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humiliation ideas needed

Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 11:54:22 -0400
From: "M"

Hi Christine,

I have a question for the group. I am taking my slave to a
weekend long outdoor SM event with 200 other pervys on 300 acres
with unlimited toys, dungeons, cages, etc. We have been there
before and anything goes. I am looking for some fresh new ideas
that will make my slave squirm, blush, and be downright
mortified with humiliation.

When we are not in scene he begs me to stretch his limits and I
want to do just that. We are not into pain, just D/S and
humiliation play. He has a very small penis and no body hair.
When his penis is flaccid it may not even be one inch, so in and
of itself, being naked and on display for 3 days is humiliating
for him.

So anyway, if anyone has any ideas to add to his shame and my
enjoyment, I welcome your thoughts.


(Please don't post my e-mail address.)

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Why don't you keep his rear plugged with a buttplug for the
weekend, or get him a new piercing (nipples?). A humiliating
tattoo is nice, but you can't undo it easily (you can cover it
up with a bigger one later in some cases).


I think a pretty little pink bow to "magnify" the tiny dick should do

Have a great weekend of fun.



Dear DOMestic enthusiasts:

I'm writing in reply to the Domme who wanted some humiliation
ideas for her SO during an outdoor camping BDSM experience. I
read somewhere years ago that a #6 fishing wire is practically

[possibly #6; would one of the fishing capable readers please
correct for the size fishing wire that is practically invisible
against most backgrounds. T Y]

The article described the way a Domme controlled her slave
during a shopping excursion, either just to make sure he didn't
stray, or to 'humiliate' him by making his movements in
following her footsteps a 'herky-jerky' nature.

In the article, the Domme explained she tied the wire to his
cock, [probably to a ring, I just cannot recall, but I canNOT
imagine tying fishing line directly to a penis,] then threaded
it up and over the top of his pants, or shorts, as the case may
be; and then left about a six foot length which she grabbed the
end of, thus controlling his movements to some extent.

The humiliation was in the slave's awkward movements, either
trying to keep up with his wife, when she accelerated her pace
or, alternatively, not keeping the wire slack when she stopped

It seems to me the Domme might want, instead, to use one of
those ubiquitous dog leashes that can be extended or retracted
at will by the holder. Yes, I know being led on a leash is often
considered a treat, which a slave 'endures' proudly, but for
humiliation purposes, the ability to upset the slave's gait,
making his movements more than awkward, ridiculous in fact, to
me seems the height of humiliation. I hope this helps.

sometime trainer of femmedomme wannabees.

[As I describe it, I seek women who, IMHO, have the 'chops' to
become outstanding pro or lifestyle dommes and, in most cases,
when they've allowed me to 'top from the bottom' [providing
feedback unattainable by any other mentor, male or female,] they
emerge as skilled dommes, and in one or two cases, outstanding
professional dominatrices.

I have found that the art of imposing humiliation upon a slave,
a submissive, or especially a paying client, to be one of the
signal abilities that can be brought out in a femme subject.
Much of it is verbal, consisting not only in how something is
said, but also the ways, including humor, in which the
humiliation is inflicted.

If I may be permitted a personal anecdote, please, at a femdom
party tried, unusually, on a Saturday morning in central Orange
County, there were five femdommes, mostly lifestyle, but with a
couple of prodommes who worked out of the host dungeon also
present, while I was the only sub who arrived promptly early on
the assigned morning.

Accordingly one of my all time fantasies, a 'gang rape' by
several authoritarian females took place. It was a rape in
theory only, for as we all know, everything in BDSM is 'SSC',
safe, sane, and above all, consensual. And further, since the
dungeon did not allow penetration, [for legal reasons, to avoid
similarity to, or actual, acts of prostitution. Please contact
me privately for an explanation of how some dungeons are able to
advertise 'anything goes' despite the legal opinion mentioned
above. My email addie is PapaHertz69@aol.com T Y, address info]
What took place was more properly a 'gang bang' in the loosest
sense of the word.

One of the femdoms was in a sense my Mistress for, at the time,
I was her 'house' security for sessions she took at a garage in
her home, made over into a first class dungeon. Mistress led me
to the stage in one of the dungeon rooms, bade me kneel on all
fours, and grabbing my 'package', [or privates, if you prefer,
to describe my C&B,] pulled them back behind me while attaching,
and locking, a "humbler" [write me also privately for a
description, if desired] atop and beneath the 'package'. This
left me particularly vulnerable to whatever ministrations the
ladies chose to apply.

