistance
but I might not.

If you tear your boy, he may need surgery to correct the damage
and there will be a long recovery afterward. That's not going to
be much fun for you if you screw this up so err on the side of

Always aim for his maximum pleasure because that's what makes
him want more of that kind of training. When I'm finished I want
him thinking about how he can get more of that, not how he can
get out of it. If he wants more I'm at an advantage. I can
eventually train him to take a larger cock, take it for a longer
period of time, take it in conjunction with humiliation, etc. If
I hurt him, he's probably going to run away every time I strap
on. Besides, I wouldn't like being inept.

So if he's feeling pain you need to stop. Don't move in or out,
just stop. It may be that his inner sphincter has gone into
spasm in which case you don't want any movement at all until his
body begins to relax. Wait until you feel the resistance leave
which is a sign that the inner sphincter, over which he has zero
control, is beginning to relax again and opening up.

If he still feels pain after 40 seconds or so, allow him to
slowly move off of the dildo at his own speed. Continuing pain
is an indication of a problem which should be seen by a

I also disagree with the use of liquid soap as a lubricant.
Soaps make a very bad lube as they will dry out delicate

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Re: C: teaching hubby to take cock?
From: Ashley
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 23:00:59 EDT

Christine wrote:

>Not sure whether you mean a flesh and blood male cock, or
>whether you mean teaching him to take female "cock" - as in a

Yes he will be taking my girl cock and a real cock I'm picking
out for him. And I want to train him properly so I can enjoy
having him used for as long as I'd like in one session... or as
many as I see fit for him to take at a time.


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Re: C: Chastity, foot worship and the feeling of being gelded
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 12:33:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

jboy wrote:

>I can't for the life of me see in your post what design your
>new cage is? we are awaiting a new one that was custom made by

I didn't post pics, but I will now. The images display here:-


Yes, I work with him and they can be ordered from either of us.
You should be getting yours very soon. Please let the readers
know how you like it when it arrives. These are the two I most
highly recommend. The more enclosed one is the most comfortable.

I'll have another, better website up soon and I'll send the link
when I have it up and running.

I've sent in another more detailed posting about why these are
so good. Thanks for your interest jboy.

Re: chastity and not cumming, Super A wrote:-

>I have personally gone 30 and 45 days several times with my
>personal best being 105 days. But I know many guys who have
>literally gone months and a couple who have several years under
>their 'belts'.

WOW!!! And is this with no cumming at all?

I'm resigned to wearing my cage indefinitely as Mistress is
quite serious about that. However, it's another thing entirely,
at least for me, to not cum, even when wearing a cage. I am
trying to go as long as possible but 3 1/2 weeks is it so far
for me, so I applaud your ability to go that long.

I can manipulate any cage enough to cum if I've been in it long
enough, so Mistress made additional rules to help prevent me
from cumming. It's kind of funny how this got going, so maybe a
little background will help.

We were watching an episode of Entourage one day and someone
made a remark in it that a friend hadn't been laid in so long
he's almost a virgin. I looked at Mistress and asked how long
she thought a person would have to go without sex to be
considered a virgin. She said "at least a year" and the subject
was dropped.

A couple weeks later She brought it up and said She would like
me to become a "virgin" in Her honor. I agreed of course, and
She decided that the year would begin on my birthday, which was
coming up at the time. She added that a virgin could not even
cum, or it would lose it's status as a "virgin trainee" and
would have to start again. She said the only way to stay on
track would be to consume my accident and be "fluid neutral".
So, to maintain my status as "virgin trainee" i had to either
not cum or immediately consume the fluid that I had "stolen"
from Her.

I think it's disgusting to have to do that, so any accidents are
few and far between but I cannot seem to go as long as I would
like or as long as Super A has achieved. I've since eaten my
discharge twice and found it disgusting so am trying hard to
avoid that again.

Mistress tells me how much She enjoys training me to be
'virtuous' in Her honor. As frustrated as I get, I'm also really
proud to be doing this for Her. I'm really looking forward to
completing the year and attaining "virgin status". I'm sure
there will be a nice celebration when it happens.

I'm also thankful that I'm doing this in my new chastity cage
because it makes staying caged much easier and more comfortable.
I've posted more info on the cage at:-


telling people how they can arrange to get one for themselves if
they're interested.


