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good femdom retreat?

Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 06:02:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: j boy

anyone on the list know of a good femdom retreat aside from the
owk? been googling my little heart out but haven't come up with


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I know that the Femdomsociety has a retreat, never been there
and not sure how good it is. It looks as if it is quite new.
Might be worth checking it out.




Miss_Sarina wrote:

>Might be worth checking it out.

Thanks Miss Sarina, information is often requested on "retreats"
and Fem Dom vacations by folk reading DOMestic. So I was eager
to find out more. I took a look at the site and found very
little femdom retreat information in the public area, what there
is you'll find here.

To get further information one has to register, and that
requires both location and date of birth. As I'm not prepared to
give that information to any web site, I lied about my date of

The site asks for a lot more information, and I chose
"unspecified" wherever it was permitted.

At the end of the 3 stage process I got the following error...

"Mysql error: Duplicate entry '' for key 6"

Jboy - What information we have is as follows...

There are various sections in the right hand menu of the
DOMestic blog under "Vacations" where folk have posted reports
on their vacation experiences. They are listed as "Camping",
"Dungeon Rental", "Experiences", "Resorts - Retreats" and
"Things to Do". You might take a look at those for some info.

Amanece recommended "La Domaine in NY" after her visit in March
of 2008 and her post on that may interest you.

Also, before "Googling" any more of your heart away we suggest
starting at the site we host on our servers, which has a section


where folk can and do register links to their web sites for
retreats and the like. I can't recommend any myself, but it's a
good place to start looking.

As always, if anyone has more recommendations to send in they
are welcome here, especially if you've visited and enjoyed your

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

My FemDom manuals are at


Recently I received a message from Mylady.

In it she indicated that the BDSM B&B in New Zealand the
wonderful House of Two is closing its doors on the 30th
September 2009. Unless, of course, it is sold as a going

As a previous guest of theirs I am sad to hear this news. It was
a great play area as well as a lovely setting.


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