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FemDom Training Program XP IE8

Date: 21 Jun 2009 16:43:53 -0000
From: Paul


I have an older version of Ms. Christine's FemDom Training
program. I recently installed IE8 on my computer (XP) and now
the FemDom Training Program won't run. I get a pop-up stating
"Restricted Site".

Has this issue been addressed on the blog?
Is there a quick fix?


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Hello Paul,

After our off list conversations over the last few days, I'm
sending you a copy of the latest version (3.2) which we
completed today which should solve the problem.

I've changed more than 350 files in this version in a way which
will get IE8 on your system to accept the FemDom Training
Program as secure.

Let me know please.

David at Ms-Christine.com

FemDom Training Program


David and Christine,

I want to tell you both how wonderfully overwhelmed I am by your
response to my problem. It is so refreshing to receive this kind
of "customer support". Thank you so very much!

I uninstalled the old FD Training program, deleted all traces of
it, installed the new software from the zip file you sent, and
voila! Success!

I spent about 20 minutes browsing around the new program with
absolutely no problems.

One last big THANK YOU to you both for your emails. I do very
much appreciate your time. Please feel free to post my email and
please post the following comment:

To anyone that has considered, or is considering, the purchase
of Ms. Christine's FemDom Training Program, I can tell you from
personal experience that it will provide you with many hours of
entertainment, education, and titillating ideas, whether you are
with or without a partner. I am currently not in a relationship
but my imagination runs wild dreaming of a Mistress using the
program to train me!





IMHO you folks are the publishers of the BEST moderated
newsletter on the web for how many years now? I too bought the
program from you and have similar issues. Please advise.

Thank you


Hello Tom,

you wrote:

>for how many years now?

It will be 13 years this October, and I think you've been
reading for most of that time?

Christine sent you the upgrade on the 29th June from the support
address, I sent you a follow up email on the 30th, and Christine
sent another email on the 2nd July. We've not received a reply
to any of those emails.

We're posting this here simply because it's possible that you
have spam filtering which is blocking all but the DOMestic
digest and may not have checked your spam filters recently.

If you received the upgrade, then please let us know that it
worked for you, and if not, what OS, AV, and browser you are

David at Ms-Christine.com

The Fem Dom Training Program.
Train your husband/lover.


Dear Ms Christine and david,

Thank you both for the software and the note in newsletter. Yup
it was all in my spam folder. All working now!

BTW is it only 13 yrs, I thought you folks had something on
Usenet back in the late 80's, am I mistaken?

Cheers.. Tom



Tom wrote:

>Yup it was all in my spam folder

Maybe it's time I mentioned "Whitelisting" again. There is a
useful article which covers many major systems, and how to
whitelist the email you want linked at:-


You might want to mark these domains as safe:-


If you don't get an email you are expecting from us it's never
because we haven't replied. We usually respond within a few
hours, and never take more than 48 hours.

>All working now!

I figured it would. I guess you are also using ie8 on XP.

>BTW is it only 13 yrs, I thought you folks had something on
>Usenet back in the late 80's, am I mistaken?

In the 80s we were sending out newsletters by printing them out
using an old Commodore computer, addressing envelopes and
sticking stamps on them. That was before the internet ever came
to town, but not much of our work survives from back then.

Yes we were present and posting on Usenet, asfd, asb et cetera
before we started DOMestic but not as far back as the 80s. We
were itching to get on but the internet didn't get to Portugal
until the mid 90s when we joined everything that was going and
set up a web site on free server space offered by a friend.

DOMestic only started as a private email group at the end of
September 1996 but we didn't send out the first email digests
until October. We didn't get our first domain name "Ms-
Christine.com" to run the email system properly until 2nd
January 1997.

DOMestic was started on the Onelist system as soon as it was
formed as it was getting too big to send it all out via our
domain email. We ran a copy on Egroups when they started up, and
then on Yahoogroups when Yahoo took them both over. Then, as a
precaution because Yahoo looked likely to dump the adult groups
altogether we also set DOMestic up on Topica where it's also
still going.

There are over 10,000 folk now getting DOMestic by email, but it
is now being received by many more directly from our server as a
newsfeed. See:-


But as newsfeeds are syndicated it's now impossible to know how
many folk are reading it and where.

Looking ahead to 2022 (another 13 years) we wonder whether we'll
have some new technology going and be zapping it straight into
your brains by then. :-)

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

Renew or get your DOMestic password at


I noticed someone mentioning that their old software didn't
work... i had the same problem but thought it was due to a
scratch on the cd :( after formatting the 'puter it wasn't
working and we chucked it out.

when we got it i believe we had a different name/account here
(i can't for the life of me remember what our old handle was)
any chance of getting a replacement?



Hello jboy,

We sent you email off list, but didn't hear back from you. You
may need to check your bulk email / spam folder / settings.

We don't need your "handle" as it was on DOMestic. We just need
details of the purchase which will have been in your real name I
presume? To send you the new version by email as a zip file, all
we need in private email to the support address is your name and
postal address as they were when you originally purchased.

I imagine your name is the same? And you can presumably recall
roughly where you were living?

The problems with your old CD wasn't a problem with the older
version of the software because the CD version should be
unaffected by the IE8 bug. That IE8 bug should only affect
software running from the hard drive if your CD settings are

The most likely cause of a problem with any home made CD, like
ours, is that your CD heads are dirty. Dirty heads affects the
reading of home made CDs before they affect factory made ones.
So your CD drive may appear to be operating normally, but the
performance may be degrading due to dirty heads.

A new CD will not fix that unless you first change the drive or
use a head cleaning disc. You can get those from most
supermarkets / office equipment stores etc for about $10

It could have been a badly scratched CD, but dirt is more

To send you a new CD, we need an order for the $10 shipping from
the same person as your original purchase. See:-


for a link to pay the $10 shipping.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.


Hello jboy,

On 28 Jul 2009 you wrote:

>My wife misses the software....but she does fine without it in my

Having received your private details in the above message, we
sent you the software update by email on Wed, 29 Jul 2009 from
the support address.

I do hope your wife is now enjoying using it again.

You may need to check your bulk email folder if you haven't
already received it.

sincerely, Christine

The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.

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