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Re: C: house work punishments etc
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 10:11:54 -0400
From: Mistress Mandy

sissy maid wendy wrote:

>my Mistress whom i regularly serve and have for some years
>would like to place a brief account of my work in her house,
>punishments etc, these maybe between a few lines and page or
>two. we have discussed it and believe the time is right for me
>to post these special occasions on the web

I have my slave track his assignments and feelings about his
assignments in a journal. I find this more subservient than to
allow him to type it on a computer. It also helps capture his
thoughts in a stream of consciousness fashion, plus he can't go
back and edit out the thoughts he later decides he doesn't want
me to read.

I also have him start and end each entry with a sentence of
something he appreciates about me recently. Sometimes I will
take his journal and make comments in it for him. Some comments
are praise, some are taunts and some are further instructions
for further humiliations.

Mistress Mandy

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Re: C: house work punishments etc
From: Stephen w
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 09:52:48 +0000

smw property Mistress Aayla

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C: Mistress and her maid
From: sissy maid wendy
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 00:27:10 +0000

This is the start of a number of brief accounts of a long term
sissy maid serving his/her Mistress and owner. We have had
contact with one another for many years... starting off as sub
and professional - moving to friends and ultimately Mistress
(Madam) taking full ownership and collaring the sissy maid
around 18 months ago.

Madam is a slim very mature and attractive Lady in her late
fifties her sissy maid is 6 years younger.

At the time the sissy was formally collared the maid was taken
by Madam in full view of the witnesses. The maid is now the
property of Mistress. A more detailed account of that day will
be prepared in the future.

Hopefully these short few lines have helped place the notes and
stories which follow in perspective. The accounts will sometimes
be brief but they are true.

Wonderful visit - Part one - Mistress and her maid

So many things... maid was formally given new duties for the
house cleaning and to put in good order all the play rooms on
the ground floor, plus the floors in the hall and kitchen, plus
a check of the toilets. In new cleaning uniform of red apron
only and no other clothes - except slave collar - showing the
ownership by Madam.

Dungeons and one sissy room cleaned and inspected by Madam.

Then to full traditional uniform but no panties worn, allowing
full access by Madam to her property at any time.

maid confessed to having 6 orgasms without permission.

Punishment for the day included:- being sent to the sissy room,
to be bent over the side of the bed with the maid kneeling on
the floor. Skirt was raised for punishment of a warmed up
stroking of the bottom by Madam with the cane, followed by 6
firm strokes with the cane for achieving an orgasm on 6
occasions since last visit without permission - these were firm
stokes with the maid thanking Madam after each stroke, the maid
was reminded of what each stroke was for as the cane struck the
maid's bottom.

Following the inspection of the sissy room Madam found dust on
the legs of one of her favorite chairs - Madam then required the
slave maid to remain kneeling over the bed with skirt raised,
Madam returned to the sissy room with a short whip, similar to a
9 tails, the maid received 4 firm strokes of the whip, with the
maid accepting Madam's punishment.

The maid then kissed Madam's feet acknowledging her place and
his ownership.

The maid cleaned up and returned the cane and whip to their
place. The maid was comforted by Madam, in the lounge. Madam
quickly had her hands under the maid's skirt and played with the
sissy's clit, a cock she now owns, it's use and enjoyment by the
maid is hers and that of her close friend Mistress XXXX.

The maid was later taken to the front dungeon to have Madam sit
on a chair with the maid to sit legs apart across the Madam's
lap, facing the Madam, where the maid was caressed and held his
owner as she moved in a simulated lap fucking of the maid, with
the maid's bare bottom, clit and all rubbing against the
Mistress' leather clad legs. It was a reminder to the maid that
he was a slut in training and soon it would be time for Madam to
use her strap on - perhaps the next visit or another - Madam was
yet to decide when and where to take her maid.

After this, for a while Madam had the sissy maid stand in front
of Madam and raise his skirt.

Madam then took her sissy's clit in her hand and held it by the
base as she slapped the cock head, either in an upward or
sideways motion. The pain was felt by the sissy as Madam gave
her a further 6 hard slaps on her sissy clit head to remind him
the penis was Madam's property and that her orgasms were for
women's pleasure not the sissy's own from this day forward..

The pain felt by the maid was very different, but as his
reddening cock head showed there was pain - but the maid did not
move away but leant forward after each stroke of Madam's hand to
show he accepted willingly her right to punish.

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C: The Best Chastity Device and the Reasons Why
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 13:09:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: slaveboy

As I recently posted, I have found a wonderfully designed and
extremely comfortable chastity device, far superior to any of
the plastic cages and probably the most comfortable cage in the
world for a number of reasons. I've received a number of
inquiries so I wanted to post this asap.

