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house work punishments etc

Date: 26 Jul 2009 03:12:30 -0000
From: sissy maid wendy

dear DOMestic Bdsm and Female Domination

my Mistress whom i regularly serve and have for some years would
like to place a brief account of my work in her house,
punishments etc, these maybe between a few lines and page or
two. we have discussed it and believe the time is right for me
to post these special occasions on the web - is this possible?

sissy maid wendy property of Madam Ayla

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sissy maid wendy wrote:

>is this possible?

Yes of course. That's part of what we do on DOMestic.

Either post your account in the same way you posted your enquiry
or send in your post by email as we describe at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com


smw property Mistress Aayla


I have my slave track his assignments and feelings about his
assignments in a journal. I find this more subservient than to
allow him to type it on a computer. It also helps capture his
thoughts in a stream of consciousness fashion, plus he can't go
back and edit out the thoughts he later decides he doesn't want
me to read.

I also have him start and end each entry with a sentence of
something he appreciates about me recently. Sometimes I will
take his journal and make comments in it for him. Some comments
are praise, some are taunts and some are further instructions
for further humiliations.

Mistress Mandy


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