Two of the ladies used wooden paddles upon my left cheek, two
others upon the right, all hitting me simultaneously. The
prodomme who administered humiliation in a delicate but also
hilarious way, stood behind me with a five or six foot whip,
more precisely known as a 'single tail'. Cracking me a few times
with it, she suddenly stopped and remarked, as explanation for
her quitting, "but it's SUCH a small target!" Nuff said. I did
NOT laugh, though I was 'sore' tempted.

Thank you ALL for your indulgence in allowing my extreme
verbosity in drawing out such a simple tale of a clever
humiliation. I know my imprecise manner of story telling can be
boring, but in this instance, I dawdled with purpose. I
invariably get a pleasant erection reliving the experience.

My pseudo 'gang rape' was one of the highlights of my ten - plus
years as a sometime subbie [I am an inveterate switch, having
tried in vain to follow advice I was given to come down on one
side, or the other, of the BDSM see-saw.]

PapaHertz69 aka s.a.m.

email address info


I am wondering where the event is going to be, and yes thinking
of being naked and plugged and even a bow would be so
humiliating for three days, but also wonderful. Would love to be


You could paint all twenty of his nails bright red, keep him on
a leash and collar and invite everyone you meet to sign him with
a permanent marker. Perhaps plan a punishment if he doesn't
collect at least one hundred signatures.


Since I also am embarrassingly small (but not that small),
please allow me to suggest what would be humiliating to me.
Perhaps these are not fresh ideas for you, so take them for what
they are:

1) Make up a flyer prior to the event announcing a certain time
that your sub will be on display. Prominent in this hand-out
will be something like "Come see the world's smallest cock." The
day of the event, your sub will be bound and hooded, so that he
will be able to hear all who come to look, hear their comments
and laughter, but not be able to see who is looking.

2) If you are into forced fem, have him wear panties and bra as
he goes around the event handing out the flyers announcing his
pending display. In any case, he should be required to hand out
the flyers.

3) Make a t-shirt, cap, or banner announcing "World's smallest."

4) Make him carry a ruler wherever he goes as a reminder of his
small size.

5) Have him apologize to other Dommes in attendance for his lack
of manliness, "I am sorry, Mistress, that you should have to
witness something as pathetic as my tiny pee-pee."

Have fun! Tom


Make him wear a pretty bra with a matching open crotch panty so
that his little penis is on show. Some girly perfume would
improve the effect. Spray some on the tip of his penis, as
perfume stings the penis.


vince wrote:

>I am wondering where the event is going to be

Vince, you asked the location of the outdoor SM event that I
wrote about. It is held about one hour from Baltimore in
September and June of each year. It is like no other BDSM event!
Anything goes. Most people go with partners and there are more
male doms than female doms but it is all good.




There need be no more ado about his penis. Instead affix a
leather sheath to make his dick look really good. Leave balls
exposed. Print cards that read:-

Mistress C, my Goddess, declares: "his dick is mine, but do him
'good' please!" Order "kneel to receive - head up, mouth wide
open" or "Kneel - ass up, really high, yes make it red!"

Slave is to hand this card to every female dom. After a proper
bow and perfect curtsy. He will say:-

"Goddess, your golden flow then use this nice squirt smartly.


Dress him in ladies panties and instruct him to masturbate.
Remove the cum filled panties and put them on his head or in his
mouth. Make him stand naked like this until he can cum again.


The male slave is taught three positions that proffer his ass
wonderfully for spanking. But also leaves his head in a position
that allows easy mounting for oral pleasures or for delivering
the golden flow direct from the fount into the slaves eager
mouth. These positions need only standard easy chairs and or

Mistress offers him to whoever when ever she wishes. She calls
position 1, 2, or 3 or perhaps lets him demo them all. He
accompanies her everywhere.

Last week, at her bridge party, he served lunch then assumed all
positions on the sofa as nature called the ladies. Mistress
selected a special whip, quirt, etcetera for each guest. A good
time was had by all.

John Barton


I have a domme friend who comes up with some pretty good
humiliation techniques to use on me.....

naked waxing humiliation

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