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Anniversary Surprise - Chapter Eight

From: Shoekisser

Anniversary Surprise

Chapter Eight

The next morning I awoke with a bulge in my panties. I really
wanted to touch it, but there was no way I could. I tried
rolling onto my stomach and rubbing against the mattress, but
that was unsatisfactory.

"What are you doing?", scared me.

I quickly rolled onto my back, and replied, "Just trying to get

The expression on her face told me she knew that was a lie, but
she didn't pursue it, just looked at the bulge in my panties,
and said, "My, you are horny. We'll have to do something about

She didn't explain, but I suspected the "something" wouldn't be
what I had in mind.

"On your feet and into the shower. We have a busy day," as she
unbuckled the arm binder.

We showered together for the first time since we left home.
There was much touching and rubbing on her part, but I was told
"Hands off".

After we had gotten out and dried I was even hornier.

She had me dress in black bra and panties followed by the
original white blouse and short black skirt. Then three inch
heels went on my bare feet.

"We're off to the academy beauty parlor."

There I was stripped of the skirt, blouse, and heels. I got a
manicure and pedicure, and all nails received pink polish. Then
waxing of arms, legs, chest, and back. She decided I should be
allowed to grow some hair in my crotch, so I got a bikini wax.
My hair was done with an added hair piece to cover my bald area.
A very extensive make-up job followed. Then I was allowed to see
myself in a mirror. I was amazed. I made a presentable woman. I
was almost pretty.

Then back to the room where, she produced a new white lace bra,
matching panties and garter belt. Then came white hose, and new
white patent pumps with four inch heels and instep straps.
Finally she pulled out a beautiful white lace dress, and had me
put it on. A veil was attached to my hair, and hung over my

"You are going to make a beautiful bride."

She disappeared into the bathroom and finally came out dressed
in a tux that was masculine except for the white lace blouse,
and black patent heels that matched mine except for the color.
We were wearing his and hers pumps.

"Let's go."

We rode the elevator to the first floor, where we were met by
the Head Trainer.

"Amazing. Our ugly duckling has blossomed. Come with me."

I left my wife and I followed the woman into another room, where
she instructed me in the proper way to slowly walk down the
aisle, and numerous other things related to the wedding
ceremony, including how to get kissed.

"Your wife will kiss you at the end of the ceremony. You must
stand with your hands at your side, and not touch her. The same
rule applies to other women who want to kiss the bride."

Finally she announced that it was time. We walked into the
dining room. The large table had been moved to one side and the
chairs arranged so they were facing the Head Mistress who stood
at the other end in front of a small table. I did the slow walk
the length of the room, accompanied by a recording of "Here
Comes The Bride", until I was just in front of the Head
Mistress, and next to my wife.

The ceremony was just like a normal one except my vows
were,"Love, honor, and obey." and hers were "Love, honor, and

My wife produced a beautiful engagement ring which she put on my
finger with, "With this ring I thee wed. It is a symbol of your
status as my bride, and is to be worn at all times."

The Head Mistress pronounced us "Bride and wife" and announced
"You may now kiss the bride."

My wife lifted my veil, bent me backwards, almost causing me to
lose my balance, and planted a kiss on me. Her tongue entered my
mouth, but as instructed, I didn't reciprocate.

"You may now kiss your wife." pointing at her feet. I knelt and
reverently kissed my wife's beautiful black patents.

Then came the receiving line with all the women congratulating
my wife, and attacking me. They all kissed me, some with a hand
in my crotch, others caressing my boobs. One reached under my
skirt with both hands, grabbing my pantied ass, and ground her
crotch against mine. Following instructions, I stood
submissively and let them do it.

The H.M. announced, "There is one more part to the ceremony."

She led me to the small table, and instructed me to raise my
skirt. When I did, she proceeded to remove my lacy white wedding

"Please don't take my panties." which brought laughter from the
assembled women.

"Listen to that. Isn't that sweet? He's begging to keep his
panties. Don't worry. You'll get them back"

She then instructed me to stand next to the table and spread my
legs. They were soon strapped to the table legs. A white arm
binder appeared and my arms strapped into it.

At this point my wife, who had disappeared, returned. The tux
and blouse were gone, and she was wearing a black leather
corset, black hose, and the black patent heels. While I stood
helplessly she installed a black dildo on the front of her
corset. I was then bent over the end of the table, strapped
down, and my skirt lifted up over my back..

