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Anniversary Surprise - Chapter Thirteen

From: Shoekisser
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:48:56 +0000

First chapter is at:-

Anniversary Surprise

Chapter Thirteen

So, things got back to a relatively normal state.

The big question is, "Was her campaign to feminize me a success?
I'll let you be the judge. Here's the way things stand now.

The shirt, pants, socks and shoes I wear to work are definitely
masculine. My eyebrows have partially grown out, so my facial
features are close to being masculine. The women at work won't
let me forget what they witnessed. Every new hire hears all
about me shortly after she starts, and gets to see me in action
at the next party. As new women join my Pilates and ballet
classes, they too soon learn all about me. My wife hasn't
invited any of my classmates to a party, but I suspect it's only
a matter of time.

My attire when I attend classes is less masculine, although I am
able to wear sweats and running shoes to and from class. The
color and style of my leotard, tights, and ballet shoes could be
worn by either men or women. Not overly masculine clothing, but
much less embarrassing than a tutu. Since most ballerinas don't
have noticeable boobs, I can get by without wearing a bra.

In Pilates, I dress to fit in, like one of the girls. My crop
top and capris have also migrated away from pink to blue and
other gender-neutral colors. I go bra-less here also.

My running clothes were all purchased in the women's section,
although you can't tell from looking at them. They are in colors
that are gender neutral.

My wife entered me in a Halloween 10K race, where costumes were
encouraged. Naturally she insisted I run in the pink tutu,
tights, and leotard with pink running shoes, and my hair in an
up sweep. I won a prize for the costume

She found a pair of Mary Janes with rubber soles about 2" thick,
and decided that would be sufficient padding to run in. I ran in
them once. They created a sensation, but really hurt my feet, so
she hasn't insisted on a repeat performance.

The last time we were shopping for running gear she spotted some
running skirts, which are the latest craze for women. She
pointed them out, looked at me with a strange expression, and
said, "Cute". I thought that was the end of it, but I should
have known better.

When we got to the exit she saw a poster advertising a fund-
raising race to support breast cancer research. "That's it.
We'll buy you a pink running skirt and you can wear it in that

It hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will.

I voluntarily wear the white petti pants under my running
shorts. They are usually rolled up and hidden from view, but I
expose the lace cuffs to women every chance I get. The color
contrasts with all my shorts, so they're very obvious. The
shocked reactions I get from strange women are priceless. As
much as I've been humiliated wearing women's clothes, I will
have to admit that I enjoy the attention those lace cuffs get

So, the only time I appear in public completely dressed as a
woman is at the parties, that have become monthly events. I go
the whole route with the maid's dress and all the accoutrements.
Due to Pilates and a better diet, my waist no longer requires
the cincher, so I hold my hose up with a garter belt. I have
mastered the 5" heels and can move in them efficiently. I now
have a pair with ankle straps that are definitely CFM pumps, as
is evidenced by the frequent propositions I receive at these

None of the women come right out and say it, but I know their
intent is to do me with a dildo. I have acquired the feminine
ability to successfully deflect these proposals without
offending the propositioner.

My make-up, and the styling of my new beautiful blond wig are
done by professionals at the beauty parlor the day of the party.
My wife keeps declining their persistent offers to tattoo
permanent makeup on me. I think she needs to keep that in
reserve as a threat to me.

The maid's dresses have become longer and more modest, although
still with full petticoats. I now look more like a respectable
maid, and less like a hooker. The short skirt and Viagra without
panties incident occasionally get mentioned, but hasn't
recurred. The threat of that tends to keep me in line. I always
wear a pair of my growing collection of ManTran ear rings for
these parties. Some are dangling, others just large, but all
attract attention.

Of course, these parties mandate that my body be completely
hairless below the neck, except for a patch in my crotch that my
wife likes to trim into interesting shapes.

Our sleeping arrangements are conventional, the two of us in one
bed. We do wear matching his and hers night gowns. These, along
with all my other clothing purchases, are made in person, with
me trying things on.

Sex, with me as the passive partner, is frequent and keeps
getting better. I still have to ask by dressing in panties,
garter belt, hose, and heels, which stay on while we're doing
it. I find it hard to remember what it was like to have sex with
me on top. Somehow that seems perverted. Occasionally, my wife
gets out the dildo and uses it on me.

There are a few constant reminders of my status. I always wear
the engagement ring. Years ago, when we first got engaged, my
wife said she had no desire for a ring. I recently hinted about
buying her one to match mine, but her reaction was negative,
"There is only one bride in this family and it's you."

I also wear panties at all times to remind me of my feminine

I wear the ManTran medallion on a chain around my neck at all
times. It's usually covered, by a shirt, but is exposed when I
work out. I also have a lapel pin and cuff links showing the
logo. Any time a woman asks about it, I hand her a ManTran
business card. Every time I do, I can't help but think that some
poor guy won't know what hit him. My Pilates class is a
particularly fertile ground. I think every woman in the class
has gotten a card. I fully expect to see another feminized
husband show up for class someday.

The other reminder is a 20" x 24" enlargement of a full length
picture of me in my wedding dress displayed prominently in our
living room. When questioned, I try to pass it off as my sister,
with varying degrees of success.

I've sort of gotten used to this new life. There is an
incongruity in my feelings. I hated the things she did to me,
but I love her more now than I did before. She keeps telling me
I'm a better person because of the experience, and I'm starting
to believe her. Our marriage seems to be better.

That's the end of my story, I hope. We have another anniversary
coming up, and I'm hoping for no more surprises. The commission
checks from ManTran continue to roll in. My wife hasn't been
spending much on clothes for herself lately. I wonder if she is
saving for the down payment on another trip. She wouldn't do
that, would she?


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I really loved shoekisser's story. All 13 parts of it were
eagerly awaited.

Thank you shoekisser wherever you are darling!





I'm in sunny Southern California.
I'm working on another story.
And thank you for the "Darling"


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