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fag pig dog bitch - online or phone slave

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 03:41:12 -0000
From: "m" - starfox27588


I'm starfox27588 - I am here on my knees begging anyone to take
this slave pig dog bitch as an online or phone slave. Do to me
as you will, I am a toy here for your fun. Take over my whole
life if you wish to.

You can humiliate me, or anything else you like, at home, at
work, or anywhere you wish. And I'll give you my phone number
too if you like.

If you would like to know more, email me at

email address info

[Password] [Books] [Fem Dom Software] [Victor Bruno] [Videos / Dvd]




I am a 28 year old a male (Atlanta area) looking to become a
full time online, text, or phone slave. I am just a pig for your
fun. Make me beat my cock until I cry. My cock is only 3 inches
when hard.

Make me into an animal, a pig, a sissy, whatever you wish. I am
a toy for your fun. Take control of my life as much as you wish.
Do to me as you wish. Ask and I'll give out my phone number.



Silly wanker.

I once nailed the penis of a priest to a cross of his choosing.
In that context, how interesting do you think you are to a list
of real time dominants?



Madam, the Marquis de Sade would have loved that!

Did the priest pray while he was nailed to the cross?

Keep up the good work!


PS to Christine: I too am writing an erotic novel for Internet
publication, but it's in French! I'll give the link to anyone


I am a fag pig male and looking for an online master or mistress
to take over my life by phone, email or real life

also willing to be blackmailed into this

im starfox27588
email address info


to use me online slaverobpeters on skype. here is my info.

registered slave, sir, i am a submissive, mature, cock whore who
needs humiliation and degrading, if you ever wanted to own your
own slave, or turn a grown man into your personal slut... then
this is your opportunity to realize your fantasy and use and
abuse me, sir, i welcome your posted comments and orders as my
goal to please you.

rob peters sissy fag slut calif cocksucker bottom. to tell the
world. i am seeking humiliation, abuse, blackmail, and exposure
in all your adult groups, sites, blogs, chat boards and any
adult areas. i cam chat, strip for you, jerk off, post my pics,
x-rated cocksucker videos, go where you tell me on the net, join
free groups. humiliate myself per your order. have a free
computer phone to be abused on. will cam for you or your
friends, any group you say on line. have digital cam for
outside, will go to location strip. then take small camera
movies. report back and post.

i am a slave and need to serve men with few limits and being
given no choice in what i am made to do - in private or public,
indoors or outside. really good to be photoed and videoed and
you can post my files etc real time in your cities or towns too.
post in gay, bi areas. post my city, zip code, area code
anything. no limits on line. want all my info, re-posting as
much as you like, with all your adult friends anywhere in the

make this faggot ,slut cocksucker bislave suffer, i beg, you
please: bi slave rob 58, 6ft1 187lbs. seeking to be used,
humiliated, exposed, etc on line everywhere. with all my files.
my email posted. caps eye surgery

fetlife group - no details supplied

(moderator deleted the email address from the message above
because the message was not sent to DOMestic by email. Email
addresses are not permitted when posting via the web, as is
clearly explained on the posting form regarding direct contact.
What looked like a phone number was also deleted. The all
capitals message was converted to lower case. Eye surgery or
not, we don't permit "all caps" messages on DOMestic. Please
read the guidelines before posting on DOMestic.)


slave in nc

pig looking to become a slave to any owner out there either in
real life or online.

willing to do almost anything?

email address info


I am a little dicked white sissy bitch seeking to serve blacks.
This fag loves to suck the black dick



What a lovely place to leave a message looking for others.


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