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Anniversary Surprise - Chapter Seven

From: Shoekisser

First chapter is at:-

Anniversary Surprise

Chapter Seven

For the remainder of the two weeks, my days followed the same
basic pattern, mornings working out and afternoons in training.
In addition to the kitchen, bar, and dining room, training
included the washing, ironing, and maintenance of women's
clothing, and general house maid duties.. Evenings were spent
serving in the dining room or bar.

At all times I was under the direct supervision of a woman. My
sexual frustration grew during my stay, but since the only time
I was alone was at night, when I was rendered helpless by the
arm binder fastened to the foot of the bed, and couldn't reach
my crotch, there was no relief.

One evening near the end of my stay (I figured out later it must
have been Thursday night), My wife pulled a different maid's
dress out of my suitcase. It had a much shorter skirt that
barely covered my crotch. She put it on me, and then observed
that there wasn't room for the petticoats. She then handed me my
daily dose of pills and a glass of water. After I had swallowed
them, she started caressing my crotch. After 10 plus days in
this place with no release, I got instantly hard. As usually
happened, just about the time I was starting to really get into
it, she zapped me.

She then turned away, and proceeded to get dressed for dinner.
Thus, she didn't notice an unusual event occurring, my erection
did not disappear. I wasn't about to risk getting another jolt,
so I kept my back to her so she couldn't see. We rode the
elevator down, and I remained undiscovered until the door opened
and there stood the Head Trainer. She, of course noticed my
erection pushing my short skirt out.

"What is that obscene display?", and hit the button on her
remote. The initial shock had no effect on my erection, so she
moved to the knee dropping setting. The pain was intense, but it
had no effect. She was considering something more drastic when
the Head Mistress walked up behind her, noticed what was
happening, and said, "Let me handle this, dear."

Then, to me, "Raise your skirt."

When I did, she hit my erection with the back of her hand, then
slapped it with the palm. No effect.

"I was afraid this would happen. I warned our pharmacist not to
store the Viagra next to the vitamins, but she insists on
alphabetizing everything. Oh well, it will go down in a hour or

I was the center of attention while I served drinks to the
ladies. All of them had to try to cure my problem, without
generating an orgasm, that would have provided me with forbidden
pleasure. One woman made me kneel and pull my skirt up. Her
black patent leather shoe held my cock down while the spike heel
of her other shoe dug into the head. Then she moved it to just
below the head, and applied all her weight.. All of this proved
to be very painful, but did nothing to relieve the erection.
Another made me lie on my back while she dug her heels into my
balls. Equally painful, but with the same result. These
fruitless attempts, along with raunchy comments were continued
for the duration of the cocktail hour.

Finally, the swelling went down, and I was no longer the center
of attention. That evening had to be the most humiliating
experience of my stay there. Eventually, the evening ended and I
was put to bed.

The next night, I was once again dressed in the super-short
maids outfit. This time I carefully looked at the handful of
pills my wife gave me to make sure there weren't any little blue
pills included. I was assigned to serving dinner, and received
many comments about the events of the previous evening. After
dinner, when the table had been cleared and the rest of the
maids were removed from the dining room, the Head Mistress, who
sat at the head of the table, called me to stand at the foot of
the table.

"I want you to step up onto the chair in front of you and then
onto the table."

Puzzled, I did as I was told, As I looked down the table at the
Head Mistress I was aware that, with the short skirt I was
wearing, I was completely exposed to the women sitting around
the table below me,.

"You went through a troubling experience last night. Didn't

"Yes, Mistress."

"I'm sorry about the mix-up in the pills. but since you handled
last night so well, I think you deserve to be rewarded. Would
you like that?"

I had no idea what the reward might be, but I dutifully replied,
"Yes, Mistress."

"Traditionally, at this academy males must show that they have
progressed far enough in their training that they deserve to
wear panties. I think you have earned the right to wear panties.
Does that appeal to you?"

I was torn. Being a red-blooded male, I never had any desire to
wear panties, or any other feminine garment, for that matter.
However, considering the completely feminine outfit I was
currently wearing, the addition of panties couldn't make it any
worse. Plus, anything that covered my privates, would be an
improvement, particularly after last night.

"We're waiting", rather impatiently from the Head Mistress.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress, I would like to wear panties."

There, I had said it. Never, in my wildest imagination, did I
think I would ever say those words, but I just had.

"I think you should ask nicely to be permitted to wear panties.
In fact, I think you should beg for the privilege. Walk to this
end of the table and kneel."

As I carefully walked the length of the table in 4" heels, and
knelt, she leaned back in her chair and propped her beautiful
shiny boots up on the table.

"Beg, and to show you mean it, kiss my boots while you are doing

I lowered my head to kiss her bitchin, black, ball-bustin, boots
and said, "Please, Mistress, allow me the privilege of wearing

In this position, my bare cock and balls were exposed to the
ladies at the table. Someone behind me starting caressing them,
exciting me. "She certainly needs something to cover that
obscene, unladylike erection. I recommend you grant her wish."

"OK, they will complete your outfit, and I'm sure will also help
you to feel more feminine. However, there is a condition."

Why didn't that surprise me?

"If I agree to let you wear panties now, you must agree to wear
them any time your wife asks you to. Do you agree to that?"

Again I was torn. This 2 weeks had been hell, but, at least the
end was in sight, and with it, all wearing of feminine clothes.
But I was tired of being exposed, and occasionally wearing
panties at my wife's request wouldn't be a big hardship. No one
else would know, and I'm sure she would be reasonable about it,
wouldn't she?



I got zapped.

"Yes, Mistress, I agree to wear panties any time my wife asks me

"For as long as she asks you to?"

"Yes, Mistress. I swear to wear panties any time my wife asks me
to, for as long as she wishes."

"Great. Stand up, turn around, and walk back to the other end."

I did so, aware that once again, I had an erection protruding
from under my short skirt. After I got to the end of the table,
someone zapped me, and the erection disappeared.

"Pick up your right foot."

The two ladies sitting nearest me each offered a hand for
balance. I picked up my foot. My wife got up, walked to the end
of the table, and held a pair of sexy black lace panties for me
to step into. After the panties were on my right leg, I picked
up my left foot, without being told. The panties were pulled up
my legs by my wife.

"Turn around."

"There, you are now officially pantied. It's a definite

There was a round of applause from the women at the table.

I was led upstairs, undressed, and put to bed wearing panties
for the first time, in addition to the nighty, waist cincher,
and arm binder.

My wife kissed me, and said, "I have another surprise for you.
Tomorrow is going to be a special day. We are going to renew our
wedding vows. Won't that be nice?"

Considering her last "Surprise" I'm not sure I wanted another,
but renewing vows sounded innocuous, so I said, "Yes, Mistress."

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