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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 07:22:25 -0800 (PST)
From: "sub\(one\)ime uk"

by sub1ime_uk@yahoo.com

Chapter 1 - Background

He had never been alone, but had always been lonely. He knew
that made no sense but that was how he felt about his life. He
had friends, acquaintances, even lovers once in a while. But
somehow he always felt he was alone, trapped inside his head
with his fantasies.

The fantasies could be seen as the cause of his ennui. They
weren't exactly mainstream. He had no desire to bed the latest
fashion model to grace the cover pages of Heat or Vogue,
although he found them attractive there was always an "If only
she were..." in his mind. He could understand on a purely
theoretical level how it would be nice to seduce and lure such
delectable creatures into his bed. But it just wasn't what he
wished for.

He wanted to be the one who was hunted. He wanted to be the
prey, the one who was caught and consumed. His fantasies usually
included his being forcibly restrained and made to obey by a
dominant woman or, less often, a man. Her beauty to him would
come from her dominance rather than necessarily having anything
to do with appearances. Although he admitted to himself it
wouldn't hurt if she were beautiful on the outside too.

For a number of years he had looked for her in magazines. In
those nasty little classified ads at the back of the less
reputable publications. He eventually admitted to himself that
they were not adverts from women looking for men like him. They
were ads from people looking for sheep to fleece, wallets to
empty. He found that completely abhorrent. He needed to feel his
submission would actually mean something to the person
dominating him. Not just as a source of cash to them.

His desire stayed constant, but his heart sank a little lower.
Then he discovered the internet, chatrooms, newsgroups, forums,
etc. Surely here there would be like-minded (or complementary-
minded) people?

For a while, in the early days, he thought he had discovered
nirvana. He contacted, even met, a few people who wanted what he
wanted or at least a close facsimile. At last he had a chance to
fulfil those interior longings. For a while he did. Except he
came to understand that those other people also had their own
agendas, their own desires, and their own needs and wants. Once
the common ground had been explored they had a need to move
onwards to their own more private desires. Being dominant they
tried to push him a little in that direction too, and, being
submissive, he tried to please them. Inevitably though he was
unable to follow them on their journey and they would leave to
take their own path. Leaving him behind; sometimes broken-
hearted, always sad.

The scene had played, as if in a loop, a number of times over
the years. He had gotten older, flabbier, tired. It showed. He
continued to search, but his heart wasn't truly in it anymore.
Added to that, the internet had been discovered by the money
grabbers who had moved in wholesale and pushed out the true
enthusiasts completely. He hadn't given up completely, but he
was close...

Chapter 2 - A New Beginning

Every weekday morning he would log onto his PC and check his
emails. He had two accounts, one for work and one for his more
discreet activities. The latter had been gathering dust for
quite some time. Its main use lately being to keep in touch with
former partners who he had remained friends with over the years.
They weren't interested in having him serve them anymore but
they at least understood what he was talking to them about and
gave him some small sense of community and support.

Today, as on almost all days there was nothing but a few spam
emails waiting for him. Not even a short email from one of his
friends. He sighed and pushed the window to the background while
he checked what work he had to do that day. A few minutes later
there was a soft "beep" and the window popped to the front
showing a new message had arrived.

Expecting another spam he idly clicked on the message's title:
"Something you may find interesting". Inside he found an
invitation to look at a profile on one of the many contact sites
he had posted his profile to over the years. The link pointed to
a profile for "Ms Pleiades". He felt a short pang of excitement
stab through him but clamped down on it hard, telling himself it
was most probably just another scam. However, the thing that
gave him most hope was that the email hadn't come from the
site's automailer but had been sent direct from a private email
address. So, once he'd taken a look at the email, he could reply
without having to pay for access on the contact site. That was a

So he clicked on the link and was taken to a brief profile page.
It included a picture which wasn't very revealing of anything
much. A nice pair of legs and the hint of a hem of a skirt.
Nothing more. The profile said she was 38 years old, blonde, of
average build and with blue eyes. She was married with no
children. The text of her profile listed a number of interests
most of which matched exactly with his. A couple which he'd
wondered about but never had the opportunity, or nerve, to try.
It was all written in proper grammatical English, which he very
much liked, and sounded very sincere. It said she wanted a part-
time, local, slave she could use sexually and then dismiss until
next time. No emotional attachments, no love, no mercy.