"Since we just got married, I'm going to pop your cherry. Would
you like that?"

She didn't wait for my answer, but proceeded to impale me. She
was gentle at first, gradually sliding the thing inside me. I
can't really say it was painful. I just had a feeling of being
filled. Once she was inside, she got more enthusiastic, and
really started pounding away, which brought cheers from the
women watching, and comments:

"Atta Girl."

"Ride him, cowgirl."

Eventually, she got tired and pulled out. She released me and
put my panties back on.

"That was fun. Let's continue upstairs in our room."

That brought more cheers and cat calls.

Upstairs, she had me remove my dress and hang it up. She removed
my veil and bra. She then reinstalled the arm binder and had me
lie on my back on the bed. She attached the arm binder to the
head of the bed.

"Tonight you get to sleep in my bed."

She stripped to just hose and heels and attacked my body. She
bit my nipples and caressed me until I was hard, which didn't
take long. She pulled my erection out of the top of my panties,
leaving my balls encased in nylon, and impaled herself on me.

It had been a long frustrating two weeks. In fact it had been
longer than that since I'd had any relief. We hadn't had sex for
at least a week before we started this trip. Thus I exploded
quickly. It was the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had.
However, once wasn't enough for her. After a brief rest, she
attacked me again. This continued until I was exhausted, and
fell asleep.

After a brief nap, I awoke to her removing the arm binder, and
her handing me a beautiful white lace night gown to put on. She
donned a similar black one, and we went at it again. This time I
wasn't restrained, but, as instructed, I lay on my back and let
her do all the work.

After another orgasm, she let me fall asleep. This was the first
time in two weeks I got to sleep in a bed, and unrestrained. I
took advantage of it and slept like a baby.

Late the next morning, she awoke me, and we showered together.
The she had me dress in a new all pink outfit, bra, panties,
garter belt, hose, heels, frilly top, and skirt. I packed all
our clothes, and carried the cases downstairs.

All the women, staff members and guests, were lined up to say
goodbye. They hugged my wife, while I had the privilege of
kissing them goodbye.

Actually, I had to kneel and kiss each of their shoes. While my
lips were in contact with each pair of sexy shoes, I felt the
pleasant tingling sensation in my groin. This continued until I
reached the last one, the Head Mistress. When I kissed her
shoes, I got a jolt.

"I couldn't resist. I didn't want you to get too complacent, and
forget why you were here." she said laughing.

She then hung something on a thin chain around my neck, and put
earrings in my pierced ears. She handed me a mirror so I could
see myself. The chain around my neck held a pink medallion in
the form of a stylized MT, that was the symbol of ManTran. The
earrings matched the medallion.

"These will help you remember your visit here If you're lucky,
maybe your wife will allow you to return sometime for a
refresher course."

I shuddered at the thought, which made her laugh.

I loaded the bags in the van, and we were driven to the airport
by the same feminized husband who had picked us up.

On the way, my wife said, "If you think you can behave yourself,
I will remove the ball ring when we get to the airport. That
would simplify going through security. Would you like that?"

Remembering the hassle the last time I encountered airport
security, I readily agreed, "Yes, Mistress."

After checking the bags, she led me into a women's restroom. She
had me stand in front of the mirrored wall by the sinks, and
raise my skirt. She pulled my panties down, produced a key, and
unlocked the ball ring. For the first time in many days, I was
free of that diabolical device. However, there was no rebellion
left in me.

While I was standing there, with my skirt up and my panties
around my ankles, a woman walked in. Her mouth dropped open and
she stared at the sight of an apparent woman, well over six feet
tall in heels, clad completely in pink, with crotch exposed, and
another woman with her hands between her legs. She couldn't be
sure, but there seemed to be an unnecessary appendage between
the legs.

My wife finished unlocking and removing the ring, and said to
the woman, "Just adjusting things."

Then to me, "Hurry dear. Pull up your panties and lets go."

She walked to the door and as she passed the woman handed her a
ManTran card and said, "Training husbands is a never-ending job,
but it's much easier when you keep them in dresses. Don't you

I hurriedly pulled my panties up to avoid further exposure,
tugged my skirt down, and followed her out the door. I had to
pass close to the woman who still stood with her mouth open,


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