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Guidelines for Posting and Personal Ads on DOMestic

posted by: "Christine and David" at Ms-Christine.com
posted on: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 22:38:15 -0000

Guidelines for Posting and Personal Ads on DOMestic

Write in English (the moderators have to understand to post)

Take time to apply at least some basic grammar. Try to write in
complete sentences and run the spell checker please.

Don't post one line messages. If you can say it one line, then
it's almost certainly not worth saying, and it's not going to be
of interest to anyone reading.

Break up your paragraphs so that there is at least one break on
each screen. Preferably not more than a dozen lines between
breaks. Nothing makes reading harder than wall-to-wall text. The
more breaks the better.

Use a blank line between paragraphs rather than indenting.

Keep the content appropriate to list guidelines at...


Briefly that is DOMestic dom sub issues that are of interest to
couples in relationships, or folk who would like to be in such

Always post a subject line header of half a dozen words or so at
the start of your message. So that the moderators know what kind
of message it is that we are editing you can categorise like

C: for correspondence and discussion

F: for short fantasies

P: for personal ads (include your location)

S: for stories

U: for advertisements and posting URL's

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The rest of this message is mostly about personal ads and
writing and replying to them.

Personal Ads.

Be sincere and honest. If replying to an ad then at least have
the courtesy to put as much effort into writing your reply as it
looks like the advertiser put into their message.

Say where you are in the world. DOMestic is world-wide.

When presenting your own profile write as you might talk. Open
up and show your personality, tell your story. If you make
jokes, it probably helps if you are self-deprecating or at least
tasteful. Try and express things that make you different. Be
positive and confident in your language and tone without

If you enjoyed writing your profile, the reader will be more
likely to enjoy reading it.

Some folks have found partners through the personal ads on
DOMestic, and from time to time we get letters on and off list
from folks who say they have found their soul mate. So a
DOMestic ad or profile is certainly worth a try.

But you should also start looking a lot closer to home. Maybe
sign up for evening classes, take dancing lessons, join a
gardening club, take up yachting, dog training, or any one of a
thousand ways of meeting people.

And yes, just one of those ways, would of course be to find
social groups on the net or elsewhere that focus on bdsm.

Your hopes for meeting someone would be more realistically
placed on the former rather than the latter. Shutting oneself
away with a computer in cyberworld might be the wrong policy.
Get out and about.

Try and communicate what you want from life as a whole. Ask
yourself a few questions like those that follow here and try and
answer them in presenting yourself.

Do you want to build a relationship that has a broader
foundation? Would you like to meet someone with whom you share
many mutual interests, and with whom you can be also be open
about your sexual fantasies? Or is there only one interest in
your life?

What other interests do you have? Are they more or less
important than being submissive or dominant?

How submissive/dominant are you really? Have you had any
experience at all? Is it possible that some way down the road
you would find that sexual domination/submission is just one
element of your personality? Do you want to find a person who is
primarily focused on bdsm?

If you want to find a someone who is actively seeking a partner
via the net - Would you be likely to find him/her in a bdsm
forum - or is there a forum dealing with some other interest
that you might share with your potential partner? Should you
join other groups that focus on these interests too?

Is it possible that you both love cooking, golf, foreign travel,
model trains, knitting, dressmaking, racing bikes, or plane

Would you be better served by also seeking your lifetime partner
where these activities are discussed on the net and off-line?
There you might find a person who shares your desires, hopes and
aspirations, and after establishing there was mutual ground, you
could open up fairly early on that you are a liberated person
who also has sexual fantasies you want to share.

If he/she is an open person who you could share these things
with, you'll then know it sooner. And if it's a non-starter you
can more easily move on and try again.

Your future lifetime partner is likely to be involved in the
things that interest him/her, and sexuality is going to be just
one part of both your characters. So perhaps he/she will only be
peripherally participating in forums like DOMestic. So think
about widening your field.

How much you say on any web site or online group about you and
your sexuality will depend on how much you will be risking,
career wise, by "coming out".

It pays to advertise carefully.

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