He spent a long time looking for the "catch", he also at that
time noticed that she, if the web site could be believed, lived
less than 10 miles from him. He also noted that she preferred
married slaves because they understood better the need for
discretion... This was unusual. He'd usually been told that his
married status put Dommes off him. Here was one who said she
preferred it! He decided to be careful and not run headlong too
quickly, or to become over-keen. He'd made that mistake before.
He put the email aside telling himself that he would decide
whether to reply after lunch.

Lunch came and went. He hardly noticed it. His mind was on one
thing only. He knew he would reply. But what should he say?

In the end he composed a medium length, polite, possibly
slightly boring, email. He gave some details of his experience,
of what he hoped he could do for her, and what his fantasies
left him hoping for. He was worried about that last part. Some
Dommes were of the opinion that a slave was there just to serve
them and if one had needs of his own they should be completely
fulfilled by that service. He'd tried to be like that. It hadn't
worked, he'd simply become depressed. So, he thought, honesty
first, and only then can desire become a factor.

He pressed "send" and logged off. It was time to go home.

Chapter 3 - The Reply

The reply was waiting for him the next morning. It was very
direct with hardly anything in the way of chat or personal

From: Ms Pleiades
To: sub1ime

Subject: Slave

Hello slave, thank you for replying to me. I can see you put a
lot of effort in your reply. That is good, but actually not
relevant. It has had its desired result which is proving your
suitability to progress to a face-to-face interview. Nothing

Follow these instructions exactly:

Be at the bus-stop at the bottom of Turpin Road
at exactly 7pm tonight.
Be dressed in trousers, shoes, socks, a shirt
and a coat. No underwear, or luggage.
A car will pull up beside you. My husband will
be driving it. Get in the back and put on the
Do not speak to my husband.
Wait for instructions.

If you cannot follow these instructions exactly then reply to
this email saying so and you will never hear from me again. If
you do not reply and then do not do as instructed I will post my
opinion of your reliability onto the web forums.

Ms Pleiades

He re-read her email a number of times that day, trying to
decide if he should go to meet her. She was moving things along
quite rapidly, and her involvement of her husband in the process
made him a tad nervous. She obviously didn't need as much
discretion as he did.

Five o'clock came around and he still hadn't emailed back to
cancel. He realised then that he was going to do as she had
ordered. He was intrigued by her decisiveness. He had a feeling
she was not run-of-the-mill and would not be another prodomme
out for money. He, understandably, hoped his first impressions
turned out right.

Chapter 4 - The Interview

So there he was. At 7pm, feeling slightly foolish and
underdressed, standing at the bus-stop on Turpin Road. He'd
arrived at a quarter to the hour and already seen two buses full
of commuters go by. He wondered what kind of car it would be,
what her husband would be like?

Just then a big old Rover pulled up beside him and tooted its
horn. It made him jump and he scurried onto the back-seat before
thinking to take a look at the driver. The driver sat there with
his head down slightly waiting. What was he waiting for? Oh yes.
The blindfold. He picked it up and looked at it. It was leather
and had a locking catch at the back. The straps were
elasticated. Placing the front pads over his eyes he pulled the
straps back and heard the catch click shut. It was tight but not
so tight he couldn't have pulled it off with a little effort he
felt. The car pulled out into the traffic and zoomed off. Not a
word was spoken.

He, obviously, tried to keep track of where he was being taken
but the route seemed quite tortuous. At one point he was almost
sure the car had gone twice around a roundabout. eventually the
car pulled off a main road and onto a gravel one. Quite a long
gravel track. Then it stopped. There was a long silence
punctuated by the ticking of the car's engine as it cooled and
the driver's breathing. They waited. Eventually he heard
footsteps across the gravel beside the car followed by two sharp
knocks on the roof. The driver quickly exited the car and was
asked some questions at a low enough tone that the words were

Suddenly the door beside him was opened and his upper arm
grabbed and pulled. He was guided out of the car and ushered
across the gravel and into a hallway. The door was slammed
behind him.

He heard heels clicking across the tiled floor and someone
seating themself in a soft chair. Other footsteps signalled the
departure of the driver. There followed a minute or two of
silence. He waited, rather nervously.

"Welcome to my home", came a soft yet firm sounding voice. "I am
Ms Pleiades. If you are to be accepted into my service you will
always refer to me as Madame."