The cage I have on now is handmade from stainless steel. To be
as comfortable as possible, a chastity device must be sized in a
very specific way. Some experimenting has found that if it is
too small and restrictive, it will be painful. But, strangely,
if it permits the penis to get erect, it will also be painful.
That is because the testicles get pulled and squeezed at the
back ring from the forward force of the erection.

We have found that there is a "zone" within which the wearer
will be EXTREMELY comfortable! This is just one of the secrets
to having the most comfortable chastity device. For anyone who
wants to be able to wear a cage 24/7, real comfort and ease of
wear are a must. This is a cage that can be worn indefinitely.

Additionally, there is no friction with polished stainless
steel, like there is with the plastic of a CB-2000 or related
cages. Plus it is far less bulky. My cage is undetectable under
clothing because of it's sleek design. Properly fitted, a
stainless steel cage can be worn for as long as your Keyholder
wants you to wear it. Mine feels the same today, over six weeks
into wearing it, as it did the day I put it on!

There is little to no pain when the penis is restricted properly
within the cage because there is no pulling or strain on the
balls. Cages that are either too small or too big are both
uncomfortable, but a properly sized cage will feel almost as if
there's nothing there!

It's true for the penis so is it any wonder that it's true for
penis cages too? Size DOES matter! :-)

I put my custom cage on six weeks ago yesterday (Monday) and it
feels exactly the same today as it did the day I put it on. I
can clean myself in it because it's a fairly open design and I
can shave with it on if I pull the skin back and forth. Of all
the devices I have worn, from my first, a Remy tube, through the
Miller line of CB-2000 and the Curve, the Exobelt and several
others, including a full-belt style one, NOTHING has come close
to being "24/7/365 comfortable" like this one is.

One more thing is, I almost never put any lubrication on like I
needed to do with the plastic cages because polished stainless
steel is so very smooth and friction-free. Mistress loves the
way it looks and she calls it my penis jewelry. before she
reminded me that I was not to bring the subject up again.

If it's OK with Ms. Christine and David, I would like to make
these available to any DOMestic readers who might be interested
in obtaining one. They take hours to make and are real works of
art! When you buy one, you're not just getting a cage, you're
getting an expert who knows from experience how to size your
cage properly to fit you correctly for the long term!

These cannot be compared to any of the mass produced plastic
cages on the market. These are hand made by a metal artist just
for you. Each takes hours to make. The images here show my
favorites. The cage type is a sleeker version of the CB-2000 but
is light years away as far as comfort, feel and sleekness. It is
$250.00, will never break and will last a thousand years. The
more enclosed one is the one I'm wearing right now.

Anyone near Los Angeles will be able to order and pick it up in
person if they wish to do so. If anyone has any questions,
please feel free to ask, either on the list or in private email.

email address info

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P: Seeking Western Massachusetts Whip Mistress
From: nrb929
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 22:19:35 GMT

Kind, sincere, lover of historical discipline is seeking a lady
in Western Massachusetts who would enjoy administering an old
fashioned bareback whipping. I am fascinated by this basic form
of punishment that so clearly exhibits the woman's complete
authority while at the same time forms a bond with the slave she
is lashing. No clubs or meeting groups, just a Mistress/slave
relationship in it's simplest form, where correction means a
shirtless whipping in the barn or basement.

Perhaps we could meet on a regular basis and in return for your
administering these whippings I could do work on your farm or
perform assigned chores around your house. I can assure you that
I am kind, honest, employed and discrete. I will remain
respectful to my Mistress and hope to form a long-term
friendship that could also include some 'vanilla activities'
(dinner, movies) if you so choose. Thank you.

email address info

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P: Real domestic slave wannabe
Date: 1 Aug 2009 17:15:11 -0000
From: Luis Armitage

Interested in real domestic slavery for which i can relocate

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Re: P: Real domestic slave wannabe
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 01:20:03 +0100
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com


Luis Armitage wrote:

>Interested in real domestic slavery for which i can relocate

Your post is far too short and as it doesn't say anything at all
about you or provide contact details I'm not sure who will be
interested or how they are supposed to reply. You didn't reply
to my private email so we know nothing about you.

Suggest you write a longer post.

For further guidelines see:-


I suggest reading the guidelines thoroughly, and then writing a
long and sincere introduction in the P: section. (personal ads)


Be sure to avoid brief descriptions, women want to know all
about you, your hopes, desires, interests and ambitions in life,
not just the sex.


The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our thirteenth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at


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S: In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part Thirty-four
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 17:37:55 +0100

Previous issues.

In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - by Ms. Christine
Copyright 1986-2009 Christine and David Stevenson

Part Thirty-four

David had managed to endure the tawse without any more
misbehaviour, but during the cropping he had begun to resist.
Eventually Catrina was enlisted to hold him in place. She held
David tightly between her legs, her knees gripping his neck.

"Karin," Catrina suggested, "it seems that David needs further
lessons in good behaviour. How does he respond to the cane?"

Karin concurred with Catrina, "Yes, I think you are right, the
cane may well produce more servility. Another fifty two then!"

Karin continued with the cropping, both ladies grinning
conspiratorially, as they looked forward to the caning.

Christine left the scene, "I will be back for the caning, I just
can't wait to use the 'Toilet'.."

Sadine called after her, "Oh, can I watch, wait for me!" She
really did find the abuse of her 'Toilet' to be the most fun of

Madam Kwai was planning her own pleasures, she removed her
panties and dropped them under the Table's nose. She did love to
make him jealous.

'Table' was aware of Adra moving into position between his
Mistress' legs and envied her. He was rarely allowed any contact
with her himself, he was almost permanently used as a piece of
furniture of one sort or another. Madam Kwai regularly took
lovers while he was in the room as a 'Table' or 'Footrest'. She
sometimes invited her lovers to use him as a chair.

Madam Kwai removed Adra's gag, and Adra worked her tongue out
through the mouth hole of her hood and put it to use in the way
Madam Kwai liked best.

Sadine and Christine were animated and cheerful as they talked,
coming downstairs in time for the caning. They both watched
appreciatively as they admired the pace and skill which Karin
showed as she applied the fifty two cuts of the cane at a very
brisk pace.

David's pain was so intense that he had entered an almost
trancelike state. He was hypnotising himself into a complete
state of surrender. He was thinking with every stroke, 'I will

The speed at which the strokes were delivered built to an almost
frenzied pace as Karin passed fifty two and gave up counting.
Mistress and slave were both lost in another world together.
Linked by their mutual if different experience.

Marique and Madam Kwai were not in a position to admire the
consummate skill with which Karin administered the strokes so
rapidly. They were both entranced by David's writhing backside
as they approached their orgasms. Both were ignoring the
devotion, skill and application shown by the slaves Adra and
Pippa. Both were concentrating solely on the gratification of
their own sensory pleasures. Touch, sight and sound were all
contributing to their fulfilment.

Karin gradually calmed down and became aware of Marique and
Madame Kwai. She decided that she was not about to stop and risk
ruining their pleasures, related so obviously as they were to
David's pain. Were Karin in their position, and being so loyally
served, she hoped that another Mistress would show her the same

Had David known that the agony he was now enduring was simply in
order that Marique and Madam Kwai could be provided with an
erotic spectacle to enhance and accompany their climatic
moments, he would be now praying for their orgasm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This story is one of over 400 stories you can read on the
DOMestic web site. Support DOMestic. Renew / Get your
password at:- http://www.mschristine.com/domsub4.shtml

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Re: X: FemDom Training Program XP IE8
From: Christine
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 22:50:59 +0100

Hello jboy,

On 28 Jul 2009 you wrote:

>My wife misses the software....but she does fine without it my

Having received your private details in the above message, we
sent you the software update by email on Wed, 29 Jul 2009 from
the support address.

I do hope your wife is now enjoying using it again.

You may need to check your bulk email folder if you haven't
already received it.

sincerely, Christine

The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.

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admin: Yahoo and Topica subscriptions
From: Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 21:20:07 +0100


Yahoo! have now made progress on fixing the YahooGroups
membership bug we reported on previously at:-


The DOMestic new subscriptions were almost completely up to date
when I checked this afternoon so hopefully those who have
recently joined via YahooGroups will now receive the DOMestic

We have now provided an alternate subscription facility on our
web site for those who prefer to join via Topica at:-


Via Topica you can also receive either the DOMestic digest list,
or the FEMdom_sex list which gets a regular link message to the
latest DOMestic digest

If you prefer to get your DOMestic as a News Feed either click
on the orange "Feed" icon you should see at the far right of
your URL bar when visiting the blog, or see:-


Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

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The Fem Dom Training Program.
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