She paused for a moment and he realised he could hear the sound
of a wine glass being replaced on a table.

"I am going to ask you some questions. You will answer
truthfully and completely. Refusal to answer any question will
result in instant dismissal. As will being caught in a lie. Is
that understood?"

He coughed to clear his throat, then stuttered. "Y.yes Madame".

"Good. Answer each question quickly. Your first answer is the
only one I shall accept."

"1. Do you prefer bondage or corner-time?"

"Bondage Madame"

"2. Are your heterosexual, bisexual, or gay?"

"Bisexual Madame"

"3. Does you wife condone your activities?"

"No Madame"

"4. Do you have sex with your wife?"

"Rarely Madame"

"5. I shall provide a list of hard limits, you will be allowed
to request additional ones be added, but I shall be the one who
decides. Do you accept?"

"Y.yes Madame"

"6. Your service to me will involve all forms of sexual
activity, corporal punishment and bondage. Do you agree to

"Yes Madame"

"7. Once accepted into my service I will take steps to ensure
you cannot escape me unless I allow it. Do you understand?"

"Yes Madame"

"8. Are you sure you are still willing to serve me slave?"

he started to answer, then faltered... feeling as before that
things were moving very fast...

"Well? Yes or No?"

"Y.yes Madame"

"Good. I am going to accept you on a trial basis. Remove your
clothes slave."

"Pardon Madame?"

"You heard me. Take your clothes off, now."

"Yes Madame"

He first took off his coat, then he bent down and fumbled to
undo his shoelaces, after that he removed his shoes, socks,
trousers and shirt. Standing there completely naked and
blindfolded in front of a woman he had never even seen gave him
a frisson of excitement causing a stirring in his balls and

"Hmmm... not very big are you? Acceptable though. Stand up
straight, hands behind you. I want to inspect you."

He heard her stand and walk towards him. She stopped just in
front of him and a soft fingertip circled one of his nipples
which hardened. "Good ... sensitive". She walked around him a
couple of times, running her hands over his buttocks and finally
cupping his balls. His cock became very erect, and she grasped
it tightly.

"This is now mine. It only cums when I allow it, and how I allow
it. Do you understand?"

"Yes Madame"

"What do you think will happen if I find out you have disobeyed
me slave?"

"Um... You will punish me Madame?"

"Yes. But do you know how hard or in what way?"

"No Madame I don't"

"Your answer should have been: 'As hard as you wish and in any
way you decide Madame'. Repeat that slave."

"As hard as you wish and in any way you decide Madame"

"Very good. Now, when do you think I shall punish you slave?"

"When I've been bad Madame?"

"No, no, no slave. The correct answer is 'Whenever you please
Mistress'. Say it slave."

"Whenever you please Mistress"

"You don't sound convinced slave. I will demonstrate."

As she spoke he felt her walk behind him once more and something
cold and hard clicked shut around his wrists. Then he was guided
a few steps forward until his legs bumped into something.

"Bend over the chair in front of you slave and spread your legs

"Good boy. Now remember this is not a punishment for being bad
or disobedient. This is because I want to make a point."

With that he heard a sharp *swish* and a cane landed squarely
across his buttocks. He gasped and straightened up only to be
rebuked for moving and told to bend back down again.

Five more times the cane swished and by the end he was mewling
softly, but kept in position.

"Good. I think we understand each other now slave. You may
thank me."

"Th.thank Y.you M.madame", he sniffled.

"You may stand up now. Turn around."

He did as ordered and felt her softly massaging his cock back to
hardness. "You reacted very well. I am pleased. You have earned
a small reward."

He felt her reach up and unlock the blindfold, then remove it
and he was looking deeply into a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

"Eyes down slave!".

He looked down and saw her delicate hands with deep red nails
wrapped around his cock. She was slowly massaging it. His heart,
his cock, and his bum were all throbbing in synchrony.

"You're a good boy. Keep this up and I might even allow you to
cum one day soon.", she patted his cock and walked away leaving
him standing there.

He looked around dazed for a few seconds. Wondering what to do.
Then a man came in and unlocked the cuffs. "Get dressed, I will
drive you back to the bus stop. You are to be there again on
Friday at the same time. Same dress-code. If you can be away for
the weekend then email that information. Do not wank. She will
know if you have."

To be continued?

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